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  1. it's going on for hours, you would think they at least change the grid status. doesn't happen to everyone but the most
  2. I am not in the FITMESH camp either and this is coming from the view of a designer. It will take months of disappointment before this starts making sense because it is not what the name implies. Right now the standard sizes work because people were willing to make compromises. FITMESH implies that you now can wear your original shape or an individual shape which you most certainly can not. Obviously you will still need an alpha layer *opens can of worms* and while we could perfectly design them before we are no supposed to anticipate all kinds of shapes. You either release outfits in 5 Si
  3. I have no idea why there must be such a messy discussion, It cleary states if you don't provide your information to the IRS Linden Labs is obliged to hold back 30% because Linden Labs has no way to proof who you are and could be held responsible for money laundering and is therefore virtually paying taxes for the generated money by witholding it. Once you have filed the form Linden Labs will pay you what they owe and the tax laws in the country of your residence will kick in.
  4. usually when people threaten you with lawyers (plural) you have nothing to worry about.
  5. They don't do research, they are completely swamped, it is not really their fault that these things happen. It is one of many management issues. PayPal does not decline payments, it is a technical issue on LL's end where they try to send the payment but it doesn't go through. PayPal would list every movement even negative one.. i had the same things with them, I had a problem once where I withdrew a large payment but didn't really needed it and after 10 days i looked to see it was declined. I contacted support and they said that PayPal declined it not them. So I called PayPal and they pretty
  6. I couldn't have said it better myself.When policy's change those affected by it should be informed, I can't even believe that it is legal to make ANY kind policy changes without sending a notice. Even if it was legal there is still something called respect and decency where one has the urge to inform their customers so they can adjust and not let them find out by losing money. Believe it or not the service I am using found out 3 days ago, when I sent in my first ticket to them they were digging and couldn't explain why my bot wasn't sending. I still believe sometimes that LL has 2 cute ca
  7. I totally agree Amethyst I don't mind the change or that it will turn into a premium service you have to pay for, I am mad that it was not communicated in order for people to prepare for it. If you find out because of a traffic and sales drop that is probably not ideal. They should have made a post on the Dashboard a week ahead instead of killing the ability during Christmas sales. With groups like mine you get about 1000 messages out per notice. If you want to inform 11,000 customers about a new release you will have to send it a few times and still i get complaints that people didn't get t
  8. a policy change without a notice that a policy has changed is not information unless you read the TOS and ALL policies entirely on a daily basis.
  9. Hi everyone ♥ it was brought to my attention today that Linden Labs has changed and started enforcing a new bot policy regarding group bots... If you are sending scheduled messages in your group with services such as SmartBots or have your own bot you might want to check your group history.. Long story short, each bot is allowed to send 5000 messages per day. Each recipient counts as a message. I have 11,000 group members and now I am unable to even reach my entire group. here is the new policy from December 11th, they started enforcing on the 18th New Bot Policy Since the information par
  10. there is really not much to add except that they do whatever they want and get away with it. I already said it in another thread, they claim to handle the transactions manually that's why it takes up to 5 days... now the system is broken.. what exactly is it that is broken when there is no system?
  11. it is funny that they have an unscheduled maintenance for a system they claim they sorting out manually. Does that mean the one person handeling the payouts called in sick?
  12. actually if they were a bank they would receive money from the government and gigantic bonus checks, however their technical problems can not be their customers fault. For some reasons my credit card gets charged exactly the same day for 3 years and I have had waiting periods for pay outs of 17 days. What a coincidence isn't it? Since this maintenance is unscheduled we can't even hope for real time processing as it would be appropriate in 2013 for an internet based company.
  13. just checking in to report that LL now has failed 3 times in a row to deliver the payment within 5 business days to me and at least 3 other friends I have talked to. Now since "work" is piling up, maybe they should not stare at the office clock all day in order to go home in time and cash their pay check, maybe someone should explain to them that the people who are waiting for their money are the people are that made their pay check happen I could easily live with an occasional delay but now the delay has become the norm and here is a principle involved. It is the total abuse of a monoply
  14. They say it is 3-5 days but it is almost always 5 days... this week it might be even longer. The point is, that LindeX is nothing new and yet they are processing it manually even for those they have veryfied 100s of times already. People can argue that they are happy as much as they they want... this is horrible management. In the past people rather lost money to a 3rd party provider instead of using LindeX because the 3rd Party Providers delivered to our bank accounts within a day now we are forced back to the stone age. My Credit Card is charged always on time because it is their money, whe
  15. the bigger the group the less people receive the message. if you get the message out to 1000 people that was a succesful job. My Customer Group has 9700 active members and I know for a fact that nobody on a third party viewer receives a group notice when they are offline. People with the SL Viewer are more likely to receive them. I have tested this for nearly a year with friends and customers and most of them don't receive a group message even when they are online. The best way to do it is to repeat the message for all time zones and even if you do that over an entire weekend 1/4th of your g
  16. Pandora, while you are obviously right that time goes by faster when you don't stress over it, it would mean accepting it. There are way too many things on this planet we are accepting besides that some people depend on that money and for them it is probably not too easy to get their money a week later and if they don't have a USD Bank Account they are losing a big chunk to PayPal. I am with the OP here, there should be some progress by now. I am genuinely upset about this monopoly abuse, not only I have to wait 1 week longer i am receiving about 8% - 10% less due to the almost fraudulent ex
  17. i tried 3 different scenarios, in each scenario it took 5 days. I am not satisfied with that.
  18. Hello Sybill, there is no other solution as of yet. 3rd party exchanges will no longer buy your L$ only sell them. It is now up to LL to add more options especially for other currencies as USD. The loss of money because of Paypal and their criminal conversion rate is insane. First thing I did was adding USD to my bank account, This saves me aproximately 2% (thats what the bank said but banks are criminals too, lol) The Paypal fee itself is another sweet kick in the face, with 1,000 USD I lose 35 USD alone ...and let's not forget the LindeX Fees, if you withdraw 260,000L$ that is about 1
  19. as far as I understand the process you have to confirm your bank account or your credit card, you can do both but where I live it wasn't necessary. For the bank account they wire you 2 mini amounts they will appear on your bank account within 3 business days, write down the amounts and confirm them where it says "verify your bank account" after that your account is verified and limits are gone. That's how it works in Europe anyways.
  20. well i should say this is for buying currency only, withdrawing is only through LindeX
  21. CLICK HERE not much else to say except of "YAY" :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  22. I heard the same thing from other land owners, their tenants don't know how to pay their rent anymore and since the profit margins are very low for the land lords they expect that there will be an unexpected mass return in sims within the next 2 weeks. The value of the Linden would only decrease when more people are selling than buying since this will hit the wall at some point because of the lack or circulation it will even out again. If LL cannot allow 3rd party exchanges it takes time to setup an infrastructure like they have, maybe they should consider buying one of those company's.
  23. Sugami Osumi wrote: Order Request filed on Friday 8:20am, Received funds on Wednesday at 2:30pm As far as I'm concerned the transaction should be instant and it shouldn't matter if its the weekend or not. Other exchange sites were able to do it, why not LL? I couldn't agree with you more, it should be instant. Having said that, they say that in their TOS that it takes 3-5 business days, for that matter withdrawing on Friday is a bad idea since Saturday and Sunday are no business days. I received mine today (4th business day) i lost 78 EUR with the paypal currency conversion. Completel
  24. Today is Day 4 and still no money, before I was using Eldex, withdrew the money on Sunday and it was on my bank account on Monday/Tuesday. While this is nothing but a 2 weeks adjusting period I will be perfectly able to cope with this lack of service, having said that I am sure that LL will speed things up if we keep sending tickets and ask for better service. It is in their own best interest to improve their service. The news from Virwox should not get people's hopes up. Working within the TOS probably means that they will be allowed to sell and buy currency but with no withdrawals to rea
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