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  1. @ Rayharris your post is making a lot of sense but I would argue the point that living based on SL income is a risky business. I don't think it is any more risky as having a regular daytime job. The US Dollar and the Euro are as stable as Lindsay Lohan in a liquor store and it is no longer question "IF" these currencies will collapse, the question is "when" will it happen. If your daytime job was at Lehman brothers you would have thought your income is safe. If you do certain figures in SL and you can live from it why wouldn't you? Should you stop generating money? Should you shift your ef
  2. I opnend a similar thread 2 days ago and I full agree with you. The fact that we are in an digital environment and have to wait 5 days for the money to arrive and another 3-5 days from Paypal to Bank turns this into a really weird scenarion. I guess once we know the path of the bunny whe can chase it and optimize the waiting period but this does not change the fact that Paypal is charging me 2.5% for currency exchange and has the worst rates on the market. There must be better options and LL would do themselves a favor to setup a bank account in Europe as well.
  3. Nefertiti Nefarious wrote: There may be 3rd party exchanges still operating ... but LL isn't listing them. Try searching Google: I found http://www.podex.info/ and a few others Thank you for that, I have checked into this option after your first response (sorry I meant to reply just now) For me this is option is worse since their bank is in the USA and their withdrawal limits are meant for smaller amounts but their rates are most definately awesome and people in the USA with smaller payment should look into it.
  4. Sugami Osumi wrote: Being one of the babies*cough* I enjoy the benefit of being able to use Paypal to cash out quickly, I had moved from the stupid 5-10day waiting period from LL to VirWox as my exchange provider which would allow me to cash out and have my money within 5mins if not instantly. This is important to me because I use my funds on simple things like going out to dinner or buying something new for the Xbox. So Yesterday at around Noon Time I cashed out using the Paypal Method and I've still not received my payment and i have all ideas they'll hold on to "MY MONEY" long enough to c
  5. Madeliefste Oh wrote: What I would like to see on Lindex is that people can buy and sell in their own cuncurrency... I would be a lot more user friendly when people can buy and sell L$ also for euros, pounds, yens and so on. I couldn't agree more, this is another way to lose money with PayPal
  6. Malanya wrote: Rommanno wrote: Most Europeans who have been using 3rd party exchanges don't use PayPal simply because it's inconvenient in Europe when compared to other payment methods those exchanges were offering by the way. And PayPal doesn't have a very good reputation here because of credit card fraud which happens a lot more often on Paypal. I doubt they will go through all the PayPal hassle just because of Second Life. I have never had a problem with my online business in 12 years of being a PayPal Business Member/Merchant I have accepted Payments from all over the world. I ha
  7. Linden Labs claimed their monopoly.... I am extremly frustrated over this and here is why. Using Paypal professionally is like bringing a knife to a gun fight, I will lose 45 EUR (60USD) over this weekly My old provider ELDEX, delivered my money within 24 hours to my bank account Linden Labs / LindeX allows themselves 5 Days... another 5 days from Paypal to my bank This means I wait 9 days longer... The year has 52 weeks and I am waiting 9 days every week this means I am waiting 468 days a "year" longer as with my regular provider and lose money over it. LL MUST get their act toget
  8. seems it works when you uninstall iCloud from Apple
  9. This issue certainly was re-introduced with Version 4.3.1 i have tried any of the available suggestions from this thread, the Jira, the Wiki The first upload always works fine, the second will cause a freeze up of the program. This must be something they picked up from the SL Viewer code because the same happens there. I would blame my computer if I hadn't tried on 3 different systems from 3 different generations. I get the worst results on my new High End PC. Most of my friends have the same problems and the tips didn't help them either. None of use uses SkyDrive btw. IF you have fi
  10. Between 1am- to 5 am you have literally no chance to get a product or to sell one. More than 60% fail eventually. This is going on for months and since everything is fine after 5 am you might have a valid point to ask why they can't handle these early hours? It is completely beyond me. If that would happen once or twice, oh hey that can happen, fact is it happens everyday and nothing is improving even remotely.
  11. I wholeheartedly agree with you! The Viewer 2 will never be the main viewer but Firestorm probably will be, at least it will be the most used and since it is based on Viewer 2 it will be mesh compatible. If all the rumors are true and Viewer 1 functions will be disabled it will be a matter of days until Phoenix, SIngularity or Imprudence are history! The Viewer question is not my concern, someone who is out there to be a pioneer in mesh designs is probably smart enough to have a notecard and/or a warning on their vendors / marketplace entries. While customers might be able to understand the
  12. Brooke excuse me for wildly protesting, this will lead to confusion and complaints! There are 2 ways how to handle this 1) don't allow us to sell mesh items 2) make a category with a big red banner that states the fact that Mesh is experimental at this stage and that there are server side short comings and that people could actually loose their items! Vier requirements ect... By leaving it uncategorized people will buy it without knowing what they buy, won't be able to use it and blame the merchant for shortcomings he has no influence on! You never get a 2nd chance to make a first impressi
  13. DeeJ I comepletely agree with your last post, if you don't need any of those features there should be no reason to move on from your stable solution. The only realy improvment that allows products to look better has been the alpha layers, they allow a designer to work more precise and you don't have to cover your prims with invisble prims which makes things simply look better and body parts won't suddenly turn invisble when they blend into one of those prims! Not sure if you are wearing shoe as a furry, if you do you would love them too. I terms of stability, I find that Phoenix and Singular
  14. Void Singer wrote: as for reading anything into it, no I didn't, but the connotation exists for plenty of people, I just noted it. It's better just to acknowledge it as not coming across as intended. a better comparison of V1 vs V2 is an older model car that they don't make parts for and a newer one that still has after market kits being developed for it. my thoughts were in the first post of mine in this thread... there is no onus for you to support old tech, if a user chooses or is forced to use old tech then they need to be aware of the limitations.... that's been pretty much tru
  15. Void Singer wrote: referring to a product people use as "stone age" (especially in light of the fact that two years ago it was the de facto standard and top of line) has plenty of implications for the people using it. (luddite, cave man, and any other euphemism for stupid and unable to grasp current technology you want to use) to answer your assumption that those people should just upgrade, allow me to point out that there are two general reasons for people using the vanilla versions of those that are perfectly valid and not at all insulting. 1) not everyones equipment can handle the n
  16. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: Prior to 2nd quarter 2010 would be stating a fact. It's 3rd quarter 2011 now. If you'd said Viewer 2 is the Bronze Age you could have convinced me. Although it's not that far advanced to be called the Bronze Age if Viewer 1 is the Stone Age IMO. Maybe the Dark Bronze Age. You are trying to dsicuss semantics about a point you don't have, you just wanted to point out I was insulting which i neither intended nor did! I don't know if you are longer in Second Life as your avatar, if you have been around like I am you would know that there was literally no de
  17. I see a massive misunderstanding in several responses! When I was asking about SL Viewer 1.23 or Snowglobe I wasn't for any evolved viewer based on Snowglobe since it is clearly not the same! I wanted to know who is actually using these old viewers without any alpha layers! In the meantime i got some more official information and my question is basically answered already!
  18. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: Um.... if you really wanted ppls to feel non-disrespected you might want to avoid things like refering to their viewers as 'stone age'.. stuff like that makes ppl feel disrespected. But I think you knew that. The viewers we are talking about are from the Second Life "Stone Age" era , nothing disrespectful about stating a fact nor did I insult or attack a person! Since when is calling a Linden Lab Product by a nickname offensive?
  19. Smoothie Perl wrote: A great number of inWorld bussines owners (including me) are still login in with all older versions of viewers (Phoenix - Imprudence - Hippo and of course V. 1.23) for testing of their cretions and for it fuctionality. If there is a support from the server side it will be remain in my computer. Also I use those viewers to access my private grid server and that it will be stay for V.1 versions (for all kind of viewers). I think the functionality of the old "Emerald" viewer it's uncomparable. Simple, we doing things with 100% efficiency "period" I agree on Emeral, th
  20. - some simply cannot afford new hardware every year so they are stuck with the old software - mesh clothes, we will see how that works because for alot things there is no need to mesh them and again not everyone has the time and or money to buy/learn external software because SL is still a hobby no job Thank you Monti for you input! I don't think it requires new hardwrare to upgrade to phoenix, Singularity, Improdunce etc... which all support the newest features that came out in Second Life! Mesh: It is a Job to me and thousands of others and I didn't even call it a hobby when I
  21. I noticed that yesterday! a lot of people started using Firestorm yesterday! That is another shot in the leg for the labs! While I respect them a lot, it has been a while that a viewer update was causing that much problems, textures and transparency is of course massively essential and people cannot live without proper displayed graphics!
  22. The reason why I ask is because the only stats available are from Red Zone, but those are all time stats and they started recording before 3rd party viewers became dominant and stopped recording when RZ got banned :-) I heard rumors from a source that SHOULD know that some essential V1 features will be disabled, phoenix was confirming that info on theri website the same day I heard about it! The reason why I ask and i don't mean any disrespect for people who don't care about the recent developments such as alpha layers and tattoo layer or avatar physics! For me as a designer it is a pain in th
  23. Ansariel Hiller wrote: Did you already give Phoenix Firestorm a try: http://www.phoenixviewer.com ? I did just now! while i love the thoughtfulnes of making it almost look like i want, bringing back the favorites bar which was one of the best things Viewer 2 ever invented, i am disappointed to a medium level. No Copy/ Paste buttons in the building window, which has become the most useful feature ever for me and the shaddows behave the same way as they do in Viewer 2, they don't display on prims only on Linden Ground and Water. I realize that my graphics card is not supported and Firestorm
  24. Anyway, just writing off my frustration trying to use this viewer once again, since it's forced use now with the new search (which obviously is also not something to cheer about) New search only works in this particular viewer right now, making changes to your SEO would be seen by 30% of the residents! Better wait and try to get a statement from the other viewer teams if they will follow or keep the old search result methods!
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