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  1. Well I am glad I was the only one, was definitely not a phishing alert since there was never sent a mail to me, it was only visible on my Google Account page. Changed my password, forgot it this morning, lol
  2. I have received a security alert from Google, dated December 16th that there was a data breach at Second Life and my password was compromised in the event. Obviously I have no way of telling if any of this is even remotely true but seeing posts all across the forum where people had issues logging in around that time and knowing how our Gods in Linden Heaven are not always the most informative bunch I thought I'll bring it up. Those with a google account who have their passwords stored in their browser might be able to verify the situation in an instant. Better safe than sorry.. in this spiri
  3. There is also the possibility to create a second or 3rd display on your actual screen. Assuming the only reason to care about "steady" FPS in SL would be streaming or recording you could go ahead and create a 2nd screen and your first screen remains always focused, your streaming or recording software completely ignores the 2nd screen. You can switch that on the fly, resolution remains the same even when it temporarily appears smaller on your screen.
  4. I guess that depends from which angle you want to see things If you factor in the consumption of bandwidth alone we are talking about 90% if that is not significant or justifies the word plummeting then please forgive me. If you factor in the hardware that is needed to run a sim 15 years ago and is needed to run a sim today you most likely find that we are not "living" on high performance machines. Threads and processes have possibly quadrupled, hardware today can handle up to 32 times more than 15 years ago. They don't need to invest into growing performance or a growing community, they
  5. Regarding Sansar... VR must run on stable FPS or you have puking customers (seriously) 👩‍⚕️ I believe they are in the vicinity of doing it right. Even major studios working for Playstation reducing graphics massively to increase the experience.
  6. My apologies if my points were already mentioned before, I could only fly over the previous 53 pages. Obviously I am joining this discussion a bit late I am in SL since the first year, had businesses on my original avatar and this one and made a wonderful living from it for many years until I took a job as a texture creator at a game design studio Alright let's humor Linden Labs for a second and applaud them for not increasing membership fees since day one... YAY Now let's explore reality.. Server prices have plummeted since they were introduced, the actual expenses are a fraction
  7. Nalates if you don't wanna hear my rants you have the choice not to read them. None of my experiences are out of touch with reality, you must feel very high of yourself to even say that. The issue we are talking about persist for longer than 3 months, manipulating the readers of this forum by saying I suggest this should be fixable in 24 or 48 hours is not OK because these problems are known for years and as you correctly stated they are working on it for 3 years and have not found a better solution as the one that keeps collapsing on a weekly basis. The fact and the matter is as long Lind
  8. It is now a bit longer than 3 months that the weekly server deploy breaks what has been fixed the week before. In a good week this is fixed in 2 days but usually there are on and off partial or full outages over 3 days. Apparently there are huge asset server issues that need to be fixed. It is beyond me why they keep deploying code when they are fully aware that it will break the basic functions all over again. You could deal with that 2 or 3 times but when it keeps happening for this period of time after 11 years you really wonder if they suffer from a mental condition. Wouldn't it make more
  9. If our payments to you would directly linked to the service you provide would you keep deploying this crap? For how long are we supposed to swallow the fact that every single week for 3 months the same issues that been fixed over a period of 3 days the week before re-appear? Mistakes happen, if they happen every single week we are dealing with unstoppable idiots. How about you don't roll out and fix what has to be fixed once and for all. Compared to REAL and proper webhosting we are paying outragous prices, it is time to provide the service we pay for.
  10. imagine this would happen with popular console game on Xbox Live or PSN where there are millions of players not 38,000 where there is no 6 Billion USD Economy... heads would roll, a sh*t storm would be over the devlopers heads and people would be really mad. Somehow SL people are really understanding and kind. Maybe we shouldn't be too understanding and forgiving, without pressure they seem to feel they can keep on dragging this repetetive problem over 2 months!
  11. Maestro Linden wrote: We will be monitoring this thread as the code gets released, so feel free to note any observations you have about the server updates. If you have a specific bug you'd like to report, please file a Jira. I observed... monitor this. my tolerance threshold is exhausted. Problems happen but when they happen in this stunning frequency it is no longer a problem it is a screw up. The loss of income today alone would have paid for my sim which I will be charged in full despite that fact that it keeps rebooting with 30 miutes downtime everytime. At some point TOS cann
  12. bigmoe Whitfield wrote: people rant and complain constantly, if you HAD read any other threads about certain people who were coming to SL to fllpflop with bitcoin or to buy these in large sums and cash out, you would realize there was something taking place. the LAB clamped down on this and with the new laws that have went into effect the LAB has to do certain thigns to keep the FEDS off their backs. I have read them and I at least started 5 of them and nobody wants Linden Labs to commit fraud or act as money laundering tool that doesn't mean that an automated process must take 5 day
  13. Coby Foden wrote: note Genesis wrote: I LOVE definitively the new avatars . They look gorgeous with material enabled Linden Lab say (New Mesh Avatars): "These avatars are designed to give new users a more appealing set of choices as they start their time in Second Life." Linden Labs did the exact opposite because new residents they don't know they look "newbish" their frst concern is understanding how it works. Once they realize they should improve their looks they go to freebie places. They will keep doing this but find literally NOTHING. They will buy clothes and it will take t
  14. I think it is beyond rude for a company that has the resources to charge us instantly... I think it is beyond rude for a 24/7 online business with peak days on the weekend closing shop before the weekend. The reason why they do it is because they can. It is an abusive use of a monopoly and if Linden Labs was located in Europe they would have to pay within 2 business days. Let's not forget that the charge for the currency conversion is the highest conversion surcharge on this planet, let's also not forget that Europeans are force fed PayPal who have the worst USD to EUR rate on this planet.
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