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  1. Josh and Doctor thanx for the advice! I still believe it will all be straightend out by monday! In the end of the day this is quite a massive payment which went wrong on their end and it should be easy to reproduce! Like I said before, i can't think of any other solution but a refund! There is just no room for arguments! I can see how this bug slips their attention, when they tested a classified ad they probably put in 50L$! I sure will report here how it was "resloved"
  2. Thank you Mari! I believe this issue can be reproduced by Lindens and the outcome will be as expected! I have faith in that! if anyone cares and want to follow the Jira Topic, here is my JIRA ENTRY: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-25536
  3. @ Zanara thank you for the reality check! There is no solution before Monday, you are completely right and i should put my mind at ease after submitting this issue to Jira! If anyone cares... and please don't turn it in a pro/con Viewer discussion! This happenend with following viewer (Second Life 2.6.2 (225998) Apr 7 2011 21:55:52 (Second Life Release) Funny side note... it is rumored that one of those top classified advertisers is LL operated to drive the prices up, if that would ever turn out to be true it would proof that they don't even use their own viewer! (Nerd Humor)
  4. @ Phil I sent a notecard to Torley, and hope he will point with the finger to my ticket! I don't know who is in charge of classifieds, if someone drops his/her name i am more than happy to pester this person! I still have hope that love support might be able to escalate the issue enough to get it done! There can't be another solution but a refund even when support would pick up my case in 2 weeks and the ad ran out naturally! This is CLEARLY a legal issue and a bug in the system that won't ask for confirmation on the changed amount!
  5. @ leliel It is fraud because the system cannot decide for me what i am paying without asking for my permissions! The classified ad will not perform the money worth, before monday I am out of the "thumbnail spots" and from there it is an illusion that it would pay off! Charging less would be a good thing if I was on the position I was aiming for. This is a gigantic difference and I am speaking from experience here! I pay less and get less, It is like you buy a house without a roof, great in summer adn sucks in winter! Having said that... LL cannot change the essentials of my advertising
  6. I usually don't give into Linden Bashing but if they deserve they deserve it! I intended to place a classified ad for 143,500 to promote my new mainstore! Made a nice new picture and did all the right things! I entered the amount of 143,500 L$ hit publish and while I hit the button it AUTOMATICALLY changed the amount to 99,999! I thought live Chat Support will straighten it out... they aren't online at this time! So i called billing support, 5 times to wait in line, when it was my turn it said CALL COMPLETED and hung up! Eventually i got a Supporter, let's call him Mr Douchebag since he didn't
  7. With all due respect to the OP, when your bed disappeared it got nothing to do with the viewer when people stay away from your store, this got nothing to do with anything but yourself! SL has picked up, Full Stop! I understand that dealing with the Lindens can be frustrating and that there needs to be a place to vent and i feel for you, I am waiting myself for 6 weeks to get a ticket answered!, I believe this category in this forum is not the right place, the bed had probably banned content and your store is empty because your competition just did a little bit more to draw attention to the
  8. I am with Dreamamine, I am defender of Viewer 2 it has many useful improvements, especially wiht the layers and attachments! Having said that, Web Profiles is a giant step into the wrong direction! 1) I am too many clicks away from what I want to do 2) Takes too long to load in comparisom 3) where are my classfied stats? I can't see the outcome of my campaign or haven't figured it out yet how to get it on my screen 4) it always loads my profile when I try to load someone elses profile! Web profiles have advantages for other reasons and I am glad we are having them and still I believe
  9. About 2 years ago when M Linden was announced as new CEO i said to a friend through my old Avatar "i wish they'd hire that guy from the Sims" Well here you are and i should have placed a bet so I don't need to work 12 hours a day in SL to get some food to eat While I really appreciate all the well meant thoughts and suggestions from the nerd parties, what I really want to afford my further existence here is hundreds of thousands of new people and therefore it doesn't matter if my viewer got an opt in facebook button or not! As much SL is a world created by us, I wish there was more support
  10. I don't mind the web profiles and drag and i already got rid off the drag and rop thingie as i found it too complicated in the new viewer, i think the "SHARE" option is the handier solution nowadays! It might be just me but i have recognized a massive improvement in graphics, the camera lense seemed to be differen and it provided a wide angle view which I can't work in the current official release! First time my expensive graphics card had to do some work. Having said that... my first blue screen in Windows 7! With high quality settings I am crashing even when the hardware is capable of 5 tim
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