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  1. Oh, wow. This is exactly the problem I have and it seems I'm not alone. I've reached out to Newegg and am trying to get an RMA done to return the card for a refund. I wanted to love this upgrade, but spending a $50 mark-up [$304 total] on an upgrade that's worst than onboard Intel graphics for SL isn't acceptable--especially if this problem has been around since 2015.
  2. Just got an RX 480 recently and while WoW is much nicer getting off Intel onboard, I was left dissapointed with my SL experience. Chances are this is driver related, but it's odd how it's only SL that's giving me a problem. Whenever I turn on advanced lighting model, there is this wierd line of wut going down my screen. While I can be content with advanced lighting model off, it kind of defeats the purpose of a graphical upgrade. Below is how it looks on my end with and without advanced lighting model on. (screenshot is of Firestorm, but other viewers give the same result):  Anyone else
  3. The payment method is Paypal, something that should be INSTANT. An actual snailmail check would have arrived by now, what's the deal? This is the second time I'm going to be late paying the internet bill (which I use LL cashouts for) because of your slow system. I've heard from merchants years ago that LL cashouts used to be automatic, why can't you guys go back to that? It's wasting my time, your time and every other merchant's time going through all this manually. I'm legit annoyed at this since just about every other business utilizing paypal is instant. You'll take my money from Paypal
  4. Dunno what other board fits this issue since this involves being a merchant and money. I'm not a big seller like some others are, but I make about 100usd more or less a month on the side from SL. The problem I am dealing with is that I went to cash out about 45usd worth of L to pay for something rl and noticed the sell button does nothing, I enter my amount of 12k and when I click sell, nothing. Not even an attempt to load the next page. This happened in Firefox and chrome under Windows - I've even dual booted into Linux to make sure and same issue. What's going on?
  5. I don't post here, but come on. Enough is enough. I dealt with the constant "improvements" that lead to a more buggy experience, put up with the now slow marketplace and even forced myself to use a current viewer that leaves me constantly right clicking to render things because of server side baking support missing from my old standby viewer..but getting temp uploads out of nowhere..wtf? Not only temp uploads were great for fun sharing of images among friends that wasn't worth wasting L on, but it was also useful for those of us that are content creators. The ability to see how so
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