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  1. This was the best of all of them apparently it has a problem with us purple people
  2. oh yay another argument over phenotypes to op sorry I don't have any suggestions for you based on the criteria you listed for places to visit. Also sorry you question was devolved into ...this come back to the middle guys and gals we have cookies and less arguments
  3. Nothing too off the wall for me
  4. Walk around and make comments about arrows to the knee and curved swords to anyone who walks past.
  5. I rember when I was new first outfit I ever bought i wore that box on my head darn it! Time to time I will attach a prim cube to my head for the lols
  6. Sad thing is there's a modern mindset of people being so hung up in political identity the moment you strip that away they are completely lost and assume you or that environment is x-phobic the idea of people and places that do not care what they look like or which consenting adult they love scares them because they might have to be real people hand have real interests, for a change.
  7. That acronym keeps getting longer and longer I can't keep up anymore.
  8. Getting my first shot Tuesday will be a HUGE stress reviver to be vaccinated and not have to worry about catching my death at the market.
  9. Give avilion a look http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Avilion/244/127/22 its one of the oldest medieval/fantasy rp groups in SL. while it has a couple rules they are basic don't be a douche nozzle type rules ie be Polite in your RP no metagaming / godmod and dress IC when on sim there is no real hierarchy and it's all relaxed
  10. I am going to say it I hate EEP I hate the frame loss (30 FPS on my machine) the loss of granular settings we used to have under windlight the way it makes textures look washed out alpha texture even flicker! It gives me a headache the whole thing is not my cup of noodles can anyone recommend a viewer that won't be supporting this pile of computer and eye killing poop?
  11. Its not just apple people having issues OpenGL is basically on life support AMD pushing it to a back seat 6.6 FPS is NOT OK on a Radion 6000 series card While LL is working on the backend for Sl longevity and that great. But if they don't look at changing the frontend SL will die anyway if anyone from LL reads this Vulcan Look into it. It's a modernized OpenGL that takes advantage of modern GPUs and won't be that hard to convert to.
  12. OMG that dress could you please im me and tell me where it's from ?
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