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  1. Ah yes that lovely "lets put everyone in Ideological boxes and assign kudos or blame tactic" that we try to call "progressive" But it is literally crawling into the Crypt of Ancient civilization pulling out the purified corpse of Attila the Hun putting a diaper on it and calling it a new born baby. are some guys jerks? you bet ! but we cant attribute it to every guy on the planet. Crazy idea lets look at the individual and blame them for there own actions but still respect one another based on our shared humanity.
  2. interesting but sadly this V-dem site seems to lock up its raw data pretty tight (the PDF is just information about the organization it's self.) so all i have to go on is a second had source (Washington post) whish is not exactly known for being a centrist publication. https://www.allsides.com/media-bias/media-bias-ratings#ratings Being honest It does not matter who wins. The U.S. Government and its Economic systems are doomed anyway both parties are basically "good old boys network" so it will always be "more of the same" The divide between the uber welthy and the Poor will conti
  3. I know about autocrats and dictators I was a history teacher for most of my life. your view on the mindset on both parties is .. instigating but is not supported by evidence so I am going to counter with a link link to a study by The Pew Research Center published on on Ooctober 5, 2017 called "The Partizan divide on political values goes ever wider" https://assets.pewresearch.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2017/10/05162647/10-05-2017-Political-landscape-release.pdf the study states that while the median line of the views of the republican party have shifted slightly more to the
  4. i read the article and it did not mention his political beliefs. that is a HUGE problem right now people making people who don't think the same way you do into some sort of bogyman. the fact is many people on both sides of the political spectrum get pissy when you tell them what to do Look at how many people get mad when you tell them to do something as silly as leave your phone off in a classroom or ask them to not text and drive. We seriously need to stop playing the "Blame game" Fact is In the US there is only legally so much the government can do to stop the spread (those civi
  5. Thank you for the link I was aware of Gimp and Darktable (i remember when gimp refused to have a windows port) but being honest i am not artistic enough to figure them out
  6. ugh not brave /BAT for those who are not in the know BAT is a "crypto currency" given out by the brave browser for allowing some adds to show. Brave also gives it to people if other users download the browser using there affiliate link. which results in the browser being shilled as much as RAID shadow legends is on YouTube
  7. i think it involves magic i am totalyl confused by it
  8. Defiantly not I tried it once but the Weaboo Japan fetishists became annoying. so I try to look like anything but my RL self in SL one can only take so many creeps.
  9. when a person leases a sim in SL it is theirs to do with what they wish and that includes rules that are exclusionary. while back ago i had a aircraft runway on my private parcel on the mainland i would allow people to use that runway but it was posted clearly i reserved the right to ban anyone for any reason and frequently did for some of the stupidest stuff like farting or burping over voice chat.
  10. if you want the best community experience in SL there is as to real community you can get to in second life in Bellisseria but you have to have a premium account to get in and catch the linden homes web sight at just the right time.
  11. if you like your current avi why change it? as long as your happy in your virtual skin keep it if people have a problem with an avatar you enjoy then to heck with em
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