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  1. the one that drives me nuts is when you get guys hitting on you in IM and your married. people ignored me when i was alone in SL but now ... .What the heck man
  2. you relise you hit "Adulting" when you find your favorite childhood toy in a Antique Store.
  3. i use de render only to get rid of things and people that are excessively lag inducing example the person in the parcle next to mine flooded there land with complex items to the point my FPS went down to 3. rather than sell my land i started derendering stuff until i was back to a acceptable frame rate. not complaining other than her overly stuffed build she is a great neighbor. So i see it this way Derendering is a tool to turn good neighbors into great ones.
  4. Just don't be creepy if you give off the "i am just talking to get in your Dress" vibe you wont get far
  5. Catwa has one big downside complexity other than that its a nice head. Little warning when you first get it it is extremely animated and you will have to spend some time with the animation HUD to make it so you don't have Rodger rabbit like facial ticks.
  6. awww cute guess i am letting my soft spot for lion cubs out
  7. i am going to be the one who says go try some demos, look at the complexity and number of polys, the lowest complexity one that you like is the best one.
  8. sometimes you just want to feel like a princess
  9. i would not go near that avi in OP's post somting about it makes my "asset rip will be DMCAd in a month" alarm bells go off.
  10. at the moment i lookalike a sand box, because i just use my land for building (my neighbors must rilly hate me)
  11. being a admn on two large groups that can to get drama addled
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