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  1. this will sound bad but to me a photoshoped image screams "look i can afford Photoshop or I have a bit torrent installed"
  2. hate to say this but best mesh body as far as BoM implmentation at the moment is slink. thing is almost as easy to use as the old system bod.
  3. i think their was a HUD that did the Animation permissions thing years ago (not going to mention it by name as it may be floating about the grid))
  4. i spend most of my time in SL as a lioness if your looking for the fuzzy folk try Luskwood
  5. Lusk is the place for just hanging and chatting and not worrying about it straying from PG-13
  6. aspect ratio is messed up because i pulled it out of SL (away from my main computer) but i think i will be keeping this look for a while
  7. being honest i love slink there Bake on mesh implementation is second to none
  8. so in SL the Kinksters are polite and the "normies" are rude? i need to start hanging out in Kinky places for a break from the rude people LOL
  9. Phat Cats is rather old they have been there sense i first joined SL and it still looks the same
  10. if you want to quit there is the option of selecting "change password" rolling your head on the keyboard copy pasting the output to the confirm line and clicking OK no sl problem if you cant log in
  11. whatever you do if you love SL do not get a AMD graphics card. the OpenGL implementation on them Stinks i recently went from a Nvidia GTX 750 ti to a much newer RX 570 and got a huge loss of frame rates in SL
  12. try checking with the "unity airlines" or the "vulture airlines" groups the group Talligurl mentioned is good as well it is called "Passengers of SL" you can use it to find a flight with the above mentioned airlines take a free ride and you can also chat up the pilot about joining they are for the most part friendly and will point you in the right direction
  13. the one that drives me nuts is when you get guys hitting on you in IM and your married. people ignored me when i was alone in SL but now ... .What the heck man
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