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  1. if your using firestorm theirs a simple way to run voice under wine. with the native linux client in the debug settings. first unpack firestorm in your home directory i like to make a ~/bin/firestorm directory to hold it. second Install wine i am going to assume your using a Debian based distro like ubuntu. enter in the command sudo apt install wine winetricks now set up your wine profile fast by running a application in wine like winetricks once the setup us done close the winetricks window and fire up firestorm once in firestorm open up setting and go to the advanced tab and turn on the advanced menu now in the advanced menu select "Debug setting and search for linux you will want to turn the "FSLinuxEnableWin32VoiceProxy" on afterword voice will work for you. (after you restart firestorm that is)
  2. Thanks for the misunderstanding and the "Positive feelings" i dislike the "Stupid question" question because if you took the time to look up support contacts it is OBVIOUSLY NOT a stupid question! Its a a issue your having don't downplay it. I have never had that question followed by a stupid question. Sometimes it points out a major product bug. or a feature to consider later. or perhaps the Documentation needs rewording. I love helping people its Just more enjoyable if they are not beating themselves up. I am polite always to people but it drives me absolutely bonkers to see people dismiss there concerns as "Stupid"
  3. I can tell you as a Sim manager and also working in support for a couple SL product lines the worst thing to see right away in your IM box is "Can I ask a stupid question?" Annoying pickup lines and such easily handled with the mute button but, these people you HAVE to put up with and pretend to be polite to Guess I better elaborate so people stop getting antsy. always this question is followed by something that is not stupid in any way. The part that angers me is people downplaying there concerns I wish people would be more upbeat it would make my day more enjoyable and probably theirs as well you came into SL to have fun not call yourself stupid.
  4. want to make money in SL i will give you the secret to making a consistent income. Step 1. Download blender and GIMP https://www.blender.org/ https://www.gimp.org/ Step 2 Go on you tube and learn to use these programs Step 3 Make something Step 4 List it on market place Repeat step 2-4
  5. Depends on the product, Clothes i am fine with them being no mod. some times it can be a pain not being able to resize an item or remove the bloody resize scripts thankfully most modern resize scripts have a option to remove them. Furniture No wont buy it no mod. While yes i get it you want to protect your animations. but 99% of the time its a animation that has been in SL forever and just looks bad or makes you looks like a hoochie. let me change the sits in a chair or i will move on. Vheicles OK I will let no mad pass if its a combat thing and you are locking it to preserve some semblance of game balance. cheaters gotta cheat after all. but if its just a Small two seat airplane, A sailboat or the Family Ford there is not a single good reason on earth. why they cant be mod so people can retexture it. and to be honest there are plenty of builders who make great stuff in this category that is mod i will buy form them instead thank you.
  6. thankfully they mix with everyone else in SL segregation is evil voluntary or involuntary.
  7. managed to stay on a a cvouple hours without another DC thoght things were fixed for a moment now poof
  8. Slink Physique but thinking about switching to Maitreya as many people are now just supporting this one body with there creations i am getting sick of seeing a cute outfit and than reading " Maitreya Only"
  9. Thre are plenty of IRL black people running around SL Thankfully they are interacting with SL as a whole, and not feeling the need to congregate in in one sim. For example I have a friend in SL who's avatar is a baby dragon. I only found out she was of African decent after she found out I am Asian
  10. if you like showing skin utopia is still a good pick
  11. I agree completely I just worded my post wrong In general if i ever talk about my RL in SL i am honest.
  12. you know the od nerd saying "The great thing about standards is that there are so many of them" now if we are allowed to change our login first name i would be interested (thres is a few trolls in my life i would love to hide from but keep the inventory in my 11 year old account)
  13. I see Second life as Avatar chat with user creatable content that has been stretched beyond its original limits (i don't think LL ever imagined people would be Flying plane and Sailing boats in SL when they originally dreamed it up)
  14. 11 years in SL and never done "The pixel" when i log into Sl its to Explore new sims, Find and talk with like minded people. perhaps do a little RP, or Fly a Plane, Sail a boat, drive a car on the linden roads or just "high tech paper dolls" their is plenty to do here with your clothes on. Someday i might run out of ideas and look for a sweet person and find out about SL relationships and the pixelated monster mash"
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