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  1. Couple Little anecdotes a few tears back at the airport i managed we had a couple decide that the threshold of the runway was a great place to drop trousers and carry on like it was a nature documentary on animal planet. The second was about 4 years prior i noticed we had some people hanging about 1000 feet above the rez area out of interest I checked the prim count of rez area and noticed it only had 4 prims available. Naturally i retured all objects that did not belong to the airport in the rez area. (judgeing by the names of the items returned they built a BDSM dungeon up there) About 10 seconds later it was raining Naked people! long story short these nakid people decided to use Graphics crushers and grey goo the sim. While i can see incidents like this being rare they could leave a bad impression about adult content in SL personally i don't blame Adult content i just blame a couple of perverts
  2. if your getting random sounds on your own land there is a simple way to stop it go into the sound tab of your Land control panel and turn on "restrict Gesture and Object sounds to this parcel. if you still hear it after that its on your land so use the object tab to find it and return it. el.
  3. my concern is they don't mention if it was a Leveraged buy out those usually end in saddling the bought company with millions or more in extra debt and usually end in bankruptcy and liquidation. Secondly the two persons that bought the company seem more interested in the financial services part of LL's operation. Time will tell if they Spin that into it's own company than "Pump and dump" Second Life. any Lindens reading this please understand that People do not trust "investment and capitol ferms" any more after seeing so many businesses die over the past two decades do to the above mentioned tactics heck there are whole you tube channels devoted to telling the stories of ruined businesses by greedy A.... I mean "investors"
  4. this will sound bad but to me a photoshoped image screams "look i can afford Photoshop or I have a bit torrent installed"
  5. hate to say this but best mesh body as far as BoM implmentation at the moment is slink. thing is almost as easy to use as the old system bod.
  6. i think their was a HUD that did the Animation permissions thing years ago (not going to mention it by name as it may be floating about the grid))
  7. i spend most of my time in SL as a lioness if your looking for the fuzzy folk try Luskwood
  8. Lusk is the place for just hanging and chatting and not worrying about it straying from PG-13
  9. aspect ratio is messed up because i pulled it out of SL (away from my main computer) but i think i will be keeping this look for a while
  10. being honest i love slink there Bake on mesh implementation is second to none
  11. so in SL the Kinksters are polite and the "normies" are rude? i need to start hanging out in Kinky places for a break from the rude people LOL
  12. Phat Cats is rather old they have been there sense i first joined SL and it still looks the same
  13. if you want to quit there is the option of selecting "change password" rolling your head on the keyboard copy pasting the output to the confirm line and clicking OK no sl problem if you cant log in
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