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  1. Its not just apple people having issues OpenGL is basically on life support AMD pushing it to a back seat 6.6 FPS is NOT OK on a Radion 6000 series card While LL is working on the backend for Sl longevity and that great. But if they don't look at changing the frontend SL will die anyway if anyone from LL reads this Vulcan Look into it. It's a modernized OpenGL that takes advantage of modern GPUs and won't be that hard to convert to.
  2. OMG that dress could you please im me and tell me where it's from ?
  3. this is doable now where does one find the option ? Never mind, found it $40 on top of premium costs is too much
  4. I have the jomo dragon most unriged mesh hairs with a multi axis resize script work however if you want a long haor you will have to get a flexy hair with edit perms and play it takes a while in any case but you can get a awesome fit.
  5. It's funny in my culture we have this concept called "emotional cheating" and it's a huge NO in a relationship the moment you fall in love with someone else even if you never do anything else its bad and worse than if you just went out and paid for sex something to think about if your fooling around in second life with a person and developing feelings for them as strong as love you are emotionally cheating if this is the case you and you may want to look at why you are going online to get some form of emotional validation your not getting from your partner. And couples therapy may be needed.
  6. Depends on is it my floor that I recently moped? Even thou I know it is likely safe it would still be a no. however if it was not my floor that was freshly moped it would be a Heck no!
  7. I always enjoy making new frends but I am only Fake friendly
  8. now i want a sugar daddy i haven't had one sense i was a kid bad for the teeth but yummie
  9. well that rules out every man on earth bees sting threw envenomation which everyone is allergic to in a light to severe level and severe reaction can occur at any time a person is stung. i dint think she wants a man at all but a honey badger and who can blame her hubba hubba
  10. i'm a dragon so can i be a honorary one sense i don't grow hair?
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