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  1. I like these! I was worried the next round would give me buyer's remorse but I've quickly become attached to my new name. And a few names: Sedona Vortex Ray Wayfarer The Wanderer
  2. When wrapping your fingers around, say, a candycane or some other delicious treat yes they can indeed be seen.
  3. Real life as referred to by your friend at the reunion is really a throwback to Gen X and before. Kids these days don't know what real is. Remember when people called it meatspace? Or maybe that was only on Slashdot. Second Life keeps the trope alive because of the whole SL/RL dichotomy but in general it has much less currency.
  4. Probably not a good choice if a vast universe of skins and makeup are important to you, but do check out the latest generation of LOGO heads, Mae and Willow. I find they are a good match with my softer body shape.
  5. Problem with Genus is the jaw angle. Pay attention to the profile and understand the chin angle slider has 0 effect on Genus heads whereas other brands (catwa at least that I know of) this can be filled in.
  6. Now listed @ 55k Still some wiggle room on the price since, yknow, if you lower it to the actual lowest price¸ people expect to pay less than that! Shoot me an offer in-world
  7. I resisted the tempation to put RARE in my title but it is in fact one of only a handful of Horizons parcels raised ~10M above the surrounding area, and the only one for sale. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horizons Ariel/146/68/32 L$ 67.5K or best offer. 1024m, 702 LI. No objects included in sale -- house photos for demonstration only Contact: cicelydawn Resident Cheers!
  8. My place in Horizons. The soft light, pink skies, and of course the double prims. Love it here.
  9. I think the oft-seen "I don't usually IM first" is a direct and unforunate result of inaccurate assumptions about what it means to send or respond to IMs, especially in clubs. So we end up with the SL equivalent of middle-school dances with people lined up opposite the dance floor not wanting to make a move. Having grown up in this culture of silence it never really occured to me that open chat could be an antidote of sorts. Ever been shouted at because you sent an innocent IM and then didn't want to go home with them after 15 minutes? I don't want to live my life based on that kind of negati
  10. People who want to chat in local often seem to be under the mistaken impression that "It's so quiet in here" is a conversation opener. Even the weather would have better results!
  11. I was informed in a previous thread that "True oldbies are quite a bit older than 13" so don't go buying that wheelchair yet. Second Life: where 7 feet is average, $50 is a lot of money, and ten years is a short time.
  12. It's on the list of development ideas/plans for the Aeros Apollo, which is currently in beta. Progress details can be seen here https://bitbucket.org/aeros-in-sl/faq/wiki/Aeros Apollo
  13. I think that’s a misconception because only oldbies stand around saying “Look at all these oldbies! I’ve been here 13 years how bout you! Remember prims??” There are TONS of Residents in Bellieseria. How do you recognize an oldbie in Second Life? Wait five minutes, they’ll tell you 😛
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