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  1. Its italian Ayelleon 🙃 i use the translator on browser is my mistake 😂
  2. By role I mean simply how you spend time, what you do in SL and as it has already been said that you enter and chatter you have a role to socialize. Nothing else is meant. Most of you have understood.
  3. I would like to discover new activities about which little is said, thanks for the work that you creators do for the SL community. 😘
  4. I'd love to see them, can I have their Slurl?
  5. How to create a good and persistent artistic exposure? Sculpture and Paint. Can I use a skybox on linden houses? It would be nice to do it right in the house. Recommendations?
  6. Sorry for my lack of information, but what are these?
  7. Many banks, if a payment starts from the bank but fails, return the available on the account or a debit card only after 10/15 working days. You can contact your bank and have confirmation.
  8. Many users show videos on youtube and many use firestorm viewer, why you use firestorm? If not use this because?
  9. Today it is possible to keep the house and buy 1024qm of mainland without additional taxes?
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