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  1. Releasing a Trad in Conger Reef at 7pm SLT. Nothing wrong with it. I adore this location. Time is just a funny thing. Hope it makes someone as happy as it made me. edit. 7:02pm, taken. Grats to the new owner
  2. Worked at BK in the early 90's. 4 fryers. 2 for french fries ONLY. 2 for everything else that was fried (hashbrowns* & sausage patties in the mornings, onion rings, chicken patties, fish bricks, and -briefly- popcorn shrimp when they tried the whole dining room experience that didn't last long). The reason (then) was that because the fries will pick up the taste of anything that shares their fryer. When it came time to change oil, the 2 "everything else" fryers were emptied, the fries oil went to them, and the fries got the new oil. *yes, the hash browns were cooked in the everything fryers even tho they are only potato. Reason being, again this was early 90s, that the skillet inserty things were put over the french fry fryers in the morning to make the scrambled egg for the sandwiches and burritos. So if you really wanted fries in the morning, back then, they were cooked in the older "everything" oil.
  3. Wait.. what?? Victoria was always my favorite cat when I was a little girl! The one saving grace to this uncanny valley dumpster fire I was hoping was going to be the fact they at least got a ballet dancer for Victoria. I will stick to watching this version.
  4. I would love to see maybe a ferry installed in Fishtown that does a trip around Pyri Peak. I've explored there and it was like a creepy time capsule
  5. Community My wish is that the Community stays strong and continues into 2020 and beyond.
  6. I snagged one in Conger Reef around 5:30pm slt iirc. My Game of Homes playing is officially done (for now)
  7. Looks like a job for the Bellisseria Ghost Hunters (led by @Patch Linden)!
  8. Funny enough, my alt has the decorated house. If you happen to walk past my home, see it empty and a dot way up in the sky, it's because I (stupidly) thought this weekend would be a good time to organize my inventory. Send wine help.
  9. Caught a house in The Mews. Most of the homes around are unclaimed. The other claimed I spotted was also from today.
  10. Hey I recognize those cabinets! I think I have that somewhere. I also have the Verne (for the moment lol) because the front room just begs for a Christmas tree. It was getting late last night when I got to the kitchen and I was running through counters I had made for trads and none were lining up right. Thank you for reminding me I have this one somewhere in my inventory
  11. Try grabbing a new content pack from the mailbox. Asked a friend to check theirs and they have one.
  12. Sitting here thinking of all the people from SL that have impacted my RL in some way over the years, I have to agree with @Beth Macbain, @Patch Linden is who has impacted my RL the most. If someone had told me a year ago, when I was barely logging in once a week, just how much my life would have changed this year, because of Bellisseria, Patch, and so many more, I would not have believed them. Thank you, Patch.
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