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  1. Yep! They're also a part of the community. Me, personally, I would rather be on an alt than my business avatar. Cuts down on chances of being harassed. I was half asleep when I responded and didn't notice the house was highlighted. Yes, I have heard of a few moles and/or lindens living in the community. @Sylvia Tamalyn is correct, all the houses have the Moles as owners because they are off parcel as to not count against our Li.
  2. According to my auto correct, today's version of the spelling is Bellisseria.
  3. The itch to try something new has started, so I thought that I'd better get pictures up today LOL Nook (No, I don't know why light is shining under the wall there. There's no window or door being blocked. ) : The kitchen and breakfast bar: Living room (I noticed as I was converting to jpeg that a possible spoiler for a certain show last night was on the TV, the star is to block it.. even tho, imho, it was the coolest shot of the entire series!) : Upper, Mid and Lower decks outside: Now... to think up new ideas for my next renovation!
  4. I have a feeling this will be needed later on today
  5. I could have written this, minus the boyfriend and family. Bellisseria has brought me out of my shell a bit. Respecting differences and privacy are also necessary to building a strong, and lasting, community.
  6. Thank you for mentioning this! (particularly the part I highlighted) My neighbor behind me has this annoying 1 prim blinking thing that I can actually see blinking when inside my home. Which is what annoyed me because it made the appearances of my things shift/change along with the blinking. I didn't realize that when you derender, it's ALL, not just the object's appearance. Yay! No more color shifting walls now
  7. Ok back, had to pause for dinner. Hungry teens are a scary beast Still looking for that glass (I know I have it somewhere!!) but here is what I have so far. It was 291 prims total before I ran sections through the Mesh Gen. Got it down to 18 total for railings, landing and stairs. I could probably get it down a few more as I forgot to take the top of the railings with me to convert it.
  8. In in the process of doing similar! I know I have a coke bottle green glass ....somewhere... I think its in my alts inventory. For now I am using a frosted glass texture. Will upload pics when I get it set up.
  9. I was thinking more like someone with their gacha pop up boutique like an MLM peddler at an arts and crafts show.
  10. A landmark to what? If you mean to acquire a house, you don't do that inside SL. You do that from your dashboard on the website. If you mean a Landmark to go look around and explore, there is a landmark thread with loads of landmarks to various points of interest on Bellisseria in this forum.
  11. Not much yet. Spent most of the afternoon/evening making mesh inserts, barely any decorating yet. Then I decided to do a bit of swimming lol nothing impressive, but it's a start! eta~ yes, Zoya's wearing something. I just realized its hard to see her bikini after I already hit submit.
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