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  1. Yes, in the mailbox They're using addons. Search the MP for Linden Homes and have it sort newest first. You will see them. You can use the name again on a new parcel
  2. You are reading it incorrectly. 9:25AM Eastern Daylight Time
  3. After adding them, did you hit the List button on the panel? (Not View List, the one that says List. )
  4. Blush, how tall is that ceiling? Could something that is say... 4.5m tall and 2.5m wide fit?
  5. I have one. I go afk, change clothes, etc.. up there. It's also, atm, where my skeeball machine is until I design an add on with a high enough ceiling. Also have a work plat (old habit, I guess lol) where I will tinker with smaller builds that are within whatever my leftover Li is before I drag myself to a prem sandbox.
  6. Since I can't go totally nuts like I would like to in RL, I plan to in SL. Already collecting decorations for Halloween through New Years. and I plan to Out Griswald @Patch Linden
  7. Gotta be careful next time I say, "Release the Krakken!!"
  8. Oh I remember this! I was so, so happy for you. That is so fantastically wonderful! It's so nice to be able to look at the mini map and see friends.
  9. yay! awesome had to log for the evening but will be online tomorrow.
  10. I think that's a flamingo. She will need a different approach 😚
  11. For me, I was barely logging into SL, I would go a month+ at a time before April. I was an introverted hermit keeping everyone at arm's length. I didn't trust. I used ban lines to create a false sense of safety. I was still running scared from something that happened 12 years ago. Since April 16th, I have missed, I think 2-3 days? I adore the community that has grown in Bellisseria for the most part. I've gained friends and neighbors. I wander and explore. I say hello first sometimes and don't always retreat away. I've started building again, something I used to love to do. Idk, Beth, lol got room for someone that isn't into um.. everything but still loves the community and laughter and humor (and recipes!)
  12. Now I recognize you! (sometimes I wish we could see the inworld names here, I don't always recognize people lol) /waves at her friend
  13. Yep! Just click your about land and can change the name.
  14. True, but only the house owner has expressed a dislike for the 4 red brick corners. So people taking pics or visitors may not see a problem with them at all. Decorate the yard first and then, after checking that you aren't making weird arrangements with them, derender and forgetaboutit
  15. What about derendering them?
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