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  1. Ok as I sit here on my deck listening to country night sounds, let me amend that... All of the beauty... ...none of the: mosquitoes, flies, wasps, centipedes, and tent worms.
  2. Happy belated rez day! I hit My 13th rez day a few days ago on the 17th.
  3. What happens when you click Physical instead of Phantom in Edit Mode.
  4. Uh oh, the ghost activity is starting up again? Better call the Ghostbusters! @Patch Linden!
  5. At the same time you posted this, I had a weather alert go off in RL! Lol
  6. I've met some awesome looking avatars that were system. I've met some terribly put together mesh ones. Computers and WL settings also play a role in how we view ourselves vs how others view us. I was out of SL for a few years as Mesh was hitting the grid. When I came back I had a lot to catch up on. I remember being hesitant to "upgrade". What if I picked the wrong body? What if I didn't like it? That was a lot of money to bet on a what if. So I had an extensive collection of demo bodies and demo clothing. Ended up, a wonderful friend surprised me on Christmas with a gift of a body, I just had to choose which one I wanted. My face took a lot longer. That was ME! I hated every head I demoed. It didn't look like me. Then Bento came out. You could tweak it more. I finally bought a head after another round of demoing bento heads. I have been 100% mesh for a while now, but I still remember how I felt when I returned and was bombarded with all the choices and changes. Thankfully, no one ever made me feel worthless because some part of me was still system. My friends let me make my own choices, even the one who gave me that gift. All they said was, "Merry Christmas! It's yours for when you're ready to use it." and that was the extent of the discussion. In the past few months, I've met and even became friends with some older accounts that have recently returned. I've answered mesh questions for them, but other than that, I let them decide when, and if, they will change over to mesh. I'm not going to tell them we can't be friends if they don't buy a mesh body. Buying a mesh body is only the first purchase. Then it's a whole new wardrobe, skins, etc...
  7. Lol iirc I believe it is from the SL Prayer gesture or loading gesture.
  8. we need to do another slow mo beer tour again
  9. I swear I have seen almost this exact view in RL! @Abnor Mole a hint?
  10. @Blush Bravin the unfinished drywall in the laundry room is killing me! I love it!
  11. I was thinking Ancient burial ground and a clown doll on the loose.
  12. Love this! Glad I am not the only one that dances while building/working sometimes.
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