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  1. I grabbed it Sakura, beautiful spot, have missed having a camper, will definitely keep for a while ty ❀️
  2. Yes! This too! Was really hoping today was the day and we can all be settled in our Vics before the Christmas break 😊
  3. That’s rotten that stuck, hope you manage to squash that vision and regain your excitement! Some real *****waffles in this world.
  4. @Marianne Little I’m hammering to AF too, hopefully see you there! πŸ˜‚
  5. The mod of Belli citizens group has said in chat that Patch was inworld earlier and confirmed his team were off today and tomorrow, so no release before Monday now.
  6. Could Patch be trick or treating us? Notice his Halloween t-shirt.
  7. Pantelleria region was released, NE region of the pickle
  8. The "kids" now on troll patrol 😊
  9. Now I need find 3 billy goats for my garden!
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