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  1. Hello Acies, I have sent you an IM in-world, please reply before I can make an offer. Thanks, Noon Jaxxon
  2. And then there is Ethereal City..here is a great shot of a rooftop dining locale.
  3. Ethereal City. Its an adult sim but you would never know it. There are places to dance, dine and lovely strolls through the Zen garden. I highly recommend it. But I am biased, I am the owner! My fav spot in the city is the rooftop dinner and dancing location..check it out!
  4. Michelle, Please let me know if the two sims are still available and the cost. Thanks, Noon Jaxxon
  5. Hello Mikey, Is the sim still avaiable and if so, please reach me in world. Thanks, Noon Jaxxon
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