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  1. Hi Bebe! TakSunem Resident was the last owner and he abandoned the island and his associated groups at the start of 2015. There was no warning and no effort to pass it along like the previous owners did, so its gone entirely. Lots of people were sad to see it go but not much could be done without owner cooperation. The Orgy Island VIP and Orgy Island Inc. groups were released though and now run by OIMangement for those wanting to keep in touch. Joining the Orgy Island Inc. group would be better I think since its actively watched by people who would like to see the island return but either on
  2. Leans over and whispers... its Linden Lab, not Linden Labs.
  3. I have seen this type of attack happen elsewhere and its always frustrating. Lately the griefers have been rezzing the exploder on Linden-owned land like a road and then shooting it over to private parcels that seem to be uncared for. Since no one can contact the land owners quickly and Linden Lab is slow to respond (if at all), it becomes a real pill to deal with. Sadly, one or the other will have to respond to get it returned / stopped. Best defense against this is to know thy neighbors! Talk to them occasionally and find out how to contact them if something like this happens. Everyone has
  4. I know I am addicted to Second Life when.... I see someone in RL and want to read their profile before saying hello! I call somone in RL a newb when they say or do something stupid! I am impressed with a RL guy who does not start off a convesation with, "Wanna f*ck?" I ask a RL guy to resize it for my comfort! I blank out during a RL conversation and then appologize by saying I crashed! And one that is totally true... I take a pic of my avi to the hairdresser and say I want the same haircut!!!
  5. How sad... Brian was the one ray of RL hope for all the SL beastiality clubs to be validated as mainstream. At least his dream of legalizing pot is coming true though. Thank you Brian for all your inspiration! :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  6. Neat pic, makes me feel like part of the universe! But um... which dot in particular?
  7. This made me laugh... According to a recent post from Linden Lab about Project Interesting, they have already applied "... a set of improvements to how the Viewer and server work together to know what scene objects to draw. We’ve already made the server smarter about sending the important, "interesting" stuff first..." Who else would have loved to attend the Linden Lab meeting when they decided what was "interesting" (second only to the day when they made the "Naughty Word List" a few years ago)?!!! We will never know what was said behind those closed an
  8. I think the comments got off track from the original question although I have enjoyed reading them! Yes, I friend people on occasion but I let them know the invite is coming first. I also friend people "temporarily" to get their calling card which I use in all kinds of ways... and yes I tell them to be ready for unfriending too! :matte-motes-big-grin: I usually write something snarky instead of the general "Will you be my friend" tag like... Will you stalk me after accepting this? Friends [X] Lovers [ ] Enemies [ ] Undecided [ ] Choose "Accept" to dispute Linden Lab's TOS
  9. By definition SL is not a game; it has no defined rules, goals, or conclusion. Some argue - and rightfully so - that it is becoming more video game-like as we loose the ability to be self expressive, pursue unhindered experiences, and "own" what we create. That still does not make it a game, just a repressed virtual landscape where the unpaid work and skill of many make a few people very rich. Aside from that, SL is an extension of my RL self in that I see it as a creative hobby and means to socialize in a different way than Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Facing reality head on, i
  10. My funniest moment happened about an hour after I first rezzed my avatar. Imagine this... I am sitting in my college library plugged into the system (yep, before WiFi) when I go through enrollment and then a lengthy building showing me how to walk, fly, and click on things. When I get to the end there is a sign saying click this, this, and this to get the world map and start exploring! Sounds easy and innocent enough, so I click a random point on the map, hear my first whhhoooosh-clink of the teleport and am whisked away.... where I land on a huge open sandbar with one small building in the m
  11. I hate to burst everyone's bubble but Real Life companies left SL in 2008 after Linden Lab changed their TOS policy concerning copyrights and ownership. At the time there were several legal questions being raised about copyright infringment and ownership of virtual property on Second Life servers. In response, Linden Lab ammended their TOS. What drove companies out almost immediately was this gem: 7.2 You grant certain Content licenses to Linden Lab by submitting your Content to the Service. You agree that by uploading, publishing, or submitting any Content to or through the Servers, Website
  12. Always be careful of the groups you join and check ALL of the roles you belong to for the group liability status. Some groups lure members in specifically to spread their fees, including the costs to buy land. If you join a group this should be the first thing you check. If any roles share liabilities, leave immediately. You will not be charged until fees are incurred. Also send a note to the group owner explaining why. Most of the time the group owner does not have a clue that the liability defaults to everyone. Also keep your eye on your expenses every week. Some owners have been known to tu
  13. I am glad you can get deposits from your clients and it sounds like you have built a solid reputation, BUT I still advise to never, ever, ever pre-pay for SL work. Although a buyer could refuse the creator's work, if it is completed per the contract it is extremely doubtful they would not buy the item. The "risk" is always on the buyer just as in real life. The only way contract work should be done is to have the builder make the product and then offer the full-perm final version for sale. FYI, when I do custom work it is always with two conditions. The first is that I will supply the full-pe
  14. Why did you pay for the work up front? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but never, ever, ever pre-pay someone to make you products in Second Life. Responsible SL builders will work with you to make a product and then rez a full-perm copy for you to buy. That way you get your product and they get paid without the fuss. It also leaves a purchase trail just in case. If you pay up-front, it only looks like you transferred money from your account to theirs, leaving Linden Lab no information that it was for something specific. I would chalk this up to experience and move on. There is really no
  15. I have a couple close friends who still manage university sims in SL but a ton (most) left after Linden Lab discontinued their education / non-profit discount a year or two ago. At the time many universities got in a bind because they were working with fixed budgets or grants, so the only two options were to cut land holdings in half or leave altogether. Since then education budgets have been slashed left and right by the states and federal government. Added to that is the decline of Second Life overall, fewer students purchasing high-performance desktops for school, and the huge learning curv
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