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  1. Hello Mike A few months ago i tryed to find that region again, but obviously it was gone. (I dont haved a tomb there.) There`s one thing i dont understand: On that region was dozens of Mausoleums and individual tombs. And a countless number of urn-niches in the ossuary. I really wonder why the owners of these graves and urn-niches dont payd (rented) them ? I guess that would have helped a lot to keep that region. Maybe it`s a good idea for you, if you want to continuue this project, to move to a OpenSim world ? Parcels and regions are very cheap in some grids. (Also the possibility to host
  2. Ummm hello Llew Ummm Do i maybe know You under/with a other/different name ?? Hmm are You Pep ? I missed You too ! And thank You very much ! Where did You miss me ? I never did that "added found images" ! PS @ Rodderick: You can go to the parcels and look into the land-info. Theres the info about the audio streams, theyre MP3`s. With a apropriate software they can be DL`d. Theres 7 different tracks. Actually the one at Dark Moon Bay is unfortunantely offline, maybe someone can ask LR Linden or Misty Mole to fix/repair that pretty please.
  3. OMG ! I sooo would love to hear/have these tunes ! Its very relaxing ! Can You maybe ask her to somehow make it available ? If theres no other way i should find a quiet spot and just record it lol
  4. I have the same issues since a few days. Its annoyying. I tryed all Your tips, Valerie.
  5. @ Nalates : Youre rude lolol. Maybe You and all other geeks should also "go somewhere else".
  6. hanks Canoro ! Maybe im just a noob and i cant find that dang kudo button.. At other posts / threads it works !
  7. Noone answeres at my stuff here.. I now know why im never on these forums... Bleh
  8. Larry`s recipe for a LONG ISLAND ICE TEA Put: 2 CL Tequila, 2 CL Brown Rum, 2 CL Vodka, 2 CL Gin, 2 CL Cointreau, 2 CL Lime/Lemon juice in a shaker, add some ice and shake that for a few seconds (I usually shake it circa 15 - 30 seconds) fill it in a Long drink glass with some ice and fill the remaining space with Cola. Cheers and enjoy
  9. Hiya Hippie I havent the time for the forums nor to read 500 pages, but i wanted to leafe some friendly greetings, *hugs*
  10. As long this is a commercial virtual world folks will continuue that, i guess lol Its the other side of the medal ! I personaly know and knowed folks which life the illusion to get theyr RL income here lol (Me personaly already sayd byebye to that idea and all that greedyness a loooong while ago lool)
  11. I cant find the Derender option in V3. Yes maybe shes right and the only way is using Firestorm at least for making pics, where this feature is needed huh Thank You all for the answeres
  12. Ja, diese option meinte ich Rolig Ich aktiviere diese und klicke rechts auf ein objekt und es wird transparent. Wenn ich jedoch loslasse, wirds wieder sichtbar
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