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  1. Not really sure. And it is the same, from title to the end of OP. Talking about “keyframing” and referring to “exporting” is the same as if one would try to buy sandals asking for boots. When trashing animators, it would be nice one uses at least the right terminology. 😅
  2. There is a lot of misunderstanding of Location Bone keyframing around SL. Will try to clear things out. This is how things are working in Blender Avastar, and I have no doubt it is very similar in Maystar as creator has worked on Avastar too. Not only that Location Bone keyframing is not a bad thing, it is necessary! There is entire set of body bones that would be useless without it: IK Hands and Legs as well as COG. Avastar exporter has been created to deal with those and to export it in format that will NOT break your avatar. Keyframing Locations of the bones therefore is irrelevant … unless you EXPORT your animation with Bone Translations setting. Then, and only then Location Bone will have an impact on avatar deformations. There are some attachments using export with bone translations on purpose. Such an attachment always has to have “silent animation”: underlying, low priority, zero bone location/rotation animation running all the time, so rig can reset to its default position. Lack of those will cause deformed body part. People are often forgetting about SL default animations. They are silent animations running all the time, not only to move your avatar, but also to keep your rig in order when you are not running anything else. But they can take care of your system bones rotation only, they have no data to control your rig if animations have been exported with bone locations. They will not even control your bento bones. That is the second reason why – with some animations – you will have to reset your rig manually or to relog. This is the problem that could be seen, till recently, with many Bento heads. Few years ago, to my knowledge, there was only one brand who had inbuilt silent animation directly into the head, so it would never have stuck face. Recently I see more of them have been aware of the solution of that problem. Some still require to have silent animation run from the HUD to avoid stuck face. As you noticed, there is only one situation when export with bone location is necessary: tongue out animation. But in that case, all other bones must use rotation only and animator has to be extremely careful not to keyframe any other location! But in Avastar, you can’t even move tongue just like that, you have to unlock the tongue bone to be able to move it. If you unlock any other bone but tongue that way, nothing will save animator from deformed avatar. But, on the first move of bone, mistake will be clearly visible. It is true that using location manipulator on some body parts will put them in the weird position "deforming" body in the strange way, but unless such an animation is not exported with bone translations, we can not talk about deformed avatars, as they will not stay that way when animation stops playing. Now, there is another export setting than can be easily overlooked if you are not careful as it is checked by default: Apply Scale. It can be easily removed forever by saving Blender template with unchecked Apply Scale export option, but my guess is that it wouldn’t be strange that new animators see it checked by default and think it just has to be that way. Animation exported with Apply Scale can make a lot of mess that can be easily (wrongly) understood as a consequence of Location Bone keyframing. So, to conclude: Location Bone keyframing is not a problem by itself, but how one will handle it on export is everything!
  3. Let’s first define tools: I am using Blender Avastar for creating handmade animations since 2014. Now, you are right, what I see is end result: all 3 animation files do have the same size. Whatever is going on under the hood of Avastar export process, that is the only option I have in Avastar and I have zero control over that. And if I understand well how you have made exporter in Mayastar, your users also have zero control over exporter. On the other side, scaling (dope sheet frame stretching) IS adding to animation file size, as number of frames is actually increased. Shrinking frames in dope sheet is never good idea as all kind of mess up might be made. I am not using NLA as it doesn’t fit in my animation workflow, therefore I don’t have any tested and valid information on how animation file is changed with NLA length manipulation. Not every animation is suitable for raw FPS manipulation for speed changing. Some of them will acquire an additional effort to make movement logical for chosen speed, but that goes with animation part of the process, not with tool part of the process. So, to round up the answer to OP, I think it might be fair to just define things like this: - If you are using Blender Avastar, experiment with FPS. Be careful not to exceed 60 seconds length limit. - If you are using Mayastar be careful with FPS manipulation as it might increase animation file size, or choose some other method.
  4. Actually no, FPS manipulation has no impact on file size it is always the same, as FPS increase/decrease is not adding more info to the file it self. At least with .anim files, I don't know if there is difference with .bvh files. It might hit the time limit tho and go over 60 seconds.
  5. Uncheck Apply Armature Scale and With Bone translation in Animation export window.
  6. To hide channels you won’t use in animation (or to temporarily hide them from dope sheet), hit T on keyboard to show Tools, than go to Avastar tab and click the bone groups under “Animation Bone Groups” you want to hide/show on dope sheet.
  7. 1. Keyframing is not enough to override default animations, rotation of the bone must be other than 0/0/0 rotation for x/y/z axes. 2. Priority of uploaded animation must be higher than priority of default animation, so try to upload with priority 4.
  8. From my point of view as full perm creator, having multiply store fronts would mean better visual communication with the customers, making them aware of the existence of restricted perms items. Every merchant had situation where problem occurred just because customers do not pay enough attention to the details - let's face it, many people do not read info! On the other side, it leaves space for manipulation attempt to those who are fully aware they are buying restricted perms item, leaving review "they thought it was full perm" asking for full perm version. Taking in account the price difference (let's say FP engine is 13325L$ and personal use version is 1180L$) we all see where it leads. I can not complain, LL is removing that kind of review very quickly and I'm very grateful for that, but still it is stress. I am not naive to believe manipulation attempts/honest mistakes would be completely excluded by having separate stores per account, but would be lowered for sure. The point of the multiply stores is what would be listed per shop, not upload or after process of tracking and recording purposes. For me it is totally fine to have all records in one place as it is now. Records and all options that Casper web page offers are way more advanced than LL system anyway, so it is easy to track what ever we need and in what ever way we want in there. So, in my imagination system would work something like this - every shop would have its own setup page to hold general info about the shop (banner, name, info, policies ... ) - upload: as it is now - listing: would offer in what shop item should be listed on MP - sales, records, transactions ...as it is now - the shops would show separately in the search What that would mean in the terms of coding i don't know, it is nuclear physic for me. But I would like to stress one more thing: what is easier for LL, cost creators a good money. Somehow I never saw full LL's awareness on full perm licenses so have need to clarify some details. Second life sales are avatar account based, not real person behind the screen. Most of full perm licenses are not allowing transferring items between accounts, regardless who runs them. Even issue reporting is not acceptable from the avatar who didn't make purchase of the item - I am willing to help, but only if I speak to actual customer who made purchase, not hers/his alt. So, if one would like (for what ever reason) to start somewhat different business, and if that person wants to respect the full perm creator license conditions, he/she would have to re-purchase all items needed, and sometimes we are talking about hundreds of real US$ dollars investment. Or one may decide to brake the full perm ToS and to simply transfer full perm items to another account, hoping never to be discovered. I have every reason to believe the later is happening more often than we are aware and that only rare are discovered. So, no, modify/copy and transfer, doesn't mean customer may do with full perm item what ever he/she wants, full perms items are sold under very defined and strict terms of usage. Some of the licenses are going even into sale price details and what can't be sold as standalone item but only as part of the set. After 10 years as full perm creator, I believe I have every right to say that we are maybe the most vulnerable category of sellers. Second, I don't see any reason why one, who have made good reputation for his/her business in SL after years of hard work, would not have a chance to use that reputation starting a new line of business. Lets say, one has been making fashion items and at some point would like to start furniture shop - why that person would have to start from the scratch as alt, from complete anonymity and to invent 100 different ways to explain the customers it is the same person behind the work. So, "brand" trick is unfortunate workaround, relaying on customers capability, will and knowledge to use search. We are witnesses that process doesn't always work even with current system. Of course, multiply shops per account would have to setup some rules, business would have to be really different than current one - furniture shop for chairs, another for beds and another for tables, just to have control over search on MP pages, is not acceptable. But full perm items with personal use versions - yes. Completely different business - yes. I am sure there are more pros and cons for multiply store fronts, but one always may open another shop under alt account, right? Think that the rest of us should have a chance for discussion about all positive sides of this idea.
  9. To mirror only one part of the body - ex. leftForearm 🔃 rightForearm, select that part of the body. To mirror entire animation deselect all.
  10. I am not using Quavimator for years now, so I don't know about newer versions, but in the version from 2009 there is mirror option under Tools. Correct.
  11. You have better chances to get your questions answered on this forum than in SL, animation groups are extremely quiet, animators are working in out - world programs and most of us are testing on Beta grid. In Quavimator first frame is reserved for T pose and animation starts on frame 2. So, never setup the Loop In filed in Quavimator on frame 1 but on frame 2, and never animate frame 1.
  12. Thank you for starting this theme, as this is exactly what I’m contemplating about for last couple of days. It is easy to criticize not knowing the facts LL is facing to, so let’s call what I’m about to write a “view from the other side”, meaning this is completely personal perspective. Honestly I am surprised they stuck so long to mostly tier sourced income, and that frightens me, because I doubt they are actually familiar with possibilities of their own their product. Know your customers This is very simple and in the same time most complex rule for every business. But more than anyone, LL is in position to really determine the average age of SL residents. My estimation would be around … 40? So, why are those people in SL? For fun? For making money? For some sort of life extension? I am sure there is more questions to be answered. Bounds between people may start in SL, but there is so many social networks nowadays where real bounds started in SL are kept alive – my SL friends and me we are connected via FB and we are rarely talk in SL anymore. We met in RL one way or another, and honestly we don’t need SL anymore for anything. With all that Facebook, Twitter or whatever social network is there, is it enough to advertise SL just as another social network where you can meet new friends, have fun or whatever wording they are using? SL needs people who are able and willing to pay to LL services, which lead us to another category of users: Money makers I would say money makers are huge part of the SL community. Even there is usual categorization from small to big business, it is useless in this case. For LL purposes, I would say categorization to those who are doing business for paying expanses of their SL, and those who use process credit option is more adequate, for obvious reasons. Should LL encourage more business to withdraw money from SL? I believe it is in their best interest. Again, what are their limitations, I don’t know. But what I do know that some changes must be made, regardless financial moment. - first of all, stop treat us like idiots: if some feature is asked for many years, its release is more “sorry for keeping you waiting for so long” than “exciting and shiny new feature!”. Forcing “excitement” in everything LL announces is bit childish, and I am sure english language does have some synonyms and more subtle ways of wrapping bad news into gift paper – unless you are so stubborn to treat adult people as 12 years old. - listen to us – if, for example, there is a high demand for more than one shop under the same account for marketplace, LL’s role is to provide it, not to contemplate if it is ok or not. Yes, there are reasons why people are asking for that feature, and I am sure they are very well explained already. If there is a high demand for some feature, your job is to provide it. No, in 5 years it will not going to be “exciting news”. - monitor MP, it is your product and it is your responsibility to keep it protected. If product is flagged and commented as stolen, react, you don’t need us to chaise fax machine to send out DMCAs, you have all the info you need under your nose. - the fact you stated something is forbidden will not stop people from committing frauds of all kinds, uploading illegal content from internet for example. You have to act like you mean it. - accept the fact that every business has certain % of unreasonable customers, so does yours. Find the better way to deal with it. - when you void money from creators account because it may be from unauthorized source, send us anything that could help us protect our self in the future – transaction number, name, anything. Yes, I could block this person from buying both inworld and MP now (thank you for that, btw). - there are a significant number of people in SL who consider the ticket system and live support useless. How about doing something on that field that would prove them to be wrong? - speaking of support, where are your premium users from? Is it really fair to have limited support working hours for worldwide 24/7 product? The bottom line is that actions like those could make us feel safer, and more treated properly, so some of the money makers could decide to dedicate more time to their SL business that could lead to more money withdrawal. Cut the costs LL really needs to rethink about Sansar. There are opinions (not rumors, but opinions!) that Sansar is big failure. I would gladly give my reasons for that opinion: you don’t have creators over there that would bring it to another level. When I joined SL back in 2007 it was fully functional grid, with economy and residents eager to try something new, to create in virtual world, to start virtual business. THAT was exciting! Part of those people are not in SL anymore, part of them are running their business for years now, new one came and they had all techniques and tools on the plate, and now you are expecting people to turn their back to all that to develop a content for a new grid? If I would be entitled, I could name at least 5 names of SL who are leading in their fields and whose incomes are coming purely out of SL. Yes, there are few enthusiastic professionals who are experimenting with Sansar, but that is simply not enough. Without content, there are no users, and so far Sansar has been presented to us as nice looking showroom. Honestly, that is one of the reasons why open grids will never be big as SL – if they can not provide protection, full perm creators will not risk in there, therefore there is no content and no significant number of active users, and unless they upload stolen content and that way the circle closes. Not to mention the fact that Sansar requires some new techniques to be learned, and we all are already on the high level learning curve, daily, to meet the need of our customers, as we are making real money in SL. The second money eater – and yes this IS based on rumors – are LL abandoned lands. Based on rumors, numerous abandoned sims are laying empty out there costing money while they could contribute to LL income. On the other side, there are Linden homes and possibility of using premium plot as sort of land discount. That LL policy “one size fits all” is wrong on more than one level – use abandoned land for people who really don’t need your Linden home but an empty plot, and who already have rented land for their business from individual landowners. One size fits all … Doesn’t work neither in RL nor SL. Established business as LL is should be aware of that. Pushing all people in the same pot sends a very wrong message – you want more income with less work. Not going to happen in 21. century and with running virtual grid. Let’s talk about this fuzz with premium account changes. All of the sudden we got new Linden home community lands after waiting for so many years. Are you aware you were charging for heavily outdated buildings for way longer than they deserved it? From my point of view it means one of two things: or you are lazy, or you have organization problems. And even the new continent is not finished, and even you didn’t provide homes for all premium members who want it – you are raising prices. So, how long those people would have to wait till they get a new premium home? And yet, you are asking them to pay for it. Yes, we have the early payment option that will be open during few weeks period, and that will fill the gap between more builds rezzing and paying for them. Good offer for money injection in short time period, but will the continent be finished this time next year? Beside that little step you made, what else are you offering as part of your premium pack? - premium access – as I’ve heard people are not happy with it at all, they are still waiting for ages to teleport to busy places as sim can handle up to … 40 avatars? Am I wrong? - premium sandboxes – I am sure there are people who will use those, but I don’t believe we are talking about significant number. Why? Because they have homes to rezz, or we are renting land and we have building platforms already in our privacy. - live support – with limited working hours, and very often as far as I’ve heard copy/paste knowledge base programmed answers. No, I didn’t personally use live support for years, but I like to have access to it, just in case if I need it. - premium gifts – again, periodically one time job. As list may go bit longer, for me there is no real value in the pack. And please take this as my own personal view, I am not saying everybody should feel the same way. I am using Linden home as emergency spot in case of rolling restart, when it is not convinient for me to log off cause I am – for example – in the middle of customer support conversation. Live support is there just in case of emergency, didn’t use that for years now. Sandboxes, hunts, small winter cabin – really not my thing. I am sure other people will have different opinion, but that depends of their – guess what? – it depends of their needs! But, to tailor more than one type of premium account type, you need to go back to beginning: know your customers. And I am asking again: do you know your customers? Let me introduce you to one type of your customer: me. I belong to a group of people who are living out of SL, and I am not complaining with my income. But, I am working very hard for decade now. And I am happy with that, with all the things I’ve learned, all business experiences I’ve had in SL even the unpleasant one, as those thought me a lot of things. Yes, I am living with knee pain and extra body weight, but it is not LL’s fault (hmm, wait, maybe I can find the way to but the blame on LL for that too … naaah, just kidding) So, yes, I am eager to see SL is progressing, and I am applauding to the part of LL team who brought bento, animesh and all those bells and whistles to the grid as those were really exciting news that opened the path for real SL progress. But in the same time, I couldn’t be less interested in SL parties, or endless shopping. Yes, I am investing money into my business even if I buy dress, hair, chair, table, because I am buying it because I need it for the visual presentation on my vendor images, or furniture is simply well proportioned for my needs. I will dare to say that sale weekend offers of any full perm creator, me including, significly contribute the progression of the grid, as weekend discounts give creators opportunity to invest smart and to have better offers in their shops. But we have to test. Numerous times, not just once or twice. For that purposes I am spending hours on beta grid. Not convenient at all, as we are talking about public sandboxes. So, the real premium account value for me would be possibility of free uploads, for entire year, for real US$ that would go straight to LL pocket. And I would be testing on stable grid, in the privacy of my fully equipped building platform with no need to keep my eye on 4 hours restriction. Empty 1024 plot instead of Linden community home would also be very interesting for me – at the end, I need a place for secondary Casper vendors dropboxes and a place to run to in case of already mentioned rolling restarts. E- mailed DMCAs option for trusted SL business. Yes, I understand the reason for faxing DMCA, but till couple of years ago I thought fax machines are not even used anymore. I am sure other people could come out with more different ideas. But hey, this requires a lot of work in LL office, numerous meetings (I guess), long contemplating (few years at least) so I am hoping for something like that to be open for discussion in 5 -10 years. And just when we get tired of everything, we will hear about “exciting new features” (really people, what is the story behind all that excitement, what kind of mental picture are you trying to paint with that kind of word choices?) Process credit increase … For me, it is not about increase for 2.5%, but about the process. You have already made some changes in process credit fees, when was that, last year? In the meantime Tilia’s logo caught my eye on process credit window. Don’t ask me when, I don’t remember, just know it is there for some time now. Simple search revealed that Tilia is “a subsidiary of Linden Lab, focused on payments and the compliance work associated with operating virtual economies,” Peter Gray, the Lab’s director of Global Communications said in answer to my initial questions, “and it will provide services for both Second Life and Project Sansar.” (quote from Inara’s Pay blog post on November 4, 2015 https://modemworld.me/2015/11/04/linden-lab-and-tilia-inc-speculations-on-the-labs-new-subsidiary/) So, if I understand well, all income Tilia should be making to be sustainable is coming from SL and Sansar? But Sansar is not operational yet as it should be by now. And LL, Sansar and Tilia, they all need income. That is all understandable and I am in, but – have you really deserved it? Partially. From what we know (and sure there are thing we are clueless about), LL does have only one source of income, and that is SL. That one source of income must cover expenses for 3 projects. Team who brought new features like animesh and bento, have done fantastic job. For support ask someone who use it. Whoever is in charged for MP protection, development, support – failed big! They want us to be on our knees to do anything that is asked from them to be done. For how many years we were asking for block on MP? MP manager? MP multi shops? Why flagging stolen items/illegal resale’s at all if no one pays attention. Write ticket after that. Send DMCA. By fax. Beg for gatcha category. Wow, there is gatcha category, but gatchas doesn’t HAVE to be there?!?! Search mess. Not enough categories. Wrong categories. Anything else? I am sure there is. I guess that list of work that should be done long time ago could be even longer. Just crossed my mind – can I pay to have my group name changed? If I understood well, you will charge for last names. I don’t need last name, but would like to change my group name. Anyone? What I am trying to say here is that, with a small shifting of perspective you could see there are numerous possibilities for justify the price increasment, and even more, you would have people who would pay willingly for your services. I would encourage you to go back to the table, to speed communication in your own office, to talk to business people of Second Life (we are not biting – yet!) on the forums, to open your eyes and ears and to come again with better tailored offer. We are all part of the same system, and we are mutually dependent. If you cannot understand that about SL than we are all in the huge problem. You want economy to grow and to create more income sources for LL? Great, we want that too, as that would mean faster development of the grid, more quality grid, more economically stable grid, and above all, grid that will survive for the next 16 years. At the end, note to business owners … LL is not here to run your business, they are here to provide platform and creation/business tools, and to provide high level of protection of the grid and residents. LL is business and as much as I have word of two on how they could improve their perspective, they are earning money just as we are. They are one of the kind and they don’t have a business model to follow, over the years they had to deal and discover all the business patterns of virtual worlds we are now taking for granted. Business owners really must learn business/sale/advertising techniques, and to set up their own style in that field. They have to be flexible enough to follow the all kind of changes in creation and running business process. When petrol goes up, everything goes up from bread to diapers. It is usual economic practice, and I don’t see any reason why it would not be implement in the SL prices formula. SL business is not easy money. In here you are your own boss and with competition, sometimes it requires even more effort than some RL business. For some, SL business is role-play just like any other, for some it is serious business. Most of us are self thought and we always have to ask our self what can be done better, different, what mistakes we should correct. But most of all, we need to keep our feet firm to the ground. There is no SL without us. There is no “us” without LL. We should stop take LL for granted, as much as they should stop taking us for granted. SL and LL are not some hippy community and we have to help each other to grow. And as much as I am eager to read other opinions, I am not in the mood to discuss my level of usage of english language, not today, ok?
  13. Professional Home & Garden creators would know better, but as far as I’ve heard, Texture changer system (with material variation) by Black Tulip is the most satisfactory for lot of creators atm.
  14. Let me see if I got this right. Most of your products are full perm texture packs for other creator’s items that are already high end, expensive and need specific land options to be used. Maybe I’m wrong but I would say that is already small customer base. Considering some of those already offer full perm texture packs with AO/UV maps for skilled users to play with the textures, taking in account user’s questionable skills to change texture and the will do deal with that at all, it is getting even smaller. I believe it would be a challenge for even more experienced people to advertise that kind of product. Target is so small that one would have to be a Robin Hood of advertising to hit the center – unless you connect somehow with the creators of the items in question and ask them to link their items with your texture packs. I honestly doubt anyone would be willing to make such a step for many reasons. On the other side, you do have some mesh skills. Maybe more work in that filed would bring more independency to your shop, and open more opportunities for broader advertizing? If you are so much into the boats, maybe it is about time to invest more effort in complete product? I would guess that vehicle is scripting monster, but if I was your friend, I would encourage you to give it a try. Now, the general common mistake I hear a lot about is that creators are expecting of their customers to make an extra effort when deciding about possible purchase. I doubt anyone would ever call you to check your product, unless they have some additional questions – you simply have to have automated access to it in every time of day or night, trough demo on MP (again, if I understand well it is impossible in the case of texture packs), or item itself rezzed in world with the texture changer. But you would have to have warning signs all over to be sure people are aware what are they buying, or it might make you a lot of problems. Item must look ok on every graphic, so check it accordingly. Just as an example – there is one body in SL that is flickering on Low graphic – I consider that purchase to be my mistake as it didn’t cross my mind to check, but should I say that was the first and the last time I’ve bought anything from that shop? At the end, it is 2019, automated texture changers in end line products are must – as much as your item is beautiful and low priced, if you offer more than one texture option with it, it might be skipped because of technical reasons like not having fast access to changing textures. As someone already said – there are almost 6.5 million items on MP, and one has to use every little trick to make starter shop visible and build reputation.
  15. We often hear that “MP search is messed up”. Are search settings of every marketplace merchant just perfectly made? Probably not, I know I am working very hard lately to correct mistakes I’ve made in order to make my search settings better (huge job considering everything that has to be corrected 🤕). But we have to admit there are some “phantom” search features that we cannot control at all, and they are on the LL side to deal with them. All I can do is to give practical examples, as it is very hard to me to describe them any other way. SKU example: I have “Funny Sleeps” theme in my MP shop, categorized under the same SKU. Search word “bench” will show the results for park bench, flat bench and ALL funny sleeps, even only those suitable for using on bench-like objects do hold word “bench” in keywords field. It is more than obvious that “sleep at the desk” variations of funny sleeps theme do not belong with the chosen search word. The only explanation I have why are they listed as search result at all is in common SKU. Unexplainable example: Search word “flat” (as for flat surfaces sits, lays, whatever) is listing “floating ring” theme as well – again, word “flat” is not used anywhere. Is it possible that search system reads “flat” as “float”? Another mysterious search behavior: Search word “slave” in General/Moderate maturity level will list washtub baths (please note that anything with the word “slave” will be automatically rated as an Adult item by the system itself in the process of listing item). No word “slave” anywhere in search related fields. There is possibility that I’ve made change in keywords and maturity rating, and removed term “slave” years ago – does that mean search engine somehow remembers all the words ever written in keywords filed, even it doesn’t show them anymore? Considering all the examples, I really do not feel that I have so much control over search optimizing, even more, I feel system is pretty much doing whatever system wants to do with the search. As much as merchants are responsible for using wrong and inappropriate keywords in Keywords field, please be aware that system is doing the pretty much the same thing, listing the items that have nothing to word used in search, on its own will. Those two together are cluttering marketplace search, making it difficult for reasonable use.
  16. Found a little shop on MP, creator Jez Bookmite, with the interesting details for garden. Items have inbuilt resizer script, so it is easy to controll size:LI ratio. Smaller pot is original size, bigger one is resized with the same LI as smaller one: Size:LI ratio same as above:
  17. I've done something like that too, and there is a trick to lower LI if you are working with prims: link them all, and in Features tab of Edit window, change Physics Shape Type into Convex Hull. I have 17 "wall cover" prims in entire house, but with LI of 9 using this trick. Also, some linked decorative meshes may lower LI with this trick too, but you will have to experiment a bit. Do not ever link sculpties and meshes, LI might jump up to the sky. Also, never turn sculpties into Convex Hull.
  18. To see the "list of joints" in Avastar/Blender, please take a look at this thread, it is about something else, but does explain how to open Dope Sheet in Blender. In dope sheet you will se only keyframed joints, the ones that are not keyframed are missing.
  19. There is a section on MP Edit Item Listing page that gives some controll over automatic redelivery:
  20. You should keyframe separately every bone while you are working on your pose with "I/O" keys on the keyboard, or just hit "I" than select from drop menu. That is smart thing to do as if you accedently click somewhere on the time line out of your frame, bones will go back to 0, to T pose. But if you want to keyframe all bones at once, while in pose mode, click keyboard "A" twice. First time to deselect any selected bones, and second time to select all bones. Than hit "I/O" on your keyboard for Rotation/Location values. On bone selection, they will change color.
  21. For me, providing demo is a part of a good customer support. Previewing demo is a part of responsible shopping. There are 2 parties involved in the process, and if each one do their part, things should be easy. But, let's be honest, most common merchant practice is to force potential customer to search for demo around the inworld shop by providing main landing point instead linking MP page to actual inworld item/demo area. This practice will put of some potential customers from previewing the demo, and they will either skip the item, either will risk and buy something according the info provided on MP. My customers are builders, and they don't have time to waste, so linking the MP page to actual demo area is my way to support their productivity and to respect their time. As a shopper, and for the same reason, I am mostly marketplace orientated, and if item doesn't have MP demo, I will skip the item and look for something that has MP demo listed. So, providing inworld item preview is just not enough, it also has to be accessible - if customer must invest more than 2 minutes to reach the demo, merchant is the one who is doing something wrong with MP listing.
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