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  1. So sorry. I thought it was a download from the dashboard. There are csv to xcf converters - Google that and there should be a free one you can use.
  2. Try downloading the xcf file instead. Xcf is the native format for excel and will organize the data in different columns and rows.
  3. Same here. In fact, when I send a group notice on my main (Arwen), I wait to see if my store alt gets it. And same in reverse - store alt sends notice, I watch to see if Arwen gets it. Sometimes the notices come through offline, sometimes they don't. At one point I thought it might be related to the sim I was sending from, so I started trying different sims, including totally deserted and perfectly functioning Linden sims. I've tried different viewers - Cool VL, LL Official, Firestorm. Same result - sometimes notices get through, sometimes they don't - I can't figure out a rhyme or reason or I would work around it. So like you, Emma, I've gotten in the habit of checking group notices manually. I do, however, get all my offline IMs and can respond to those (thank goodness). So it's only the group notices that are flaky.
  4. Eveline Linden solved this issue! Restored my inventory and everything is back to normal!
  5. So I wake up and see that the grid is functioning, yay!, so I log in. The message "cannot remove protected categories" appears and my inventory is MIA. This happens on both the LL Viewer and Firestorm. I log in on Cool VL viewer and my inventory is all there, but I have 2 inventories: the one with my assets, and a second one that is essentially phantom. It contains a couple items that I'm wearing (Slink body and Firestorm bridge - everything else that I'm wearing is in my main inventory), so I try to move them up to my main (and populated) inventory - they won't move, but they will copy. So yes, I did a complete uninstall, clean reinstall with the same missing inventory result. Weird thing is - I have two inventories on my main (Arwen), but only one (the populated one) on my store alt. So I don't know how to correct the missing inventory on Firestorm and LL Viewer and get rid of the phantom inventory on Cool VL. Any ideas about how to sort this would be welcome! Second issue - anything that I had rezzed yesterday just before the outage changed permissions. Things that were copy only turned full perm. Rather distressing. My inventory (on Cool VL) and anything I had rezzed in the past held the correct permissions. So even though I can and did change the permissions back, something certainly borked and others should just check in case it has happened to them. edited to add: perhaps this thread belongs in the server section of the technology forum rather than viewer. edited to add: I think it is the issue in this thread: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/431400-protected-categories-error-message/ I've submitted a support ticket requesting assistance.
  6. Thank you eyeye Afterthought for posting that link to status! It's not us, it's SL being difficult. Time to take a break and stretch my legs while they fix things!
  7. Ok, just downloaded and tried the LL viewer. That's hanging too.
  8. This just started happening to me in the past 15 minutes. I've been in world working all day long. On both Firestorm and Cool VL - no problems at all. I logged out to work offline for just a moment, and now I'm getting the same issue as Elizabeth - the screen freezes at "loading world". I've cleared cache - no joy. Before logging out, I had switched to the Slink Redux body to test BoM, so I logged out with just clothing layers on. My inventory is 30k, so not huge at all. My store alt can't get in either. I'm wondering if this might be a grid issue (nothing on grid status as of now).
  9. I think it's a time conversion difference - PDT to GMT http://www.timebie.com/timezone/gmtpdt.php edited to add: I'm not sure, but I think that LL reports are based on GMT.
  10. It doesn't make much sense. There are still Converse sneakers on the MP that weren't affected. Not to mention brands like Chanel and other top or designer brands. It is terribly haphazard and certainly can't be working "as intended".
  11. That's a really good point that I hadn't thought about in the midst of my frustration with these "secret" trigger words. What about having the "bad word" highlighted in the edit page when listing a product? That way only the merchant would see what was offending, and then fix it before even making the listing go live. I suppose someone could enter every bad word they can think of to formulate a list, but if they are doing that, they really do have too much time on their hands.
  12. Hi Baldi, The base avatar has been a rendering cost of 1000 for quite a while. Here's a link to the wiki http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Rendering_weight
  13. I cash out every month. So I went back to my records - end of 2017 I was cashing out at 246; end of 2018 249/250. The rate started to escalate in the first half of this year (2019) by just a small amount (1 or 2 L), then right before the change of the cash out fee to 5% there was a rush to beat that increase, so exchange went to 253. Seemed to stabilize there for a short while. More recently, it has been steadily increasing, albeit in small increments, but it looks like 255/256 for now. Not sure what's causing it.
  14. Thank you Elvina for calling this out. My store was also affected. The vast majority of my boots were unlisted without notice or explanation. It does look like the words "leg" and possibly "calf" are causing it. Seriously LL, what is wrong with those words? Please relist them. There is nothing even remotely adult, provocative, or offensive about them. And please, tell us what you changed and why. Follow up: I was able to relist them so that's great. But what about all the merchants who have not yet noticed or who are not even aware of the issue? If relisting has to be done manually, then their stores will be adversely affected until a notice is issued to alert the merchant community.
  15. Very happy to hear that this is moving forward. Just a question - which mesh body makers have updated their bodies for BOM? I use Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and haven't seen any update come through or any info about it. How do we use BOM without updated bodies?
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