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  1. It may not be an error on your part making the HUD. Might be an alpha conflict - have you turned on masking in the Maitreya HUD? Another thought - the Omega appliers HUDs are very sensitive to the placement of the text. When I first started making them and make my own cubes, I had the wrong orientation (different from the default one that comes with the Dev kit), so I'd click on Top or Bra or Tattoo and nothing would happen. Check to be sure you are copying the orientation, dimensions and text layout exactly from the default one.
  2. When LL is ready to announce the new subscription levels and their benefits, costs, etc, make the announcement in advance of it going live (that's what's been done in the past for other major changes). For instance, on XXdate, announce to residents "New Subscription Levels!", outline the changes and new benefits. Let residents know that the change will go live one month later on XXdate. Then indicate that between now and then, they may notice some changes to the UI to accommodate these new levels. That's in preparation for the changeover and will not be implemented until June 1. Third party viewers will be able to update UIs during that time. Slipping in UI changes now without explanation leads to confusion and questions - just like I just had. I'm sure I won't be the only one who brings it up when those changes start to appear.
  3. Thanks Beq for replying. @Grumpity Linden So changes to subscription levels are coming (we know that). But to start dribbling out changes like this which have a financial impact on residents without an announcement of the full program is putting the cart before the horse. The program should be announced with an implementation date, and then, changes to viewers can start to be implemented. Doing it like this just sows confusion for the general population. For Merchants in particular, who are especially impacted, it appears to be another fee increase without knowing what benefit is associated to make it worthwhile. The fees levied against Merchants are rising rapidly (cash out fees, MP commission fees, etc). SL Merchants need a full picture of what is planned for 2020 (subscription changes and all fee changes) in order to plan our businesses.
  4. Thank you Beq for that explanation 🙂 Not to derail this, but what is the message at the bottom of the 2 images referring to? "Fee is based on your subscription level. Higher levels are charged lower fees. Learn more." https://gyazo.com/23c006f24db20acc0e0685ce69c31296 Has there been an announcement about the new subscription levels and benefits and the timeline for their implementation?
  5. Good news! Titles and descriptions have been restored and manage listings search is recognizing new products. The graphics JIRA filed by Elvina has been accepted, so they are working on a fix for that too. edited to add: Reed was writing his update when I was writing this, lol. He's a faster typist. 🙂
  6. While the edits are showing up after a delay (which is good), the issue of item titles and descriptions being wiped out in alternate languages still exists. If a person is shopping in an alternate language, say Japanese, and they add the item to their cart and then try to check out in Japanese, the sale will fail because there is no item title for the system to recognize. It returns the "Internal Service Error" message. If they change back to English, the title will appear and the sale will succeed. If you want to see if this affects your store, just go to your store and look at it in an alternate language. If you are affected, the titles will be missing on some (probably not all) products. That means Merchants are losing sales and that's an issue.
  7. Reed, it's great that a fix is in the works. It's very much appreciated. Please tell us what happened to cause this MP breakdown - problems with saving edits, mass erasure of entire pages of title and description in alternate languages, manage listings search not recognizing new products, deterioration of graphics when pictures are uploaded - its a huge array of problems that just suddenly sprung up. Was something changed and this was an unintended consequence?
  8. So far Elvina, I haven't experienced the degraded graphics quality, but I will watch for it going forward. If it doesn't resolve itself, that would be a JIRA to file. On a separate note, you may want to take a look at your store in an alternate language like Japanese. If items are missing titles in that language, they cannot be sold. The shopper would have to flip the language to English in order for the sale to go through successfully.
  9. This bug is incredibly frustrating. Just as I report that edits to the description are being saved and carried over to the webpage, I get a group of listings that will not change no matter how many times I save them...The English description is frozen and the other language descriptions show the new copy. Will have to check them in a few hours to see if they update. This is nuts.
  10. Yes, I gave Japanese as an example, but it is true for languages other than English as well. I took a quick look at your store (which I love :)) - the items without Titles will result in failed purchase if the shopper is trying to buy them in that language. When I looked at some of your listings, its a mixed bag - some have titles in English and Portuguese, or English and German, etc - if it has a title the sale will succeed.
  11. I've been working on correcting listings that had item title & description erased by the bug. Good news - it looks like the system delay in reflecting edits has been corrected. I'm finding that after editing and saving, the changes are being reflected immediately (as they should). Bad news - items without Titles and descriptions have not been fixed. They cannot be purchased. That is lost sales. Here's a view of a category in the MP in Japanese https://bit.ly/2TthoAh - as you scroll down, you'll see items without titles - they cannot be purchased if the shopper is shopping in Japanese (this example) and result in Internal Server Error message. If the shopper switches to English, the title is restored and the sale goes through successfully. This needs to be fixed.
  12. Sometimes the missing picture can be due to an ad blocker in your browser. If you've got one, turn it off, refresh and take another look. Pictures may reappear.
  13. Great! I added myself to watching and left a comment.
  14. Same experience here, Brooke. Editing is not being saved consistently and/or being applied hours later (ridiculously slow). My biggest concern (for my store, maybe not yours or others) is that Item Titles and descriptions for all languages other than English have been erased by the system bug. If someone is shopping in a language other than English they may not even notice my listings, or, if they do, their attempt to purchase will fail since the cashier cannot process a transaction without an Item title. I desperately want this fixed. I have a feeling there are many Merchants affected who don't even realize it. Why would they? It's not a normal business task to go back to already created listings and page through languages to see if your copy is still there or erased. Not sure why you can't comment on the JIRA I created except to say that a while back JIRA was made very difficult to add comments to due to griefing. Could also be that Spidey Linden accepted the JIRA. If you add a link to your JIRA here in this thread, I'll go over and see if I can add comments. I'll certainly vote for it to gain some visibility.
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