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  1. Arwen Serpente

    Why can I no longer sort my mp store?

    LL fiddled with something this week because the Manage Listings section of the Merchant Home section had listing dates borked for a few days - it appears to be fixed now. So when store sorting seemed to be misbehaving, I attributed it to some related fiddling. I have bookmarks for different stores set to a mix of "newest" and "relevance" depending on how I like to view that store. Prior to this week, when I used a bookmark it went to the store and the order I expected. This week, if I went to a store sorted by "newest" then anything I clicked afterwards got sorted by "newest" even if the bookmark was for "relevance". Today it seems to be behaving normally again.
  2. Arwen Serpente

    Marketplace listing dates messed up?

    Yup, messed up again for me too.
  3. Arwen Serpente

    Market Place Top Sale Reports not working

    I just saw your post, so I checked mine and it did perform properly. The "generating reports" page has always taken maybe 30 seconds (which can seem like an eternity) to provide the tables. I'm using Firefox browser (no idea if that would affect things). When in doubt, sign out of the MP, clear cookies, and sign back in and try again. If that doesn't work, filing a support ticket may provide some info. If others experience the same glitch, then a JIRA would be appropriate.
  4. Arwen Serpente

    July’s Marketplace Fixes

    How weird, I just went back when I saw your post. Mine is defaulting to newest first which is what the change is supposed to do. Maybe try sign out, delete cookies, sign back in? No idea why it is working for me and not you
  5. Arwen Serpente

    July’s Marketplace Fixes

    That's a nice change! Thank you for the quick fix.
  6. Arwen Serpente

    July’s Marketplace Fixes

  7. Arwen Serpente

    July’s Marketplace Fixes

    Hello Alexa, it appears that the fix for Bug 4705 was implemented incorrectly. Manage listings has now replaced the listing date with the most recently sold date (at least as far as I can tell from my store). All that was supposed to be fixed was the default order of the listings - from "newest" meaning most recently listed to "oldest". The current default was (until Monday) oldest to newest. Listing dates should never be changed. This needs to be fixed. Please see: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/425050-marketplace-listing-dates-messed-up/
  8. Arwen Serpente

    Marketplace listing dates messed up?

    As far as I can tell, it appears that in the July Marketplace fixes BUG-4705 - Sort the Manage Listings page newest first by default was misinterpreted to mean "most recently sold" as newest rather than "most recently listed" as the correct meaning. Listing dates should never be altered and this needs to be fixed.
  9. Arwen Serpente

    Marketplace listing dates messed up?

    Yup, they are totally messed up. In my store's manage listings page, it is sorting items by most recently sold and with that date rather than listing date. Needs to be fixed and returned to listing date. If there's a desire, a sort for "sort by most recent sold" could be added, but the listing date should not be changed.
  10. Arwen Serpente

    Process Credit Fees Raised. Again.

    Mine were juggled around a bit too, Elvina. I just posted that as a reference to the "Resident" vs. "Business" categories. And that process credit (which is not shown) can be over $10k in 24 hrs. And yes, I agree, there's no more transparency with regard to economic limits - probably for the reason you are pointing out, that levels may vary on an individual basis now.
  11. Arwen Serpente

    Process Credit Fees Raised. Again.

    There are two categories of Trading/cash out limits: Residents and Business Owners. Within each of those there are levels. Depending on level, Business Owners can cash out (process credit) substantially more that $10k in 24 hrs. However, those categories and levels are no longer visible to us (they used to be) - now you only see the category/level that your account individually is. Since those categories/levels are no longer visible, here's a link to an old forum post with them: It does not have cash out/process credit limits because we were not limited until changes that were made in 2017(?). There are a few threads in the forums about how this change affected quite a few merchants because the way that the cash out limit was first derived was from an average of the most recent cash outs. If someone did not cash out frequently, they ended up with a cash out limit that was too low. To raise it, they had/have to request it through support and show that they really "need" the increase due to the volume of their business. - edited to add further explanation.
  12. Hi Pavon, I can only speak for my experience when I update MP listings - either with a new version or revised copy - I have not noticed any impact on ranking. However, I have read in these forums that some believe that it does affect their ranking. So opinions may differ. I think the only person that can really answer would be Dakota Linden. Sometimes, Dakota responds in these forums. Otherwise, you could try a support ticket with your question and specify that you would like the question directed to Dakota or an individual with MP responsibility.
  13. Arwen Serpente

    Transactions Page shows multiple days transactions

    Hi Brooke, sometimes, I see a double total amount that makes me blink, and then I refresh and it corrects itself. I don't remember what circumstances it happens under. But that happened before this change. I haven't seen it yet. Best thing to do if you detect a bug is to report it in the JIRA so that they can reproduce it and correct it.
  14. Arwen Serpente

    Transactions Page shows multiple days transactions

    Hi Brooke, the filter for "Today" and "1 day" will return different values - is that what's happening? "Today" is calendar day, so it starts and ends just for today, midnight to midnight SL time; "1 day" is a 24 hour period, so it captures the latest 24 hours, so it will report part of today and part of yesterday. That's how I understand them and how they appear to work for me. Generally, I've got it set to "Today" which is how the original default worked.
  15. Arwen Serpente

    Hair for photography

    Hi, yes, I use hair from *ARGRACE* Sold by: rika Oyen when I want hair that is blowing or messy or looks fanned out lying down. The latest one I got actually had a ton of poses included, so I didn't have to go searching for those. Beautiful hair, just try demos first, you never know will work for you.