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  1. On the MP it is called: Maitreya Bakes on Mesh Relay HUD So enter that in search and it will take you right to it.
  2. You can see the item listing number at the end of the address, like here: https ://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/XYZExample/123456789 You would have to have some reference point to determine the actual listing date. For instance, today 1 9 2020, the newest listing (at this writing) is 18769166. The oldest listing is 39787. So you can take a look at the reference number on the item you are curious about and make an estimation from that. I've done it when I'm curious - but since I'm a merchant I can look at my own listing dates and get a much better approximation (i.e., an item I listed on 9 10 2014 was the 6376763rd item listed on the MP - so I can use that method for approximating dates of other items). For a non-merchant, I think it's probably going to be very frustrating - in that case, the easiest way would be to ask the Merchant.
  3. Hi Chandu141, Here's a link to the MP listing policies: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines Selling real world goods is not allowed on the MP: Listings for Real-World Goods or Services. The SL Marketplace is only for digital content and services that are designed and intended for use with the Second Life virtual world technology. We expressly prohibit the listing or sale of any and all goods or services designed or intended to be delivered in the real world, for example, delivered in person or mailed or shipped to a physical address, or digital content designed or intended for use exclusively outside of Second Life. As for what you do in world - that's up to you. However, I do agree with Wulfie that the average SL user is not likely to share real world details.
  4. Hi there Rasterscan, I was curious about this so I tried it with an alt. The MP charged the correct amount - 1L commission on a 10L item. Purchased on: December 30, 2019 11:26 AM PST Buyer's Price (for delivered items): L$10 Distributions Total (for delivered items): L$0 Marketplace Commission (for delivered items): L$1 Your Earnings (for delivered items): L$9 This is the info in the MP Fee and Listing Policies: SL MARKETPLACE FEES AND COMMISSIONS FOR MARKETPLACE SELLERS: Seller Sales Commissions We charge SL Marketplace merchants a Commission for each sale that the seller makes (“Commission”). Commission rates are ten (10) percent of the listed price, rounded to the nearest Linden Dollar (L$). So, if you are seeing 2L taken out on a 10L item, file a support ticket for sure!
  5. Well, it appears that error is coming up for secondlife.com as well as the MP. My.secondlife.com seems to be connecting ok at the moment. No mention of the issue on Second Life Status page. Going to file a support ticket... Update (30 seconds later, lol) - both sites are reachable now (for me). This does need to be addressed by LL though - it is happening sporadically and unpredictably, so something's not working properly.
  6. Getting the same error here. Internal Server Error - Read The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Reference #3.7fa65b68.1575838573.31ff0ca7
  7. lol, I doubt that Pamela Yours looks like a case of an overactive and misapplied filter.
  8. There is no option for flagging for IP infringement. The option that is there directs you to contact the IP owner and to file a DMCA. The message given is " We can only process intellectual property complaints from authorized persons in compliance with legal processes. Please refer to our Intellectual Property Policy for more information and instructions on how to submit an intellectual property notice. " So either the IP owner contacted LL with a DMCA (you would have received it by email from LL), or, the items have been caught in the stricter IP filter that LL is using and the one that has caused erroneous de-listings. I'd contact Support even though they do generally respond that IP infringement is not their area and ask anyway. As to why yours were caught and de-listed and others weren't - that's pretty common. The filter doesn't catch everything, so it does appear unfair if yours is and someone else's isn't.
  9. So sorry. I thought it was a download from the dashboard. There are csv to xcf converters - Google that and there should be a free one you can use.
  10. Try downloading the xcf file instead. Xcf is the native format for excel and will organize the data in different columns and rows.
  11. Same here. In fact, when I send a group notice on my main (Arwen), I wait to see if my store alt gets it. And same in reverse - store alt sends notice, I watch to see if Arwen gets it. Sometimes the notices come through offline, sometimes they don't. At one point I thought it might be related to the sim I was sending from, so I started trying different sims, including totally deserted and perfectly functioning Linden sims. I've tried different viewers - Cool VL, LL Official, Firestorm. Same result - sometimes notices get through, sometimes they don't - I can't figure out a rhyme or reason or I would work around it. So like you, Emma, I've gotten in the habit of checking group notices manually. I do, however, get all my offline IMs and can respond to those (thank goodness). So it's only the group notices that are flaky.
  12. Eveline Linden solved this issue! Restored my inventory and everything is back to normal!
  13. So I wake up and see that the grid is functioning, yay!, so I log in. The message "cannot remove protected categories" appears and my inventory is MIA. This happens on both the LL Viewer and Firestorm. I log in on Cool VL viewer and my inventory is all there, but I have 2 inventories: the one with my assets, and a second one that is essentially phantom. It contains a couple items that I'm wearing (Slink body and Firestorm bridge - everything else that I'm wearing is in my main inventory), so I try to move them up to my main (and populated) inventory - they won't move, but they will copy. So yes, I did a complete uninstall, clean reinstall with the same missing inventory result. Weird thing is - I have two inventories on my main (Arwen), but only one (the populated one) on my store alt. So I don't know how to correct the missing inventory on Firestorm and LL Viewer and get rid of the phantom inventory on Cool VL. Any ideas about how to sort this would be welcome! Second issue - anything that I had rezzed yesterday just before the outage changed permissions. Things that were copy only turned full perm. Rather distressing. My inventory (on Cool VL) and anything I had rezzed in the past held the correct permissions. So even though I can and did change the permissions back, something certainly borked and others should just check in case it has happened to them. edited to add: perhaps this thread belongs in the server section of the technology forum rather than viewer. edited to add: I think it is the issue in this thread: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/431400-protected-categories-error-message/ I've submitted a support ticket requesting assistance.
  14. Thank you eyeye Afterthought for posting that link to status! It's not us, it's SL being difficult. Time to take a break and stretch my legs while they fix things!
  15. Ok, just downloaded and tried the LL viewer. That's hanging too.
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