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  1. Arwen Serpente

    Can i reply to IMs i receive as emails???

    yup, me too. If you look back at my posts, I mentioned that it started working again on Sept 14 in the post following the one you just quoted. Glad you're having success too
  2. Arwen Serpente

    Marketplace Listing Issue: Related & Demo Items

    Dakota, the way it is implemented is not helpful (my opinion). When listing a new item, it had always been possible to scroll through and find the related items that haven't been made active/listed yet. It is much more efficient rather than activating individually and going back to then add related. The issue of seeing inactive products that really should be hidden from drop downs as well as reports such as top selling is a real issue. To fix it, when an item is deactivated, we should be able to "hide" it from the drop downs and other reports (if wanted). The way this change was implemented sweeps everything together. The associated JIRA was closed as working as "intended" - the thing is, it may be working as it was deployed, but it is not working a in way that helps Merchants. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-225307
  3. Arwen Serpente

    Can i reply to IMs i receive as emails???

    I did file a support case. No response. Edited 27 minutes later: It was not working properly when I logged on this morning (about 4 hours ago). I just tried a back and forth with my store alt. It worked as it should - quickly and smoothly. I hope it sticks. If you're affected, give it a test and see if it is working for you too
  4. Arwen Serpente

    Can i reply to IMs i receive as emails???

    It stopped working properly 3 days ago. I use it frequently to help customers when I can't be inworld. There was a grid status report about it yesterday https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/bm3lf197jwwd . It says it was solved. It wasn't. I filed a support ticket but no response. So, if it is affecting you, let them know - with a ticket or (eventually) a JIRA.
  5. Arwen Serpente

    Why can I no longer sort my mp store?

    So this bug appears to still be there. Not sure if it is still affecting you Rival. It's annoying and a waste of time. It seems there have been other changes (not for the better) as well. Here's the thread discussing them: I really wish LL would advise us of changes BEFORE they make them. Would be nice to be able to comment, or have advance warning rather than experiencing new behavior and not understanding it.
  6. Arwen Serpente

    Why can I no longer sort my mp store?

    LL fiddled with something this week because the Manage Listings section of the Merchant Home section had listing dates borked for a few days - it appears to be fixed now. So when store sorting seemed to be misbehaving, I attributed it to some related fiddling. I have bookmarks for different stores set to a mix of "newest" and "relevance" depending on how I like to view that store. Prior to this week, when I used a bookmark it went to the store and the order I expected. This week, if I went to a store sorted by "newest" then anything I clicked afterwards got sorted by "newest" even if the bookmark was for "relevance". Today it seems to be behaving normally again.
  7. Arwen Serpente

    Marketplace listing dates messed up?

    Yup, messed up again for me too.
  8. Arwen Serpente

    Market Place Top Sale Reports not working

    I just saw your post, so I checked mine and it did perform properly. The "generating reports" page has always taken maybe 30 seconds (which can seem like an eternity) to provide the tables. I'm using Firefox browser (no idea if that would affect things). When in doubt, sign out of the MP, clear cookies, and sign back in and try again. If that doesn't work, filing a support ticket may provide some info. If others experience the same glitch, then a JIRA would be appropriate.
  9. Arwen Serpente

    July’s Marketplace Fixes

    How weird, I just went back when I saw your post. Mine is defaulting to newest first which is what the change is supposed to do. Maybe try sign out, delete cookies, sign back in? No idea why it is working for me and not you
  10. Arwen Serpente

    July’s Marketplace Fixes

    That's a nice change! Thank you for the quick fix.
  11. Arwen Serpente

    July’s Marketplace Fixes

  12. Arwen Serpente

    July’s Marketplace Fixes

    Hello Alexa, it appears that the fix for Bug 4705 was implemented incorrectly. Manage listings has now replaced the listing date with the most recently sold date (at least as far as I can tell from my store). All that was supposed to be fixed was the default order of the listings - from "newest" meaning most recently listed to "oldest". The current default was (until Monday) oldest to newest. Listing dates should never be changed. This needs to be fixed. Please see: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/425050-marketplace-listing-dates-messed-up/
  13. Arwen Serpente

    Marketplace listing dates messed up?

    As far as I can tell, it appears that in the July Marketplace fixes BUG-4705 - Sort the Manage Listings page newest first by default was misinterpreted to mean "most recently sold" as newest rather than "most recently listed" as the correct meaning. Listing dates should never be altered and this needs to be fixed.
  14. Arwen Serpente

    Marketplace listing dates messed up?

    Yup, they are totally messed up. In my store's manage listings page, it is sorting items by most recently sold and with that date rather than listing date. Needs to be fixed and returned to listing date. If there's a desire, a sort for "sort by most recent sold" could be added, but the listing date should not be changed.
  15. Arwen Serpente

    Process Credit Fees Raised. Again.

    Mine were juggled around a bit too, Elvina. I just posted that as a reference to the "Resident" vs. "Business" categories. And that process credit (which is not shown) can be over $10k in 24 hrs. And yes, I agree, there's no more transparency with regard to economic limits - probably for the reason you are pointing out, that levels may vary on an individual basis now.