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  1. Very happy to hear that this is moving forward. Just a question - which mesh body makers have updated their bodies for BOM? I use Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and haven't seen any update come through or any info about it. How do we use BOM without updated bodies?
  2. Mine all have green check marks. The avatar "Arwen" is the only one that ever submitted info for cashing out.
  3. Yup! Down for me too. No mention of it yet on the Status page.
  4. Like you Chic, I've been processing credit for years (10 years) and provided all necessary info when it was requested several years back. My Billing page says they need additional info. Ok no problem, except, the link goes to a page that never loads. So I don't think it's "live" just yet....at least not for me. I submitted a support ticket.
  5. A few questions for LL that I don't think have been asked (if they have, my apologies for not being able to find them): 1. Does/will Tilia have an independent website that can be accessed by using our SL name and password? If so, that's a serious security issue - two websites using the identical credentials? If it is the case, why wouldn't we have the ability to change those credentials (to keep them separate) as we can with every other account on the web? 2. As it stands today, when we convert L to USD, we have to confirm by entering our password; same process when sending USD to Paypal - so to my eyes, that "appears" to be how we are currently accessing/using the Tilia system - is that true? If so, why the change? Isn't LL already in compliance with US laws surrounding financial transactions? Didn't we already go through that several years ago when personal info was required for processing credit over a certain amount? 3. Since this is a major change involving our sensitive personal and financial info, why isn't two factor verification being implemented at the same time?
  6. Hi Iren, it's been broken (not updating) since March 5th. There were 2 JIRAs filed, LL accepted the issue, apologized, and said they would fix it. Almost 6 weeks later, and it's still not fixed.
  7. Totally agree that it's broken, has been broken and needs a fix. There have been JIRA(s) on it (two of them). LL accepted the issue, apologized and said there would be a fix - that was almost a month ago. After today, the Market Data page will be blank. Not good LL, not good at all.
  8. Agreed! It does appear broken. Thank you for creating the JIRA! https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-226513 I set it to watch and added a comment.
  9. Yup, appears to be fixed for me too!
  10. Thanks for all those links, Whirly! As I read through them, I don't think any of them quite match up with the error that occurred last night: Purchaser "tried" to send a gift to a friend. Gift went to purchaser in error. Purchaser went through the process 2 more times (so 3 times in all), and every time, the gift was sent to him and not the intended recipient. The Purchaser knows how to send a gift. The correct information was included. This wasn't a user error, it was a system error. Important to add: No email notification came through for any of those gift purchases, even though they went to the purchaser. Same failure as other gift notifications. Looking through the forums, the closest similar error is described in this thread at the very end by Sunshine Chayoo. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/432176-marketplace-not-working She had gifting failure twice when checking out with a mixed cart (some items for her, some as gifts for a friend): One time she received everything, and the second time, the recipient received everything. I know this thread is about email failures, so not trying to derail it. It just seems that there's a general problem with gifting at this point: failure of gift email notifications to come through, and, failure of the system to deliver gifts to the intended recipient.
  11. Here's a little update: 1. None of the notifications for emails for gifts given arrived today. 2. The reports of gifts going to gift givers rather than recipients are real: I just had a customer purchase 3 items as gifts - He tried 3 times, all separate orders, because it kept sending the gowns to him. I know the gift giver, he's a creator in SL and has been around since 2008 - he knows how to send a gift, this was a system error NOT a user error. I've got to believe these two issues are related/linked somehow, someway - something really got broken. Whirly, do you know if there's a JIRA for the gift error?
  12. I did some sleuthing through my notifications and re-looked at discussions in the Forums. Looks like there are 3 issues that may or may not be related: Failure of emails from SL: This has been a general issue that has affected some residents for years - lots of discussions about it over the years. It is sporadic and appears related to email services and their spam filters. The most recent discussion in the Forums began Jan 1 2019. LL issued the blog post about looking into email practices on Jan 11. Failure of MP notifications to arrive to email: I can trace the start of the failures (for my store) to Jan 17 2019 13:45 SL time. Notifications for gift purchases stopped arriving. All were received prior to Jan 17, and not one since. What changes were made to the MP in mid January? The "you've purchased this before" message? Something else? Something seems to have "turned off" email notifications for gifts given. As far as I can tell, I get all of the notifications for those who buy for themselves, only gift notifications go missing. Reports of gifts going to gift givers rather than recipients started recently in the Forums. Only LL can determine if there are any links here. However, I do know that zero notifications for gift purchases (from my store) are arriving at this point.
  13. FYI - for those following this thread, I created a JIRA bug report about it. The issue persists and MP notifications are sporadically failing every day. If there is already a bug report created, I trust LL will fold them together as appropriate. If interested, you can set it to "watch", but unfortunately due to current JIRA rules, unless you have special permission I don't think you can comment. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-226201
  14. I have the same situation as Elvina, except I use mac.com (apple) email. I switched from yahoo years ago when this first started happening. I never had an issue until the past week. As Elvina notes, it is intermittent - yesterday for instance, I received emails all morning (US EST), they stopped mid day, and started again in late afternoon/evening. The missing emails are not delayed, they just never arrive. This really is an issue that LL needs to solve because telling us to switch emails is not a solution, especially when it is now apparent that it is not a "yahoo" only issue and does affect a variety of email services (gmail, hotmail, apple mail, and maybe others not yet reported).
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