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  1. There was a brief outage today while the Casper service was rebooting. Sounds like you were unlucky enough to hit it at that time. Since then, the service has been operating normally.
  2. Thanks Froukje I made some copy updates to about 2 dozen listings (neither of the ghosted items were part of that since I couldn't see them), so maybe the system did some re-indexing and the ghosted listings were restored that way? Who knows... My hope is that this is a sign that LL applied a back end bug fix even though we have not been told about it. I hope yours and other Merchants' items are restored too!
  3. Woke up, checked store and the two missing items have been restored. I have no idea which ones they were, but since the total item count is now correct, I expect they are in there somewhere. I hope others are discovering their missing items have returned as well.
  4. And there goes the "boom" "boom" "boom" as another crop of "feedback" (formerly JIRA) are closed with the comment that they are investigating (still) and have no eta. I just wish they would stop closing things that aren't solved - I would sooooo love to see a closed message that says "we are closing this because we have implemented a fix."
  5. Yup, lost another this morning too. No way to tell what is missing with over 1000 listings. I check every day, so I know totals. When this bug first appeared, finding and editing the listing did bring it back. However, it has not worked (for me) with the more recent incidents. I've given up on the MP at this point - I haven't listed any new items in over a year.
  6. Thank you Froukje for posting that response so that we know the current status. I've still got one missing (it went missing about a week prior to the big outage). While it remains problematic that this isn't fixed, I do appreciate the honesty of LL support's reply.
  7. In the past, once the listing is "restored" / visible again, everything associated with it is restored.
  8. Half my store is gone too. They've never fixed this issue since it started - it recurs intermittently and randomly. My store was stable/complete for a few months, then one item went missing last week, and now it has cascaded to this mess. Given the multitude of tickets and JIRAs, I don't think they know how to implement a permanent fix.
  9. Happened to me too, and then it reappeared this week. The most recent JIRA is here but was closed (again) with no fix, just "I'm sorry this happened again! We're continuing our investigation into this issue." https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-234618
  10. Happening again. Lost one so far this morning. Since the JIRA referenced above was closed, I noticed that a new one has been opened recently: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-234618
  11. Thank you Froukje for posting about this. It happened to me too this week. Visibility on two items disappeared. One came back on its own. The other, I had to hunt to find. It wouldn't reactivate from the MP folder inworld, so I copied it, added a "1" to the name, updated the folder and activated it - this just replaces the existing version. That brought it back. Will go to the new JIRA and add comments.
  12. It's frozen/stuck. A couple weeks ago, they did some kind of "fix" to the MP and in so doing, Best Selling got stuck. And, it also mirrors Relevance. So as usual, whatever was fixed, broke something else. Two JIRAs still awaiting review related to this: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-234374 https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-234355
  13. In the past (prior to March 2023), Relevance and Best Selling were almost indistinguishable. The algorithm took into account everything from recency of sale, volume, rating, matching search term. In March 2023, the search function was updated and both Relevance and Best Selling were broken. The new search only indexes the top 50k items in the marketplace, so anything not making that cut (which is the vast majority of items) were displayed in random order, and often leading to older products at the top of searches. This week's change improves Best Selling with the past 30 day ranking; Relevance, however, was not fixed (at least when just looking at a store or category without a specific search term).
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