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  1. Arwen Serpente

    MP sales emailed

    I have the same situation as Elvina, except I use mac.com (apple) email. I switched from yahoo years ago when this first started happening. I never had an issue until the past week. As Elvina notes, it is intermittent - yesterday for instance, I received emails all morning (US EST), they stopped mid day, and started again in late afternoon/evening. The missing emails are not delayed, they just never arrive. This really is an issue that LL needs to solve because telling us to switch emails is not a solution, especially when it is now apparent that it is not a "yahoo" only issue and does affect a variety of email services (gmail, hotmail, apple mail, and maybe others not yet reported).
  2. Arwen Serpente

    Notices are not sent to email

    You're absolutely right, Cindy, it isn't LL's fault at all. It is Yahoo's. But, the only way to solve/correct it is for LL to contact Yahoo and work with them to whitelist emails coming from Second Life. Yahoo is a huge provider of email, for better or worse. So, this is an issue that potentially affects numerous residents even if they don't come to the Forum to comment on it. Hopefully, the Dev's will take this issue to Yahoo and resolve it.
  3. Arwen Serpente

    MP sales emailed

    Dakota, several years ago we had this same problem with Yahoo. They were filtering out SL messages/notifications. At the time, I contacted them. They said there was nothing they could do on an "individual" basis and that Linden Lab would need to contact them to "whitelist" emails from Second Life. I don't know if that ever happened. I do know that following that issue, I never trusted Yahoo again, and switched to another email service (as you're suggesting here).
  4. Arwen Serpente

    JPEG vs PNG vs TGA

    In my work, I have always used TGA for uploads to SL, and JPG for uploads to the MP (it doesn't accept TGA, it does however accept PNG and GIF as well). There's been a lot of discussion over the years as to which is better, TGA or PNG. For me, I never detected a difference, and in gimp, I've found it much easier to use tga for export. One thing I've noticed while working is that the temp/local function to view textures on a build in world is always superior to the final upload. So seeing that conversion to JPG2000 is always a bit of a letdown. I agree with ChinRey - The biggest difference is the viewer : I can see a discernible difference in resolution and quality of an upload depending on the viewer I use. In my opinion, Firestorm is hands down the best in terms of upload quality. I hope it doesn't change!
  5. I think that's what LittleMe Jewell was referring to - your email account is probably set up to NOT include the original message in your reply. Mine is for non-SL reasons (I like to keep the string of conversation in the emails back and forth).
  6. I'm replying from my offline email. My alt is online sending a message to my main. When my main responds with the entire message that was sent, the email is shown. If the reply is sent and the original message is erased, no email is shown.
  7. It's not a glitch, it does happen. If you erase the message from SL and only send your response, it will not show your email. Otherwise it does. This has been true (for me) for years. Just tested again, and absolutely includes my email if I don't erase the original message. edited to add an example: [12/18/2018 12:37 PM] ArwensCreations: this is a test [12/18/2018 12:37 PM] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later. -- Instant message logging enabled -- [12:39 PM] Arwen Serpente: This is a test From: ArwensCreations <cqvejd6vikkilctpq2sd6xozqrmtucufa2dn5o577egnhca7dw2726yttdo5wvoa@im.agni.lindenlab.com> To: Arwen Serpente <my email was here> Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2018 3:38 PM Subject: Message From Second Life [20:37] ArwensCreations: this is a test
  8. Arwen Serpente

    Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    Great! This is very helpful, thank you. One more question about a long sleeve shirt - right now if it is applied to a classic body, it cuts off, even if the actual texture goes onto the hand. Then a glove would be made from that same texture. If I understand correctly the texture that is on the UV will go on the mesh body in its entirety. On a classic body it would cut off at the wrist/hand border, but for a mesh body it will go all the way down? So, no need to make a glove clothing layer?
  9. Arwen Serpente

    Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    I've got some questions that keep running through my head, so I hope those here who know BOM will be able to answer them. > What happens to long sleeve shirts? Right now, the classic body can handle shirts that extend all the way down to where the wrist and hand meet. Appliers are able to use the glove layer for the very end of the sleeve. But as I understand it, the glove layer will not be BOM compatible. So will all long sleeve shirts end mid-forearm where mesh hands attach to the mesh body? Does the wearer then have to use an applier to extend the end of the sleeve onto the hand? > Are alphas going to work? If onion skin layers are removed from mesh avatars, what method will people use to hide little areas that poke through? Even with body specific fitted mesh, sometimes the use of the alpha cuts on mesh bodies is necessary. And certainly there's a tremendous volume of standard rigged mesh and the first iteration of fitmesh which is absolutely wearable, but does require the alpha cuts from the mesh body.
  10. Arwen Serpente

    Gacha category? or still just dump everywhere...

    There is one - "See Description" If permissions are mixed or if they are complicated as you are indicating, that's the permission designation that would be check-marked when setting up the listing instead of copy/mod/transfer. Then the permissions are explained in the listing itself. ETA: This is what would appear on the listing itself: Permissions: Copy Modify Transfer See product details for permissions info
  11. Arwen Serpente

    Since when can customers do an MP redelivery by themselves?

    Since the Merchant fully controls those inworld vendor systems, they can control re-delivery in a variety of ways: they can remove the product from displaying and from the drop boxes, or list it as an entirely new product/version, or restrict it to "no copy", or just check mark " In addition, prevent the customer from claiming redeliveries." (in the Casper system, I don't know how others work).
  12. Arwen Serpente

    Since when can customers do an MP redelivery by themselves?

    I agree that the Merchant needs to be able to indicate which items (active or inactive) are eligible for re-delivery. It could be a field that is checked when a Merchant initially lists an item, and then a corresponding notation on the listing itself. And since we can bulk edit, it would be relatively painless to update if a Merchant wants to change/update numerous items at some point in the future. As a side note, for those who create clothing, when BOM becomes adopted, (I think) there's gonna be a ton of re-deliveries of outfits that include old system layer clothing. I've been doing this for almost 10 years and get numerous requests for appliers for those early creations. I've deactivated most of them for various reasons, but if inactive items can be re-delivered by this system, I bet I'll see a slew of them get sent.
  13. Arwen Serpente

    Since when can customers do an MP redelivery by themselves?

    This! lol, I have 244 pages in Order History. There is no way to search it. Even if I know the approximate date of the purchase (if I kept the purchase confirmation email), it's a page by page search. Absolutely LOVE the redelivery option - thank you for implementing it! But Arduenn is right, without a way to search our Order History, it's unclear if it can really be used...unless the searcher has real patience. I bet after going through a few pages, people will give up and contact the merchant for a redelivery anyway :(.
  14. Arwen Serpente

    Thanks for removing 13 pages of my products.

    Rasterscan, the only items affected "should be" from Merchants who have not logged in in 5 years -> then it is only the items that have not sold in the past 2 years that are culled from their store. Since you haven't even been around for 5 years (I peeked at your rez date), you should not have been affected AT ALL. The MP November Update references this and says to file a JIRA if you are affected by the clean up by mistake.