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  1. Thank you for your replies ladies... it really helped me out increasing my cache size and lowering my draw distance.
  2. Hello! I've encountered this problem.. and as a photographer this makes me nuts >.< and it is that Catwa heads and components take FOOOREEEEVEEER to load for me... I know I don't have the best internet speeds, but why Catwa? everything else loads pretty quickly for me.... is there any tweaks I can make to force it to load faster? or at least force only ONE avatar to load doesn't matter the rest?
  3. Hey! para los que estén interesados tambien hablo español, I'm from Venezuela. So, si quieren los hispanohablantes también envíenme mensaje♥
  4. am I right? like.. it is hard to start a real conversation! maybe it is because I never use the forums? don't know... anyway, I'll be online for the rest of the day!
  5. Hello! thank you for clicking in ☺ My name is Allegra *waves* . I'm not new to SL but I've never had actual friends in here. I only go shopping, sometimes clubbing and I move constantly because I like to play with houses/furniture/landscapes (not as detailed as a designer)... I'm pretty lonely in this huge world, when I go out I only get hit on by males trying to hook up. I'm married in RL and not interested in having a relationship in SL, only friends I tend to zoom in on people and stalk their outfits, body parts and accessories. I'd love to hang with people that can take me to cool places or people to go out partying, or just sit by a bonfire and talk about stuff. I put together places to live that never get visited and that's just too sad ❎ I want to make a change and start meeting people once and for all! I hope someone is interested in meeting and hanging out IM inworld: Allegra2 Resident
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