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  1. I will definitively completely avoid going anywhere near there in the future. I posted here in the forum in case I was so wrong I couldn't tell by my self. So thank youf ro taking the time to answer ☺ YOU look absolutely gorgeous! ♥ thank you for putting everything in words I could understand easily ☺ Yes... at last I think half second life would be banned for looking young by now lol. In conclusion, I wil find somewhere nicer to be!
  2. Aaaaw I love those puns *.* I live for those ♥ Yes I know I look youthful, but in my eyes not THAT youthful. Anyways I will do as you say. I didn't know that. That completely contradicts what they say about me possibly violating SL T.O.S I would have done that, but the owner said my face looked like a teen because genus faces look young (I have the strong free head). She also admited she knew what she was talking about because she had one herself (?) So she said I had to change my head because genus looks like teens... like... wtf? [16:54] : HI there sweety. yes i just got a report from my guard. he showed me, the head that you wear tends to look teen to tween.. this can project you to teen or child status... the TOS are kind of sticky on this .. so my sim.. has rules that its just not allowed here at all, all avatars have to look adult in face , body and attire .. so i make sure that we never have a gap with the rules. [16:56] : any look of these .. around Lewd sex animations is breaking the TOS .. so even if you are just standing by it .. and have a young face .. that can get you banned <---(is this true?) [17:02] : I would rather .. not allow these looks .. than have SL ban some one [17:02] : I follow the TOS [17:02] : this is all by the rules [17:02] : there are lots of sims that do not follow the rules you can go to This sounds like they just didn't want me there and just said my avi looked a certain way. Am I reaching too far?
  3. Well, just like the title says... I was roaming around a furry (adult) land, looking for a cute place to take a picture. There were people gathered dancing and chatting. I found my place and started posing to take a photo. and BAM! was teleported home... I tried again and again and kept being teleported home. Then finally an officer IMs me and tells me I'm being ejected because my avatar looks like a person under 18 and I'm breaking the SL T.O.S by being in an adult sim.... I know everyone has their right to administer their land as they wish, but this time I just don't get it. In my profile I say I am 26 years old and I am a woman. In Second Life I'm a human cow, very cute looking. I have an hourglass figure and my height is 6'23" (1.90m). Am I in the wrong here? Do I look I'm under age? Is it that extreme that they HAD TO eject me? What makes an avie look 'adult'? [16:43] : Howdy there [16:44] : you are getting tp-ed home due to your avi looks teen [16:44] : please adjust this and you are welcome to enter [16:44] : This is an Adult sex sim and does not allow young looks teen and child.
  4. This is actually very reasonable. I'm wih you in this. Creators should offer transferable clothing for example, or no copy but transferable pets, this way couples (for example) could have 1 pet to take care of together and not have to seperately buy one of the same. But I think this will not EVER be possible because... well, money..
  5. Looking stunning Lex ♥ u gotta tell me where u got that fin *.*
  6. raw shot today 5/13/2020. If anyone wants to hang out hmu inwold: Allegra2 Resident
  7. Hello fellow SLifers. I'm a 26 year old female both RL and SL looking to explore my sexuality in SL. I've liked older women all my life but never had the chance to be with one emotionally nor phisically. I'm ready to do that in SL, but I'm having a hard time finding a woman 40 years and older who is bisexual at least... all seem to be straight 😪I should point out I am ONLY interested in women 40 years of age and older. I have a naive-type of personality, I'm looking for that mentor-student connection. I'm a very cute and short cow inworld. Name: Allegra2 Resident (aka Aℓℓιε)
  8. Well... this is kind of a silly thing and super shallow I like the name Allegra Cole from the movie 'Hitch' where Kevin James asked for Will Smith's help to make his boss fall inlove with him. At the same time Will meets Eva Mendes and falls inlove with her... And so I chose Allegra. But inworld I like to be called Aℓℓιε. So yes.. this is the wiki of the movie in case no one remembers it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hitch_(film)
  9. I personally use Maitreya Lara for my main. BUT for my alts I went and grabbed the free LucyBody and purchased the B.O.M activator, which is less than L$200. Let me tell you, Lucybody fits ALL maitreya clothing, so you have the range of options that Maitreya(the most popular body) has, and for a small fraction of the price. Using the BoM from Lucybody to wear up to date skins makes the body look just like maitreya, it has better alpha cuts and it also has nipple options. You can make it very thin or thick, it depends on your shape. The only thing I don't like from Lucybody are the nails, but you can go and hide the nails that come with it and just buy some for free for the maitreya body, that will do just fine. I highly recommend it.
  10. Hi girl! I am totally with you in that. I really don't know how to start conversations, I even try and go to hangout places but I never know how to insert myself in any of the conversations people have oh well... I also love magic, music (I'm a pianist'), gaming (zelda&castlevania series my favorite games for life). I'm a bit girly and can change appearance to whatever I feel like. Do love to shop for things cute and will go for bargains and offers in a blink xD. Do love super heroes too ♥ If you wanna meetsome time hmu inworld. Offer applies for anyone interested 😅
  11. Thank you for your replies ladies... it really helped me out increasing my cache size and lowering my draw distance.
  12. Hello! I've encountered this problem.. and as a photographer this makes me nuts >.< and it is that Catwa heads and components take FOOOREEEEVEEER to load for me... I know I don't have the best internet speeds, but why Catwa? everything else loads pretty quickly for me.... is there any tweaks I can make to force it to load faster? or at least force only ONE avatar to load doesn't matter the rest?
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