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  1. Thank you to all the people that responded to my question. I appreciated all the responses. I have asked that the thread be locked now.
  2. People like that are not worth your time. I have been accused of that a few times in the past. My response to them is "If I am guy, then the PMS I have suffered is a very cruel joke...."
  3. The question about the skin tone is for everyone to answer. I know that the skin quality over all has gotten better (and after 17 years I should hope so! lol) but has it gotten better for everyone?
  4. Though you directed your question to me I have to say that I am not in the position to answer you. We are talking about racism and such a topic as "black fishing" falls into the same category as cultural appropriation. I am not the one that will be negatively affected by it since I am white both in world and in reality. In other words - I have no pony in this race like others do who are in a much better position to answer you on how they view it. Having said that I will try to clarify some of your other concerns. I am a staff writer for the Best of Second Life magazine. If you che
  5. This is not the first thread where someone has brought up the skin tone issues. Has it gotten better? What ways could they improve it? I don't think it makes you racist to want darker skin tones. We all have visions for what we want our avatar to look like, and it is frustrating when you can't find what you want when it is a basic item such as a skin.
  6. I once dealt with an extreme narcissist. Sometimes I wish he had just punched me - it would have hurt far less than the other abuses he put me through. I would also have recovered from them sooner.
  7. That could be both good and bad though. I am white in reality and I play a pale skinned avatar. But if I did play a darker skinned avatar and was treated badly for it then it might give me an experience to draw from when talking to people that actually have experienced it in real life. And I have heard it explained that at the end of the day - it is offensive to some because if I did that, I could just go back to my pale skin look if it got too uncomfortable. Those in reality cant' do that. But I think the experience would be invaluable to understanding this issue from the "other s
  8. When people take part in a massive in world event (such as the SL Birthday event) where there are a huge number of stores, so a high number of avatars and they create mini stores with many items for sale in a wide variety of colors, and decorative items. To make it worse, the sim builders load it down with a huge amount of plants, trees, moving objects, water features. Each one on it's own doesn't add much - but taken all together it's a slideshow. I appreciate the work they do on these things - and I do enjoy going to them (even with the lag). So I don't want to come across as b
  9. So I guess that's another question - were people hurt just as much dealing with racist residents here as they would be if the same thing happened to them in reality? I mean part of it may be physical in reality but emotional scars can be left behind that might be much harder to deal with.
  10. Thank you. No, not stories based on roleplay. I am looking specifically for people just randomly going about their day and getting into a situation with another resident that was racist towards them - completely out of character. In character racism (while I do have a problem with that) is mutual - both parties signed up for it and know what is going to happen in advance. They know what to expect and that is (for some reason) what they want to experience. This is for people that didn't expect it - it could be in a group when they are asking for help, experiences while shopp
  11. I checked the community guidelines and there doesn't seem to be any rule against what I am about to ask. In reality we have so many examples and organizations we can draw on for information about this particular sensitive issue but in Second Life, there isn't a public record. All we can do is submit individual reports that something happened. We never know whether or not any action was taken. However, in order to fill out that report, we have to be there to witness it as incidences of it unfold. But once the moment is gone - it's gone. The issue I am talking about is racism in Secon
  12. I think - at least I hope - that people are playing what avatars they want to play. So I don't think about it as there is no lack of choice in avatars. If people don't want to be human they can easily choose to play as something else. We are not forced to be (or stay) human avatars.
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