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  1. One of my favorites goes along this line. A TCP packet walk into a bar and asks the bartender for a drink. The bartender says: you want a drink? The TCP packet says: Yes, I want a drink. A UDP packet walks into a bar and ask the bartender for a drink. The bartender says: you want a drink?
  2. Another thread on how you feeling today. There doesn't seem to be a difference. Laughs all the way to the 'Land for Sale' thread.
  3. Scared? No. I'd bet women are looking over at their boyfriends/husbands wondering if the dude can hunt, make a fire, fight, forage; and second guessing those skinny jeans he has on. But nothing to be scared of :)
  4. I will respect your request. My humble apologies to all who were offended.
  5. I'm surprised the Internet (or, alt least, the SL Internet) people have not or will not condemn you for posting kind words in my direction. Thank you for taking the chance.
  6. I'm not. I don't. Not on the internet. Those words are for the chosen one or perhaps two in my rl. But, carry on. - smiles
  7. OMG! PS Seriously?! And you met on the Internet?!
  8. I am not as, if I may, prolific as I once was on the forum, but have been indulging myself of late. I have always taken a beating because of my humor - and I don't care. Just a few short years ago 'cold-hearted' would have been a compliment next to some of the names I was called. And, again, I don't care. I understand this type of posting better today than I ever have. Much of it stems from the PC world in which we live. Political correctness is not a harmless phenomenon that rose up of it own volition. It is a weapon to stifle debate and to shut down logical thinking. It is (to quote F. Daniels) 'a mass exercise in denying reality'. I could go on and on, but then I would be rambling. . . I'm elated that you just 'didn't see' this post rather than not wanting to acknowledge. I am so glad you did. Keep laughing atop that mountain 🙂
  9. I am glad you are well and hopeful. I posted this last week. Perhaps you saw and didn't like, but I just wanted you to know. I would suggest Lucy as a name.
  10. This is beautiful, thank you for sharing. My wife and I are doing the same. Although I am high risk and if I get this virus I probably will not survive, but while alive I will live. Enjoy and be happy and safe. Controlling your own destiny goes a long way in being happy.
  11. Hyperbole! It just may be that the imbecile (sic) in the White House will save your life. Imo, this is a political rant that has nothing to do with the corona virus. Just HYPERBOLE. You are entitled to your opinion as I am entitled to mine.. .
  12. Your post is an absolute fact; you were being kind in choosing your words: 'I suppose'. Thank you for 'correcting' the narrative. PS Question the OP author, always. As this OP author has a propensity to always skew the narrative.
  13. Cinn, I can hear you all the way on the other side of this beautiful country. I caught your post and was going to reply but circumstances did not allow me to do so. Keep your spirits up and be safe, my friend.
  14. Let me see. . . Lyme Disease (Lyme , Connecticut) Ebola (A river in Congo) German Measles (Europe?) Rocky Mountain Fever (Rocky Mountains USA) Marburg Virus (Africa, Germany) MER(s) (Middle East) . . . Why do you rename only the Chinese diseases/viruses? Xenophobic?
  15. Yes, but for clarity purposes: ICY COLD. Not snowflake cold.
  16. Sometimes the best humor is not intentional. I laughed.
  17. What are you going to die from? Do you know? I am asking because I will, in your presence, only address the drama aspects of death, then. We are all going to die sooner or later. I am high risk with this Chinese virus. My will is complete whether I die from 'this' virus or from the absolute boredom on this forum. PS It is humor NOT jokes. Three coronavirus patients walk into a bar. . .
  18. I have enough bourbon, food, and weed to make it til the next pandemic. Just sayin. I had a few aunties myself.
  19. Brie, you made me laugh. Thank you. Humor is the most wonderful way to cope with things we just don't understand. I love it!
  20. With my eyes I tell the world all my secret thoughts, but no one ever reads them true so in them they are caught. I capture people with my eyes and trap them in a pool. In the end I set them free - myself once more the fool.
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