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  1. Today isn't over yet. If anything happens today I will be more than happy to post tomorrow. But I get the feeling absolutely nothing will happen today.
  2. This weather event NEVER filed a RIC or AR on anyone EVER. It is not my style. No doubt you offended other people, as well.
  3. And on this day in history April 13 2020 Absolutely nothing happened.
  4. And on this day in history April 12 2020 Absolutely nothing happened.
  5. I rarely - and I mean very rarely read a post where someone identifies or is identified by their last name. Why, just recently, someone wrote, and I quote, "little storm" and others who write "Stormeeee". But never little clarence or Clarenceeee. No one who I can remember, except for Prok, has ever referred to my by my last name. So why are there 7 threads demanding such action of LL to bring last names to fruition? Forum personalities are only on a first name basis: Rhonda, Maddy, Garnet, Storm, Cindy, Brie (Bree), Tolya, Scyllia, Fauve (harder on the tongue than her last name), Seicher (although most mispronounce anyway) who remembers last names? What is all the fuss?
  6. I have to admit some of who posted are really big thinkers and can articulate their thoughts very well. Some are really big sci-fi-ish (excuse the coinage) thinkers. I enjoy reading all. I wish I was able to articulate as well as some. I guess that's why I asked the question I did as the OP. Thank you all, this has been, for the most part, a really, really good read.
  7. You are my horse even if you never win a race. . .
  8. I believe in you and your aspirations
  9. I, personally, would rather have bad news than fake bad news - so I listen to President Trump and the Dr's.
  10. On this day in history April 10 2020 Absolutely nothing happened.
  11. Running my business; my employees. Hanging with many of my friends. A Ranger hockey game. Washing my hands 20x a day not 50x. Collecting my Amazon deliveries without 2 pair of latex gloves. Frequenting my favorite bartenders. Eating at La CouCou in NYC. . . .
  12. If it ain't such a bad thing then why b1tch about it every day and on every thread. I know you hate everyone - I read it all the time and in every thread. And all of the time it is just so boring.
  13. I, too, think Vice President Mike Pence (the person in charge of this crisis) should get a new job. I was thinking President of the United States of America 2024
  14. The 1 for 1-4 gets a star next to it. The Governor of Connecticut appears to have told some lies . . .
  15. These ^ points I am debating! It is you who is conflating the issues.
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