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  1. I don't think I have written more than twenty words in your direction in the past so many years (10-11?). And we are/were feuding? Quite frankly I don't even remember your words . . . unremarkable!? But I do know that in the past two months you have done nothing but take a poke at me at every opportunity. Careful lassie you just may get what you ask for. PS See Haute thread.
  2. Haute imbibing. Yes! See item three of my favorites.
  3. I am so sorry Lindal, but I enjoy haute service. Not faux service.
  4. Happy Holidays. But why after 11 years are you now kind to me? Should I brace myself?
  5. My favorite French word; written or spoken: Haute. Haute Cusine Haute Couture Haut Brion inter alia. I like it large I like it classy As I live large and I live classy, im(haute)o In SL I have only encountered: Haute Boob Haute Pectoral Haute Derriere Haute Biceps Haute Attitude Is this because we are not real in SL? Is this because this game is just a game where 'haute' leveling up does not exist outside of ones avatar presentation? Don't get me wrong, I like haute boob just as much as the next guy even if it is only pixels. But. Anyway, I was just asking.
  6. If one posts something kind it is now considered brown-nosing? Cool. Envy anyone? PS I never expected my nose to land there . . . Cool again.
  7. Nasty people will write nasty posts, anyway. That's kind of my point with this OP. There is a huge difference in posting audaciously and posting for spite. I know it is always important to speak your mind and it is equally important to know when to not (or so I have learned.) I do not have the knowledge or tools to change the title, ergo, I can not. But it is ok as we use names in titles in other SL sub-forum e.g., Make Friends: Missed Connections, etc. It is very easy to RIC this thread if you are that unhappy with the words. Most of my OP's get whacked anyway
  8. Audacity has several implications. My interpretation: “a willingness to take bold risks” Scylla, for years, has always posted fearlessly. I respect her for this quality. I have read so many others who have not. And how boring is that! There are very few posters who post fearlessly: I consider myself one. Where is the line in posting? Are you a troll or just being provocative? Friend or foe? Who are you?
  9. I am getting a tad hungry, but I have also lost a few pounds in the meanwhile. I'm torn. I miss your words.
  10. Since you guys brought it up. And this turned into another hate thread . . . As the Brits like to say: in it for a penny, in it for a pound. MAGA 2020.
  11. Storm Clarence Lives!!! forumites protest Storm Clarence claims FAKE NEWS!
  12. But, but Xmas isn't for another 2 weeks! It's almost that time of the month.
  13. I implicitly understand both the word and its usage. It is not I who wrote Godwin or any reference to the 'law' in this thread, PS You were thinking about me? Go figure. I have never given you a thought. Just sayin.
  14. The simple fact that a thread about attracting men to SL gets Godwin'ed is indicative of why men avoid SL. In this forum and in this thread it is the typical LWL who want to control the narrative. Ergo, Godwin'ed. And you want to stereotype us? Rhetorical - as I found my answer in this thread written some 100 times. Simply pathetic.
  15. Christmas 2019 Storm Clarence dies again. Forumites rejoice. Storm claims FAKE NEWS!
  16. No, you will just have smaller boobs. Everyone in mensa knows that!
  17. One can only imagine what you could have accomplished with a D Cup. I think Gadgets point was taken, no? When manliest (sic) is defined by a look we are all in trouble.
  18. Cinnamon, hello! Wow, what an unexpected but tremendous surprise that you would post to this. I know it is very easy to post to Keli inworld , but as much as she was my in-world friend and my RL buddy (imho) she was a outstanding forum personality. And I would really enjoy reading her words once again. Peace Cinnamon, I missed you as well.
  19. My dad was the greatest man I knew. He was and is without peer. I miss him. But I want to address something a little different. Insofar as forum personalities (and we are posting in the forum): Pep Daniels had a tremendous influence on my forum persona. He 'taught' me to read threads; to understand and respond in coherent and proper English. He taught me how to write; as the English write. I have always respected this in him. And there are also several women whom have had this influence, but we are talking about males in this OP. PS And I expect the wrath which will ensue. . .
  20. If you are lurking please post to say hello. You are missed. I'll go on a hunger strike til you post here . . .
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