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  1. Yes! In Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Oakland et al but it ain't because they are working low paying wage jobs and exposure to covid-19. They are killing themselves, and their local governments are failing them - as they have for the past 50 years.
  2. No, they are not, and you have no proof. Fake news and misinformation. ETA Tolya said it best above. Histrionics.
  3. I think inflation will soar in 2021. I think the EU will dramatically change, but I try to stay out of their politics. I think it will become more difficult for some to lay waste to the US 2nd amendment - we are more armed now than ever before and that is a good thing. Crime may drop in many areas. I think the world supply chain will drastically change. I think this is good for most productive nations - and will weaken China - ergo my inflation prediction.
  4. I really enjoy reading these words. There is so much 'depth' into personalities of the people contributing. Thank you. I respect all of these posts/poems/haikus.
  5. No handshakes? No cash? No.... Seems weird. My imagination goes in so many different ways that I am unable to truly articulate what I think the world will look like, but I am so sure it will be different than it was in January 2020. An opinions?
  6. It isn't easy at any age to lose a parent. I miss my parents very much. You have written of your mom (and dad) so much through the years I feel like I will miss her as well. My condolences.
  7. Gun caps the only noise COVID saturates the air Kids are dying too
  8. 21 kids shot in Chicago Tuesday 4/7/2020. 7 were death sentences. This deeply saddens me. We are trying to mitigate death . . .
  9. nicely done. With a name like xSkadi you can't bring that into your writing 🙂 ?
  10. Your name wins kudos; my name wins the Interwebs!
  11. I guess that is 'how you are feeling today'. (the OP demands such diligence). Just think, tomorrow is another day. You may feel better.
  12. Dude, there are many edibles that have medicinal purposes/uses/mysticpowers. . . I can assure you (strictly speaking as a bon vivant and a totally rational human being) KFC has none of this. PS Nor does Taco Bell (just saying. In case that was your plan b).
  13. Perfect. And you incorporated your name. Extra kudos. Simply outstanding. ETA After ten years of reading your posts, imho, you have found yourself. And articulated such in 17 syllables. Again, absolutely perfect. You touched me.
  14. But we can bend the rules if we so desire. I am more interested in reading beautiful words and thoughts as we go through this nightmare.
  15. Nicely written. I didn't know how to react. I should have looked for the simplest and kindest words as you have.
  16. The enemy draws closer Survival of the fittest Thoughts of grandfather
  17. I deleted this post as I did not appreciate how it translated. I am JSL'er and still stumble with writing. Fauve, it was a beautiful poem, thank you.
  18. To those who posted, thank you. These are really cool words. . . Again, thank you. I don't want to 'quote' anyone so as to keep the continuity of the read. Really, really good words.
  19. Living life inside Reading writing music love Cooking up a storm Share your corona haiku. Extra kudos for incorporating your avatar name (but not needed).
  20. Who are you? Rodney Dangerfield? Although I found some humor in the Thai government asking their female citizens to not nag their husbands as much during this quarantine. Go figure.
  21. Are you positing men are dropping faster than women due to climate change? Perhaps so, but it would be the last explaination I would consider. We, as humans, die. Men are the weaker sex in this reality. Climate change should kill us all equally (so they say).
  22. By the way, carry on! This is a fun thread.
  23. I have read many articles (including the NYTimes link I supplied in this OP) that offer some reasons. Like I wrote, this virus is not an anomaly for men being the weaker sex when it comes to survival. We have nowhere to hide.
  24. You know what made me laugh? Bree's thread. Yes, the now locked thread where 35 people liked/loved/thanked the first reply taking Bree to task for posting humor at such a time. She was forced, through bullying, to post an apology. That was two weeks ago. Exponentially more have become ill and have even succumb to this nightmare virus while everyone here is having a ball (including myself). I viewed each like/love/thanks and what I noticed is that almost all 35 who bullied Bree are posting to this thread, including the OP. I am LAUGHING at your hypocrisy. And I always do. (maybe I can get 35 likes/love/thanks for this post, but quite frankly, it would appall me coming from some). Did I make you laugh?
  25. It’s still early, but in almost every country that we have numbers, more men than women are dying from the virus. What is being overlooked in some of the explanations given is when it comes to coronavirus taking a disproportionate toll on men is that this is not an anomaly. “This innate biological advantage is apparent at every age and stage of human life: Baby girls are consistently more likely to make it to their first birthday; 80 percent of all centenarians today are women; an incredible 95 percent of those who reach the formidable age of 110 years old are women. While on average genetic males have more muscle mass and greater height, overall size, and physical strength, when it comes to surviving the physical hardships encountered from birth to late-in-life, genetic females almost always outlast genetic males.” I am not a doctor or any other type of health care professional, I am just a man. It seems like I can run but I cannot hide.
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