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  1. I used to really ** hate the way you * posted, but now I * find it quite **** funny
  2. morgannalyn wrote: i like it here The forum is a great place to socialize and a wonderful source of information, but Griffin is right about going out into the wilds of actual SL. Only a small portion of residents post here regularly and socializing inworld would up your chances of meeting your special someone by percents that could be figured by other people who are better at maths and statistics than I. It's not an either/or situation, you don't have to leave here, alternate between windows so you don't get withdrawal symptoms. While I wish you luck on your quest, I don't quite understand the rush by so many to couple up. Is there an ark coming that no one told me about?
  3. Definitely 1920's Berlin. There's also Deadwood and Tombstone and maybe others with an old west theme. I haven't been but I;ve heard that Doomed Ship is a good sci fi theme.
  4. I always liked Rita Rudner :-). And I agree, this thread is hilarious! I thought of another favorite of mine, Patton Oswalt, and I have a hard time picking a clip because they're all so funny, but this one is near the top:
  5. Those were almost full sentences. Aren't you supposed to add (OOC) when you do that? I noted the name change. A rose by any other name would still be misogynistic and badly put together. But anyway, this is the point at which I ask myself why I care anyway and then realize that I really don't all that much.
  6. Most of my favorites are too long to quote, but there are so many that I constantly reference. Eddie Izzard's "Tea and cake or death?" came to mind.
  7. Lyra Blackthorne wrote: If you want a better skin than the freebies, join Belleza's Group. It will cost you 250L to join but you will get 3 or 4 very high quality skins as a joining gift. Those Belleza male skins are some of the best I've ever seen. If you have 250L to spend, it's more than worth it.
  8. Jumpman Lane wrote: I don't do explore the fantasies mentioned in this piece and I'm unhealthily obsessed because I condemn evil, hypocrisy,content theft, the exploration of creepy desires! If that mAkes me a villain I'll be one! But I'll never stop! Right is ok my side. U have to sanction creepiness! I'm free to condemn it! Said the owner of a porn magazine that this forum censors the name of. & Dude, I read your Twitter. It's full of homphobic comments, not to mention the 'beatdown' you witnessed and lied to the police about and the woman you claimed to have choked. My point being that you needn't pretend to be cleaning up SL on behalf of puppies and Christmas. You're clearly doing it because of the personal feud between Stroker & yourself and you are by no means on the moral highground. Yeah, you keep fighting that hypocrisy. Go you.
  9. Jumpman Lane wrote: i watched it twice to see if i was losing it to think it was creepy! creepy it was lol! I'll wager you watched it a lot more than twice. This obsession does not appear healthy.
  10. Carole Franizzi wrote: Jumpman Lane wrote: Sat side by side with a bunch of wierdies the guy from second life made the whole grid look bad but himself even worse! If people don't like me for sayin so I unno if I care hehehe SL is weird. Humans are weird. SL just lets humans express their weirdness. I'm not convinced that's a bad thing. Carole, as usual, is right. Also, although it's been pointed out before, the "daughters" in question were adults and their avatars looked like adults. For me, personally, it's not appealing at all and I find it, for lack of a better word, icky. What it is not is pedophilia. Nothing in any part of anything this man said on the documentary indicates his interest in anyone underage. "Pedo" is one of the most serious accusations you can throw at someone because it is a deeply serious thing that needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Throwing it around casually when it does not even remotely fit the situation is not only unfair to the person it's levied against, it's unfair to people who have been victims of actual abuse. *eta* I am firmly against banning or otherwise persecuting anyone based on the fact that their interests are icky to me. Mainly because my interests may be icky to them.
  11. Ariel Vuissent wrote: What makes emo/goth guys "your type?" The way they dress, the way they look, the way they act? Remember that just because someone seems/looks emo/goth in SL, doesn't mean they look and act the same way in RL. Are you looking for love with another avatar, or another person? If you're just looking for someone to look like a cute couple with, you could always make an alt account & be your own emo bf.
  12. UncommonTruth wrote: There is a whole mall of freebies inworld..help me out here cause I cant remember what its called :matte-motes-crying: I found it by typing Freebie into the search, back when my search worked lol. There are lots of nice things to get started with there, hair, skins, shapes, clothes, everything. Then type Sandbox into the search to find somewhere to open all your goodies. ^^ Have fun. That's another reason I recommend Fabfree-if you join their group you can open your boxes there. I forgot to mention NCI's freebie wall & The Free Dove-also excellent places to get started.
  13. Ren Toxx wrote: Looks in SL can so easily be changed... not only you can put into whatever appearance with just a click or two... you can also put out of that appearance just as easily, if you're not really comfortable with it. So, when you find a seemingly nice candidate, give him emo/goth skins, emo/goth hairs, emo/goth eyes, emo/goth clothing, emo/goth jewellery, etc., and tell him that he must wear all that stuff whenever he's with you. If he refuses, there you have a potentially good man :smileyhappy: This is some of the best advice I've ever read.
  14. Extremely Noble wrote: You should start with buying a skin, and then make your own shape or buy one. Don't get all crazy with the buying yet. She's still figuring out how to change clothes. Once you find the hair in the library-which is quite nice, have a look in there at the rest of the goodies. You can probably put together an outfit or two that take a bit of the new off. The library skins are not quite up to par though. Luckily, a lot of creators in SL have thought about new people and offer a ton of really nice free things to help get you started. Fabfree Station (you'll find it in search) is a wonderful shop with designer skins, hair, clothing, even a nice AO(Animation Override-goes a long way toward making you move more easily and naturally) and everything there is free. There are several other good free shops, but FabFree is just a great 'one-stop' to give yourself a quick makeover. & Welcome-it gets much, much easier. :-)
  15. Hippie Bowman wrote: Stella Carver wrote: DQ Darwin wrote: Yawwwnnnn, stretch, rubs eyes........still in housecoat heading for the coffee pot. eeeeeek WOW you guys shocked me. Thanksgiving in Canada so it's a day off:) Hugs all....... Happy Thanksgiving! Threatening to rain here & I'm on the fence about it. We really need the rain, but the leaves are absolutely gorgeous & I want to go out and take photos!! Hi Stella! Welcome to the cozy fire! Peace! Thank you! & look-it did rain a bit, but I still got a couple of pics. Some of the trees are just starting to turn, others are blazing:
  16. I'm not positive, but I think BDR is Beautiful Dirty Rich. I only know their hair (which is pretty nice), haven't seen the skins. A note on one of the shops Ariel mentioned, Belleza. They have a group join fee of 300L (may be 250-it's been awhile) but they currently have a couple of gorgeous new skins out as group gifts. If you try their demos and like them, the join fee is a great bargain for some very high quality skins. Exodi also has a join fee but very nice group gift skins & they currently have a pretty natural/low makeup skin on their lucky chair. (I'm a bargain shopper & I love me some group gifts. lol)
  17. Marianne Little wrote: Showing what I usually do to my pictures. Not that I am selling anything, but in case someone like what I wear and wil buy it. I know it's off topic, but I love your sense of style, Marianne. This look is so classy and timeless and amazingly sexy. lol, It makes me want to log in and rework my whole look. On topic, though, I agree about graphics quality and environment settings. I've snuck in some inworld time on the office pc during my lunch hour and I'm always struck by how much difference it makes in my av's look. As far as the skin shops go, I haven't been in many that seem to do excessive photoshopping. The demos are usually pretty close to the display. I never buy shapes, just use the one I made and obsessively tweak, so I don't expect it to be an exact duplicate. I'm not sure what difference it might make, but I used to try on demos in the shop, but now I wait until I get home so I can take my time deciding without feeling like a display model. Skins can be such a big expense that unless you have plenty of disposable linden, it's not a good idea to rush it.
  18. DQ Darwin wrote: Yawwwnnnn, stretch, rubs eyes........still in housecoat heading for the coffee pot. eeeeeek WOW you guys shocked me. Thanksgiving in Canada so it's a day off:) Hugs all....... Happy Thanksgiving! Threatening to rain here & I'm on the fence about it. We really need the rain, but the leaves are absolutely gorgeous & I want to go out and take photos!!
  19. I thought Istara's post was very apt and I was quite touched by it. Yes, women do have matching negatives for all those positives and being female is no walk in the park, but the same is true for men. I'm pretty sure our perception of the privileges of men is equally skewed. I do realize my view is heavily colored by the fact that I've been lucky in meeting some incredibly nice men who were sweet and genuine and not trying to talk me onto a poseball both in RL & SL., but basically, things are rough all over.
  20. Dresden Ceriano wrote: 16 wrote: Mayalily wrote: Stella Carver wrote: ... a sign I saw once in someone's office which said just the opposite: "Give a man a fish, he knows where to come for fish. Teach a man to fish and you've just destroyed your marketbase." I read it and laughed and said something like, "nice sign". He went into a ten minute spiel, breaking down the original,"Teach a man to fish", idiom and explained to me why that attitude was " bad for the country". Scary, scary guy. The exact quote is "give a man a fish, you've fed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you've fed him for a lifetime." I think the guy with the sign was prob making the point that when everyone goes fishing the rivers and oceans soon run out of fish. So we introduce quotas and licensing to stop this happening. Downside is that if you cant get a license then you cant go fishing even if you know how. I wouldn't have thought to take it so literally. My take on it was that it's a metaphor for keeping people ignorant in order to keep them from figuring out how to provide the service or product, which you provide to them, for themselves. ...Dres lol, Dres is correct. The gist of this nut's opinion, (who was a contractor, btw) was that 'regular' people had no business doing things themselves and should pay professionals instead. He thought Home Depot was some sort of evil and had a whole diatribe on HGTV (The D.I.Y. network). "I didn't spend 20 years in this business for every jackleg who watches TV for an hour to think he can hang his own sheetrock!!", peppered with plenty of swearing. He was definitely unique.
  21. Maybe he'll do the Elaine dance! That would be awesome.
  22. Melita Magic wrote: oh, he's just a Bill, on Capitol Hill... lol! So I'm not the only one who imagined it to that tune. It's even more fitting because I kind of picture him all slumped and sad and irrlevant now that he's lost his favorite nemisis.
  23. Not to mention the fantastic idea of the Basic Viewer. The whole last year was an experiment in how not to keep new people in SL.
  24. Jesica Dragovar wrote: use the Character Map in Windows to find them, however you really wanna jump on this bandwagon? personally I find the special characters annoying, and makes it hard to address someone by their name in chat I totally agree. They're obnoxious and difficult to read.
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