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  1. My dad wanted to name me Stella. My mom had a different notion and even though she won, Stella has always been his nickname for me. He also had the more lenient view on child rearing, "Leave her alone, she'll be alright." was his motto.So the name Stella has a lot of fond associations for me. I also drink Stella Artois and for a while I wore Stella's McCartney's eponymous perfume. *Immy's is one of my favorite SL names along with Geddit Nitely and others I can't think of now. I miss last names so much.*
  2. I can't help with the RP, but here's how to change and/or hide your display name: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Display-names/ta-p/700173
  3. Fern Eyre wrote: Hi everyone, I have got a problem where I tried to wear some clothing and got this message saying that it couldn't be found in the database so it replaced it with the basic white ankle length pants that linden lab made. So now i have these pants that are stuck on my avatar and I cannot get them off, if i wear other pants they just go on over the top of thsee ones leaving me with white bits around the edges. I tried to contact LL about it, but they said unless i pay them they won't help me. so does anyone else know how to fix this? Thanks.  I had this happen with one of the really old items from a store that has now closed. Even after I removed it, I kept getting error messages and my top was replaced with a blank white texture. Mine was fixed by changing into one of the library outfits, deleting the problem clothing item and relogging.
  4. NCI(New Citizens, Inc. very helpful group) gives regular RP classes on the basics. Check their blog here, it has a class schedule & slurls for an inworld visit: http://www.nci-sl.info/blog/
  5. It is funny to see how differently people respond when you can control your outward appearance as easily as we can in SL. I wouldn't say it's depressing, but I do sometimes look at my av and envy her legs or her wardrobe. I don't envy her the IM's for teh sexxors from random drooling strangers though. I don't think my av's appearance matters to anyone on my friends list though, so in the longrun, it's what's behind your av that really appeals to others.
  6. If this helps any: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3959 They seem to think they fixed it. Different wording would go a long way toward not freaking people out. Something more like, "X" is following your feed. View your feed here., with a link.
  7. I hope she comes back too. The way her curls shake when she stomps her foot is just adorable.
  8. Somehow LL has gotten the notion that people want SL to function more like Facebook. I'd prefer they made it something we could opt into rather than something we had to figure out how to opt out of, but there it is. The easiest thing for now is to learn to tweak your own settings.
  9. I have about half of my group notices off, especially the ones who send most frequently; music venues and freebie/lucky chair groups. Then I go back and check notices when I have time and want something to do.
  10. @ellerc, there are a couple on the Marketplace, including one of Melanie's that looks really nice. Search "skate AO". good luck :-)
  11. It's a new "feature", similiar to Twitter following. When you view someone's profile, you now get the option to "follow" them/their profile for updates. We also now have Facebook type walls.I don't care for either of these, but it seems to be a trend. Someone here will know how or if you can disable it, most likely in privacy settings.
  12. How dare you attack me when you don't even know me!?!? How rude is this!?! It is beyond rude!! Why did no one tell me there would be someone here accusing me of lying!?!?! Do I approve of this? My answer is NO! I demand proof of this!! PROOOOOOOFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had proof once, but I lost it. I'm only one person!!!! *I probably should delete this, and I wish I had read through Maya's old posts before ever trying to help her in the first place. I'd have known it was just Maya being Maya and not someone genuinely asking for assistance. I'm annoyed with myself now for having let her get to me.*
  13. OceanBird wrote: yea don't think the term "perv" should have been applied to men who desire pics and web cam time... That's just natural for men it's a billion dollar industry providing such things for men - men are visual but yea that don't mean you have to provide it - in rl relationships men can see and talk to you - in virtual ones they try to get as close to that as they can - its a substitute for real thing perhaps women are happy with just romantic talk and mental images and men want visuals? seems to be true in my experience I think this is a cliche'. There actually are men who like a little sweet talk and a nice cuddle and there actually are women who like a wild dirty romp complete with voice and cam. Neither are pervs. It would be nice if the dirty rompers would realize when they've found a sweet cuddler and let them be rather than trying to push them and vice versa.
  14. Thank you, Anaiya, this is what I was trying to say but couldn't quite get out. Also Felix, there's nothing in the TOS forbidding fantasy, child, or fur avs, but many places don't allow them. Whether it's silly of them isn't the point. They are within their rights to ban for any reason, silly or not.
  15. Daki Aries wrote: I don't get why the guys involved in these relationships are called "pervs" and the females are not. What's the difference? I like mature 20th century equality between the sexes and wonder why one would fantasize about abusive un-equal roles people were forced to live out in less enlightened times? Why is being a slave something you wish for or fantasize about? I agree with your first sentence. "Perv" is an easy term to toss out at people who have fantasies that you find strange. Or as I was saying to someone a few days ago; fantasies are what we have, while perversions are what other people have. There's just no accounting for what we fantasize about. To each their own.
  16. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Aloralie wrote: Thank you! Now I just need to look for a place to rez items! It's also possible to wear the item, right click it, go into edit, go to the content tab and extract the items from there. That way you won't need a place to rez it. Hope this helps ...Dres This is a good method for impatient people like myself, especially now that the box attaches to your hand rather than your head. No more embarrassing incidents.
  17. Randall Ahren wrote: You are a noob. You don't know how to edit your replies so that you can put everything in a single reply, unlike Rintocho. You can add objects to your mute list. Not that there is anything wrong with being a noob. They are cute, like tiny kittens taking their first wobbly steps. If Rintocho is a noob or not, I don't care. However, SL has a unique culture and there are some aspects of it that I've become accustomed to, even though I think it is strange. First, there is all the face talk. I thought was extremely strange. Doesn't look like a face to me. is cute, however. Second there is the making of words longer, when I would expect them to be shorter, for example, why type okie or okies, when ok or even just k will do? @Rintocho, may I suggest changing your display name to Supernoob? I can a'splain that one. It's either an age thing or a region thing, but ancient (43) americans like myself use mostly emotes that represent faces turned sideways, like: ;-), (that one turned itself into a cool face on it's own, but anyway..) and . Sideways, its a big grin with squinted eyes. I've noticed that younger people use the head on ones more.
  18. Kylie Jaxxon wrote: Wow, I love your skin!!! Very festive Thank you! It isn't the skin though, it's a tatto from last year's Season's hunt :-).
  19. All the pics so far are so pretty! Those darn Meeros seriously need to stop calling to me with their big eyes. I visited Alirium Gardens & couldn't stop snapping-what a gorgeous place.
  20. Mayalily wrote: Venus Petrov wrote: Dillon Levenque wrote: Mayalily wrote: After this post, I'm outta here. I'm sick of this hypercritical people. I'm gone. I was trying to be helpful. While doing so, I tried to be honest. I criticized. I felt you were due some criticism. I tried to suggest ways to go forward. It bothers me that you are leaving SL because of something I said, but I'll get over it. I've re-read what I wrote. I don't think I see anything I'd change. Why are we commenting on Dillon's post? There were many many posts before Dillon's. So many helpful, offers of help, explanations, evidence requested and provided, patience extende and patience exhausted. Yes this Dillon. If you had read this thread all you posted was unnecessary redunduncey (spelled wrong on purpose). Again, my post count is higher than yours because I volunteered for months here as a helper with the viewer as I researched a lot of things on the internet that were very helpful to me and wanted to share them. This thread has been unnecessarily repetitive, and your criticism was out of touch with knowing anything about me. It's not a flounce. Again, I've asked for a lock. I wanted to leave yesterday, but this forum is almost always like this with endless badgering and stupid criticism. When someone asks will you leave me alone please, posters still won't. To all of you --- Goodbye. Does that spell it out yet? Yet? Well, soon it will. I can only hope. LEAVE ME ALONE! PLEASE! Maya, people are still commenting in this thread because it still interests them. Not all the replies are even directed at you. The thread needn't be locked, just stop reading it if you're tired of it.
  21. I don't think it was any one person's post. I think what Maya was looking for was for us to either pat-pat her and tell her that camming was indeed a nasty rumor or for us to join her in her indiignation. When she got neither, she got upset and is trying to find a place to pin the blame. I feel silly now for actually thinking she wanted information.
  22. Maya, I think "hypercritical" is a bit much. Even the people who did criticize you also gave you helpful advice and well wishes. You've been offered technical information, hospitality, sympathy, and yes, a bit of a reality check. There is so much good advice here if you will try to read it with a little less emotion.
  23. I think some of the more bluntly worded warnings happen after the land owner has explained themselves time after time, then finally decided to put out an orb or a sign. At that point, they've used up all their patience and are venting. I agree with you that a more calmly worded warning would be nice.
  24. Thank goodness you showed up, I'd already written the check and was about to drop then envelope in the mail.
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