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  1. NCI is awesome and I highly recommend it. If you love RL NYC and poetry, you should check out the SL Chelsea Hotel. They have a regular poetry night.
  2. I don't know how it affects the economy as a whole, but as an SL consumer, the fact that I can get a similar (but not usually comparable) product cheaper has never stopped me from making higher end purchases if the quality is equal to the price. As far as the 10L shops, I've already seen a few that started out a year or so ago at all 1 or 10L ,but now have a wall or a back room where those original 'cheapies' are still available (I'm thinking of Glamorize in particular), but their newer and higher quality items are priced to match their improved skills.
  3. Holy crap. That is truly disturbing in a really quality way.
  4. All of the above, plus everything done on all layers.
  5. Storm Clarence wrote: It seems to me masters are a dime a dozen - the sub is the one that rules, no? Control your own destiny in SL - there are many other people that will RP with you. Pick and choose accordingly. ETA Perhaps you weren't a very good roleplayer. Test the waters with a few more masters - I am sure you will find one that will give you the time you need and want. Or you were too good and scared him. lol. But, yes, as popular a fantasy as this is, you should be able to find someone more like minded. Good luck.
  6. I think it's less a question of whether he did anything wrong and more a question of whether it worked for you. It just sounds like the two of you either didn't 'click' or he was more into the idea of being a master than in actually playing things out. Either way, lack of communication + different goals for the relationship =call it a learning experience and try again with someone else.
  7. Learn not be afraid of embarrassment. Appearing naked to others even though you know you left the house fully dressed, or accidentally detaching your hair in public are laughing matters.
  8. Tried my best to get a shot with that dang hummingbird, but he was just too slippery. Had to settle for the birds in the background.
  9. Imnotgoing Sideways wrote: Consider visiting NCI. Main location is in the Kuula sim (Just type Kuula in the map). There is a huge supply of freebies there along with a sandbox to build in and helpers who can give advice and assistence. Along with that there is a calendar of events that covers the whole week, every week with contests, lessons, Q&A sessions, and parties. =^-^= Yes! I forgot to mention NCI. Those freebies have been updated pretty recently too haven't they? Last time I took someone there a lot of things had been added.
  10. I knew what you meant I was just playing, I'm in kind of a silly mood today.
  11. Storm Clarence wrote: Stella Carver wrote: lol. That's almost as bad as the "joke" my husband used to make when my stepson and his friends went out in his Honda. "There they go, just like the disciples, all in one ACCORD." If i had known you prior to your marriage I would have suggested that you not marry a guy with a Honda. Are you in the market for an escort? :matte-motes-bored: ha! The Honda was the stepson's and thanks for the offer, but it's all good under the hood.
  12. lol. That's almost as bad as the "joke" my husband used to make when my stepson and his friends went out in his Honda. "There they go, just like the disciples, all in one ACCORD."
  13. Hi Silver, search for the shop Sn@tch inworld. Ivey, the owner has a bargain basement with at least one wall for free things. Most are urban/vamp/goth and beautifully done. She also has a free full avatar with skin, hair and the works, only for people under 30days.Other good quality free places are (these all come up in search, but if not, google should get you there): FabFree Station, The Free Dove, Savoir Hair (on the wall at Savoir Hair is a poster for "Teagan's Newbie Helping Landmarks" full of good free LM's. All the places mentioned are especially nice because they offer things from a range of designers, so it's a good way to get an idea of what's out there when and if you do spend money on things. FabFree has a nice free AO from Oracul and there's a notecard in the package with landmarks to other free and cheap AO's. Also, if you're a FabFree group member, you can rezz and open your boxes in the shop (be sure to clean them up/delete them afterward). Sorry, I get chatty on that subject. FabFree was a hugely helpful group for me when I was new .
  14. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: Mayalily wrote: I don't blame some of the escorts for charging Well no, I don't blame them either, it's their business. I'd worry about the ones that aren't charging. At the same time I'd like to think that some people in SL aren't whores. Technically, I don't see how escorts would manage not to charge since without the monetary element, they'd no longer be escorts, and just be people having sex. There's got to be a way to spin that into an idiom. "Buy a man an escort and he'll.... Probably best to not finish that.
  15. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: Mayalily wrote: The exact quote is "give a man a fish, you've fed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you've fed him for a lifetime." I prefer Terry Pratchett's version: "Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life." I prefer Pratchett's version of everthing. I had back surgery last year and had to be on full bedrest for eight weeks. Pratchett & a laptop that would run SL made it bearable. Well, also the Percocet.
  16. Mayalily wrote: Celestiall Nightfire wrote: JeanneAnne wrote: Marx's principles didn't result in the collapse of the Soviet Union, Void. That's what the Capitalst sociopaths that control the lamestream media have programmed you to believe. Not so. It was the economics of the Soviet Union that brought on the collapse. Quite simply, they could not sustain their system, could not feed their people, could not continue to compete in the world market. That is a direct result of the Marxist economics that played out for 70 years, crippling an empire that should have been able to forge ahead. But, in reality was mired in stifling Marxist economics. Russia has been locked out of the World Trade Organization for 17 years. It is very likely that once Russia secures it's borders with Georgia, Russia will enter the WTO soon. Why Russia has been locked out for 17 years... I haven't looked that up yet...so I don't know exactly why. To the OP: There are already practically free sex beds on Marketplace along with a lot of other free or nearly free items; some may cost a few pennies or a dime for example. However, I'm on a SL budget, and I upgrade with what I really want when I get the extra money to spend or get gift money to spend. I'm mostly steampunk, fairy, and a little gothic Victorian, but I love some of these antiques, and please somebody make more antique beds...I've been searching for antique beds for five months and have only found one -- and I pay for good stuff too!!! And, as far as SLex, my rl bf is not going to go on SL anytime soon, and with perv cams, I doubt he'd want to be my slover on SL. It's just not something we'd spend money on right now. I don't blame some of the escorts for charging. I use my money here and I am not anybody's free entertainment such as giving out free SLex; this is my dime and SL ain't exactly inexpensive. So, I do not feel I am anyone's free entertainment. Now if they pay me about 500,000 lindens a month, I might agree to being someone's sex object. Otherwise, no freebies, sorry. I think the escorts who charge are the smart ones as most SLex people are getting a load of bull half the time and only being used whilst their feelings are being manipulated. Oh, I love you... yeah sure... these people don't even know me or my heart. Russia/WTO link: http://www.isn.ethz.ch/isn/Current-Affairs/ISN-Insights/Detail?lng=en&id=129019&contextid734=129019&contextid735=129017&tabid=129017 Reminded me of the Churchill quote: Churchill: “Madam, would you sleep with me for five million pounds?” Socialite: “My goodness, Mr. Churchill… Well, I suppose… we would have to discuss terms, of course…” Churchill: “Would you sleep with me for five pounds?” Socialite: “Mr. Churchill, what kind of woman do you think I am?!” Churchill: “Madam, we’ve already established that. Now we are haggling about the price.”  
  17. amarock Amat wrote: I have a question for folks, I want to celbrate it and yet...when I do such around blacks or hespanics... I feel bad....Should I feeling proud about who I am ...I don't know like its wrong to say yay its good to be white. Is it how I've been raised or is just me being parinoid? Firstly, I didn't know we had Euro American Heritage month. When I was in school they called that "History Class" (but admittedly, that's been a while). I'm still curious as to what you were doing to celebrate that you thought might not be okay. I mean, were you actually saying, "YaY it's good to be white." while wearing maybe a party hat of some sort?
  18. Void Singer wrote: the only failure I see is to for you to imagine ALL the possibilities, good, bad, and indifferent. at the end of the day every form of purified idealism falls prey to the cynics and pragmatists. the former because they tell themselves that someone is going to work over the system to their advantage anyway (self fulfilling prophecy), and the later because they know that it promotes their own well being and survival (survival instinct at work). and the only time those two categories don't vastly outnumber the idealists is when it's hang together (figurately) or hang separately (literally)... and by then most of the idealists are dead or converted. that's not just in political systems, that's in everything, and has been proven over and over repeatedly throughout history from ancient times to modern. Idealism can be enforced to work on a small scale, but it doesn't have structure enough to deal with large scale. a saner approach is conditional idealism, or as I think of it, enlightened self interest... after you've secured your immediate wants and needs, take what resources you have to spare that won't be missed and contribute them to a common purpose. that's not an idle suggestion, it's how I live... spending time helping others learn the skills to do or get what the want from their own efforts, instead of relying on others to do it for them. this eases the burden on others, makes the individual more able to contribute, and pushes the whole system farther forward than backwards... because it tends to create more resources than it uses, especially if that resource is knowledge. That was so well said. The last paragraph reminded me of a sign I saw once in someone's office which said just the opposite: "Give a man a fish, he knows where to come for fish. Teach a man to fish and you've just destroyed your marketbase." I read it and laughed and said something like, "nice sign". He went into a ten minute spiel, breaking down the original,"Teach a man to fish", idiom and explained to me why that attitude was " bad for the country". Scary, scary guy.
  19. If he doesn't someone needs to put that on their to-do list.
  20. I don't know how this will affect the sex bed industry, but Eloh Elliot making her skin .psd's free didn't ruin the skin industry.
  21. Strophanthus wrote: I've made a few things, and I am now working on hats. I was wondering how to make little "addons" for it? Say I wanted a ribbon on it, or maybe a skull, or a spider? How would one go about making those things and adding it to the hat? I see them all of the time on hats, belts, shoes, etc. Was wondering if anyone could help. Hey Stroph,Stro?, (not sure what short form you prefer) Basically, the addons will be made the same way you built other things, but smaller, then linked to the hat. I'm not sure how much you've played around with all the tabs and features in build, but things like flexi (for the ribbon), glow, texture tweaks, etc. will be usefull. Since a lot of the trims will be small, there are also some jewelry techniques that come in handy. Places like NCI, tthe Ivory Tower of Prims and Builder's Brewery (don't have slurls handy right now, but those three will come up in search) have tutorials and classes (free). Also check the items in your inventory library. They've added some really nice items, including hats, that you can play around with and learn from. I've taken a lot of the classes at NCI, but only recently really started getting into building & a hat was actually the first thing I've finished that I liked. I'm still a beginner myself, but I'd be happy to help you if you'd like to IM me inworld.
  22. @Maya, I just wanted to say that I wasn't proud of way our conversation degenerated. I call truce and wish you the best here, in RL and SL.
  23. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: @Stella: according to Spike Milligan, "There are holes in the sky where the rain gets in. The holes are small, that's why rain is thin". Now it's cracked too? OMG The sky really is falling!!!!! I'm laughing so hard right now! I read and reread your Milligan quote trying to figure out what the heck it had to do with my lolcat pic. Finally, I realized it was referring to the Cohen quote in my sig and cracked up.
  24. RudolphUkka wrote: @Stella: I am happy to confirm the * corollary that * women are always * young. *** Rudi
  25. Hippie Bowman wrote: Imnotgoing Sideways wrote: I'm still a newb. =^-^= Me too Imnotgoing! Peace! Ditto! And I hope I always am, or, as cummings put it: ..and even if its sunday let me be wrong for whenever men are right they are not young 
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