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  1. Watch the Torley video and check all the settings in your camera/view preferences. This is something the majority of SL has been doing regularly(using the cam I mean, not peeping on you!) and all the new viewers still support the ability. The new privacy settings may help you with it, but it's honestly not a rumor or something we're just saying to freak you out. It's just how the cam works.
  2. Wreath, paintings, etc. only block the view from outside. You can still cam in, just like always. Same with changing rooms. And like others mentioned, they can't walk through a locked or blocked door, but they can still click and sit on a chair inside to get in.
  3. I use Viewer 3 and the newest Firestorm release. Cam works like it always did. Flying? I'm not sure how that would relate to the camera. I know you just want to know how it works, but I had to giggle that you're incensed about people camming into your house, but you want us to cam in and take photos, then post them here, of other peoples houses in order to dispell the 'rumor'.
  4. This discussion came up in one of my groups recently, I'm not sure if it was you, Mayalily, or someone else who brought it up. Like others said, the cam is extremely useful for building, shopping, hunting, etc. Most hunts are designed with the cam feature in mind and store owners hide things behind pictures, in jars, all sorts of nooks and crannies you couldn't possibly get to without your cam. As far as homes, although I wouldn't cam into someone's home when they're in it (well,not anymore, I admit to having done it as a newb), I often cam into empty homes, especially the other Linden Homes just to see how they decorated. (Most don't have their doors locked, but I don't feel right about walking in.) and sometimes into public buildings to get a feel for clubs, etc before going in. Just to play devil's advocate for a second, you mentioned that you paid for this service and you want your privacy. The cammer could be thinking that they paid for the service and if there's something to be seen on their monitor, they want to see it. I understand your desire for privacy, but as far as LL needing to make it clearer to others, it honestly never even occurred to me that I'd have privacy in SL. Regarding how to use the cam, check your camera settings in preferences, there's one to disable camera constraints, which I think affects how far away you can move your camera. Also, if you alt+click on the thing you want a closer look at, it helps zoom the camera in tight on that thing.
  5. UncommonTruth wrote: Stella Carver wrote: "I don't personally feel the same way you do, but I can't really criticize as I have my own 'surface' triggers for not liking people when I first meet them, like they pop their gum, or they're republican," I'm a republican :smileysad: I don't want to make you sad! (I'll bet you don't pop your gum though). Most of my family, in fact of my town, is republican and I somehow grew up a bleeding heart liberal which was not a lot of fun for them or me much of the time. So, it's one my 'kneejerk' areas & I've been working for a while on stopping my knees from jerking so easily. I wish I were more eloquent, but what I'm trying to express is that of all the zillions of traits and beliefs that make us who we are, some instantly appeal and some repel, but never at the same time to the same person. It's hard to even make the point without putting in something that hits home for someone. That's why I used, *________* in my first comment in the thread. It's whatever 'other' thing that we aren't that can put us off someone we might have really liked to get to know.
  6. I don't care for malls either, but there are several shopping areas that are styled like small towns (I'm sure there's a proper name for them but I don't know it Duh! Shopping Districts, can't believe I couldn't think of that!) and that house numerous shops both large and small. The Wash sim is probably my favorite, featuring the FabFree shop, and some old faves like Icing and Hellbop as well as lots of new ones. I'm trying to think of the others, I'll check inworld later tonight & get some slurls for you. Okay, you did say, 'niche', but without more specifics, I'm not sure what you have in mind, but here are a few favorites of mine. Liberty City secondlife://Liberty/14/212/22 Rue D'Antibes http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rue%20DAntibes/94/64/28 Pulse secondlife://Pulse/71/76/596 
  7. Locke Nider wrote: In fact, I do not mind being friends or hanging out with them. This was the part I found bothersome too. When I imagine someone hanging out with me thinking, "I really don't mind hanging out with her, I mean she's a *_________*, but I can deal with that.", it makes me sad. I want my friends to want to hang out with me, as I do with them, not just 'not mind' it. We have to tolerate our coworkers and certain members of our families, but we actually get to choose our friends. If you're hanging out with someone and feeling all proud of yourself for being able to endure thier company, can you really call yourself their friend?
  8. I am attracted to avatars, but not in an, "OMG, I wanna smexx yer pixels", way. People who have clearly put some thought and creativity into their look draw my attention. People who have clearly only put money into theirs, who look like they checked the marketplace, searched 'bestselling' sorted by 'price high to low' and threw some cash at it, just don't. Best not to rush your look either, just let it evolve and change as often as the mood strikes you. Some people eventually find a look they like and stick with it, others change shapes, eras, species, etc. by the minute. Enjoy getting your look together . Oh, & don't forget your profile! Something about your self, as much or little as you like, but something; a song lyric you love, or a favorite quote helps break the ice and makes it easier for people to start talking to you. Profile info is at least as important as avatar look to me.
  9. Obviously you have a right to think the way you like, but 'alternative lifestylye' is such an easy but really meaningless phrase. Do you mean lesbian/bi/gay specifically or just anything outside the norm? Or maybe you've met people who were annoying and offputting who also happened to be 'alternative' and the experience has colored your opinion of all 'alternative people'? I don't personally feel the same way you do, but I can't really criticize as I have my own 'surface' triggers for not liking people when I first meet them, like they pop their gum, or they're republican, or wear Ed Hardy shirts. Then, you talk to them a bit and they make some really interesting comment, or you find out you love the same music or they just do some small, random endearing thing and whatever thing it was that you initially thought would make you write them off becomes less and less important. Of course sometimes you talk to them a bit and they're just as big a jerk as you assumed they'd be, but my point is, that's it's usually worth spending a few minutes finding out.
  10. Flouncers are so entertaining. "Hey people I've never met or talked to, I'm leaving this place you never knew I was in to begin with as it does not suit my spechul needz." Our loss is the scientific community's gain.
  11. BJayy, I'll preface by saying that I don't condone bullying at all and you certainly have the right to do whatever you choose with your SL. However, people who are inclined to hassle others in the first place, are bound to be easily triggered by your username. You've stated in other posts why you use it, and I get that, but unless you've invested a lot of money in your account, changing it to something more neutral might make you less of a magnet for jerks.
  12. Is this * posting style * absolutely * necessary * ? * It seems as if it would be awkward to type that way and it's extremely annoying to try to read.
  13. NCI (New Citizen's Incorporated-inworld help group)gives regular beginner through advanced classes on making clothing. As far as whether a 16 year old can learn to do this, it depends on the 16 year old. The more familiar they already are with a graphics program, the easier it would be I imagine. I noticed that you're a new resident yourself. I would highly recommend that you spend some time inworld prior to bringing in your class. There's a bit of a learning curve to just walking around and changing clothes, let alone learning to design them. Not to mention the fact that although SL has opened the grid to teens, it's still largely an adult world. just sayin'
  14. There's a blog that was hugely helpful to me when I was starting out, Davina. Well, actually a bunch, that were & still are, but this one in particular has several really usefull tutorials as well as the regular updates on hunts and group gifts that are available. http://www.sl4nowt.com/blog/ She covers a lot of things like fitting your prim clothes and shoes, setting up ao's, etc. that seem so confusing when you're new.
  15. The main thing I look for is attention to detail, especially on sometimes overlooked areas like the back of the knee. Some makers seem to concentrate on face and a few other key areas, but hands and feet sometimes seem to have been an afterthought. Now that we have makeup options, I like my base skin to be relatively neutral makeup wise so I can go tattoo layer mad and match my mood or outfit. Also, nipple placement-I once had a skin that was perfect in every other detail, but made my boobs look cross-eyed.
  16. I've very seldom actually told anyone they looked 'off'. I do love making shapes though, so if I'm talking with someone and they're new, or just seem to need a little help, I'll tell them that I make shapes for fun and ask if they'll try some and tell me what they think. Most of the time, they're wearing one of them the next time I see them. I did have a friend recently who I tried this with (dance partner I posted about) and I haven't seen him since. I'm hoping that I didn't hurt his feelings.
  17. It's a real as you let it be I suppose. I get annoyed at people who don't understand how someone could connect with another avatar and refer to other avs as 'cartoons'. We're obviously all real people. But prim babies? I'm at a loss to understand this one.
  18. Keane paintings! I had those in my bedroom when I was 6 or so. I'm sure several other artists did the same style, but I think Keane is the most known for it. (although there was controversy as to how many he did and how many were actually done by his wife, but anyway...) Linkie: Keane-o-rama
  19. Thanks for all the responses! - Rhonda, I keep a skirtbutt/jeanbutt/regular butt shape too. Shapes are one of the few things I'm good at that I also have the patience to finish. I do find I'm changing less than I used to. The sheer variety amazed me at first, and then I stumbled on Grendel's children, so I was something different every minute for a while there. Even though I do stay mostly a human female now, I still sometimes spend so much time putting together a look for an event that the event is over by the time I'm ready.
  20. I change outfits several times during play. If I'm on a hunt, I'll often change outfits or skins as I find new prizes. I also tweek my shape and save variations that suit different skins. If the mood hits, I go tiny sometimes (currently doing the Twisted Hunt and spent several hilarious hours as the Twisted cube that we're all searching for), or, if I'm sightseeing, I'll change to the theme or mood of the build I'm in. Just wondering who else is a crazy shapeshifter and who pretty much stays with a consistent look.
  21. "2. When people arrive at a new space, like a prospective rental or a concert, most of the time, the female who is really a female in real life sits down. She wants to get a feel for the place as a home, she cams around to see if she can tolerate the camera angles and views, she wants to get settled..." See, this is the stuff that gets to me. I'm female in SL and RL and I do no such thing. I tp in, step away from the landing point to rezz, and if people are dancing, I start dancing, if I'm shopping, I start shopping. Nesting? really? In 2011? The thing that all females have in common is exactly this: NOTHING. We actually have divergent opinions, habits, etc, due to being different people. Well, besides certain anatomy of course, but otherwise...yeah. I did have a guy ask me what size pantyhose I wore in an attempt to make sure I was female. I haven't worn pantyhose since..well..what year did we all a lot of us stop wearing them? I just remember when I was in highschool in the late 80's they were very uncool and I happily haven't worn them since. So, I told him that question was more revealing of his age than my gender, which didn't bother me either way, but it ticked him off and he left.
  22. I'd have to suggest that if RL details of any sort are really that important to you, SL might not be the best place for you to socialize. Not only might someone's gender be the opposite of what they portray, so might their politics, their finances, their age, or musical tastes. The essence of Sl is that you can create your own little reality and do what you like with it. If we want that freedom for ourselves, we have to accept it for others. edited to add funny story: I once had a guy assume I was male because I referred to him as "Dude".
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