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  1. Thanks for the kind words. Some people accuse me of trolling or griefing. This is not true. I hope to be on the Guinness record books some day. Lee Here is correct. I gave birth to the siamese twins. Its an amazing medical feat. I agree, we must ban any offensive music. Namely The Jonas Brothers. I repeat I am not trolling or grieifng. :matte-motes-grin:
  2. Please this is not a matter. I say this because my son is a siamese twin, and has a brother who is several years older. I know its hard to believe but the older twin is attached. Its been well documented but extremely rare, a veryodd medical condition. Please dont be rude. The older son wants to play this game, and is old enough. the younger son of mine is too young. This is why i ask. It is unfortunate I know. Not only this, I do believe certain music is just simply not age appropriate in this game. Some are very offensive and contain the most heinous words! Second life should use the copyright technology and scan for these borderline offensive "hipster" songs and limit them to adult sims. Just my belief.
  3. Thanks for responding. Obviously this shouldnt apply for adults, but for those with teen accounts, I think it's necessary.
  4. WHich is why I would like the feature to ban and report anyone who says anything inappropriate in a chat. It's not invasion of privacy is a computer does it; if a curse word or inappropriate word is used, Linden Lab will auto be notified. Why not? Sounds like a simple system.
  5. I'm a parent, and my underaged teen would like to use Second Life. Since he is ungeraged, does Second Life Monitor chat logs, so no old creep harrasses my son? If someone speaks to my son, uses curse words, or sexual words or sexual harrassment, it seems like this should be reported. If my son does not report to me himself, I would at least like this to be monitored. Seems like a very simple feature. Detect sexual words or curse words, report to Linden Labs and ban... Is this possible?
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