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  1. Storm Clarence wrote: yesterday you was da king today you ain't got no bling in your mind it all seems fine you yung puddin king. Puddin' headed king at that.
  2. The hair could be a bit longer with a looser curl, but that is so not EW. Dr. Frank N. Furter is the hawtness personified.
  3. Jumpman Lane wrote: I aint did nothin to nobody! I'm just A Lane Yung Puddin Tane! Obsess much?
  4. I got my first L$ at a moneytree, but not the usual way. I was standing there waiting for it to rezz when a girl flew up and started talking to me. She said she was leaving SL and showed me a pic of her av, which had been extremely nice, but she had intentionally destroyed her shape. She gave me several thousand L, told me to never forget that RL was more important and tp'd away. Very strange and sad and it certainly stuck with me.
  5. I hate quotations, tell me what you know. ~Emerson That's my favorite quote. It's the quaker oatmeal box with the guy on the box holding the box with the picture of the guy on box of quotes. Or maybe the mobius strip of quotes. Anywho, I think you're a bit of a whack-a-doo and I'm not going to try to argue you out of you opinions any longer.
  6. Randall Ahren wrote: Melita Magic wrote: Come back Shane Strange, that's sounds like what my friend called out to me as I was being hauled off in a straight-jacket. Except I think he said come back sane. I love you people.
  7. Those are both really cute1 CatWa does some styles in that same vein.
  8. I'm not sure what timezone you're in, but my absolute favorite place in SL is The Blue Moon Theatre. The have both live music and DJs,(alternative, blues, just a great mix really) as well as plays, comedy sketches and burlesque. Not to mention the amazing group of regulars. website w/ schedule: http://www.bluemoons.tk/events.html slurl: secondlife://Feschenko/33/222/26 Another good place for live music is Guthrie's. The official description is folk/country, but it's more singer-songwriter usually, and ranges into blues and rock as well. Some really talented people play there(no backing tracks allowed) & do their original songs as well as covers. slurl: secondlife://Kissena%20Park/14/199/22 Guthrie's is more active early, like 7to11am SL time, while the Moon's events are more in the 12 to 4pm range, so if I happen to be home sick, I can still have fun all day. lol I agree about thedestination guide as well. I love visiting some of the RL relicas, like 1920's Berlin, The Chelsea Hotel, etc.
  9. Virtual Dublin, particularly The Blarney Stone. I've often been the only USian there.Unless that's the pub you were alluding to, in which case that doesn't sound like The Blarney I know and love.
  10. Jo Yardley wrote: Stella Carver wrote: I wonder if the "Move Star" mystery has anything at all to do with this. Was Saint Brockli just a test dummy? Who what where when why? Lol, sorry. The Movie Stars, weird bottish things, on abandoned land, recently, no one yet knows. The Movie Stars and hilariously here: Curiouser & Curiouser Janelle Darkstone did some storyboards in that thread that are pure chocolate covered genius.
  11. I wonder if the "Move Star" mystery has anything at all to do with this. Was Saint Brockli just a test dummy?
  12. I think it's so ironic that bringing down Stroker is so high on your agenda, but your involvement actually makes him look like the good guy. Pretend incest, kind of ew, and full perm release of item without full rights to do so, not cool. But on the other side there's you, all gangsta wannabe with the cyberstalking and taking an SL spat into someone's real life and clouding up the issue. I mean from following all the threads, I've certainly changed my original position. But your presense is actually detrimental to your purpose.
  13. See, this is why I kept my answer in a more general frame. Once people who know the "rules" start breaking them down I get a little squicked out. I'm not judging it, that's just my visceral reation. I took from the original post that Robeyn was interested in experimenting on an SL level. If that's the case, I don't see why "just wanting to have sex with doms", is a problem as long as she finds someone who is cool with playing out that fantasy. Anyone remember the show, Maude? I remember a conversation she had with her husband where he said, "I thought you wanted me to take charge." and she replies, "I have never said that standing up and you know it!". Not everyone who's interested in a "little tie me, up tie me down" is a lifestyler. I mean if someone enjoys spending their SL time cleaning house or cooking on demand, fine, but the fact that the first thing she mentioned was that they'd only had sex a few times leads me to think that's high on her list. And I'll admit, although I'm sure it's clear, I dont' know squat about real BDSM. What I know about is having fun in SL and "rules" just aren't a big part of that.
  14. Ian Undercroft wrote: I agree with Rudolph. If the words will secure another notch on the SL bed-post, the sooner they're said, the better. Oh in SL. Well that's a little different. I say it to my friends and mean it. Otherwise, I'm out of that one.
  15. Is two weeks too soon? I think I'd known my husband a little less than that the first time he said it and we'll have our 15th anniversary this year. Never too soon and never too late as long as it's what you really feel.
  16. Here's an odd thing I just thought of that factors into which groups I keep-the title. It's certainly not the main thing, but I love Tableau's "Classy and wellspoken", Vita's Boudoir:"Belle Du Jour " and the Cohen Club's "Beautiful Loser". It's a silly little thing, but it does make a group stand out for me.
  17. Although I use the FS beta(I'm not clear on what you meant about spyware) and so far I really like it, I'd advise waiting a few days and see if you still have issues with the Marketplace. I'll go days without crashing or having rezzing issues, the suddenly, issues galore, then the next day, fixed. Like you, I've rarely had delivery issues with the MP, but the ones I had were similar to what you're describing. Since you're probably just settling into V3, I'd give it a couple of trys just to make sure it's the viewer and not just a random glitch. Get demos or something so there's nothing lost is they don't come through.-nevermind, I just saw where you said you were planning to do that.
  18. Now you're either being silly by pretending to misunderstand, or you really are a bit dense. Shakespeare, Confucious, Cary Grant, whatever your main account is that you actually create and sell on, are the names attached to whatever reputation might be negatively impacted by controversial statements. The name that people know your work by. Surely you don't think I'm suggesting you post under your real, real name? My point was and still is, you continue to state that freebies and cheapies are ruining your ability to sell what you make. Without seeing what you make, and by default, finding out who you are, how do we know you aren't just an untalented creator with a case of sour grapes?
  19. It's my real SL name. It's the one I'd sell under if and when I make anything to sell.
  20. ebutterfield wrote: Thanks Leonard I will check Chelsea Hotel out tonight. Lol! You can call me Lenny for short. Or Stella, that'll work too ;-)
  21. ralph Alderton wrote: @Rya I love Secondlife. I wouldn't say these things otherwise. If I was a coward I wouldn't say anything at all To see the right and not to say it is cowardice. confucius Courage is often lack of insight, whereas cowardice in many cases is based on good information. Peter Ustinov Note how they both signed those. With their real names. I don't have anything against alts, I have a few myself, but if you're going to state that you create things and the only reason people buy the other "crap" is that the "crap" is cheaper, naturally we'd like to see an example of your work. It's entirely possible that you make things not many people want or that you aren't very good at it. As far as the shop owners making money, I wouldn't underestimate the power of the "Really, only 10L?!!?! I'll take one of everything!" effect. Because I did that at Passion4Fashion and SG recently.
  22. ralph Alderton wrote: Privacy - like eating and breathing - is one of life's basic requirements. ~ Katherine Neville All violations of essential privacy are brutalizing. Katharine Fullerton Gerould I don't see how this is a privacy issue. The major question your posts bring up for me is how good your work is when you repeatedly state that freebies are low quality. I'd like to see for myself whether freebies are the issue or the quality of your work is. & For Rya, yes there are: A coward is much more exposed to quarrels than a man of spirit. Thomas Jefferson  The coward only threatens when he is safe. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  Our local paper won't print unsigned letters to the editor, explaining their policy in these words: If you don't care enough to sign your name, why should we care enough to print it?
  23. Not sure if you've tried any of these, but it's worth a look: Translotors on the marketplace
  24. ralph Alderton wrote: @Stella, I'm an alt for a long term SL content creator and I don't post with my creator account because I say stuff that is sometimes controversial. Well, I don't mean to be rude, but it's pretty difficult to take anything you say seriously then. You're criticizing the work and business practices of others while refusing to show your own. If you believe what you say as firmly as you seem to, why hide? Come out and stand behind it. Other creators have posted controversial statements and I dont' think it ruined thier businesses. 
  25. I tried searching the MP for his stuff, that explains why I couldn't find it. Ralph, from your other post, I assume you make mesh items? I'd really like to see your work if you'd post a link.
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