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  1. Very nice, Nimue! Reminds me of that bit from Meatloaf's Bat out of Hell album, "The Wolf with the Red Roses". I love freeform poetry as well, e.e. cummings particularly. My brain just goes toward limericks and traditional rhymes though. ;-).
  2. Loving everyone's creativity! Here's an SL poem I wrote a while back (you can see how long a while by some of the designer references.) In every club you'll see her, Standing tall and oh so slim. She's a hostess, maybe model, Knows the owner of the sim. And she'll get your butt ejected If you don't bend to her whims. She's the picture of perfection, From her Truth down to her Moodys, With her League jeans sitting low enough To show her Redqueen booty. She's a pixelated goddess But inside, there's something wrong, Because no one ever friends her, When her clothes are on.
  3. I definitely notice male avatars. Aside from just looking nice, quirky or interesting details on your av are excellent ice-breakers for conversation.
  4. Not that surprising really. Some of us consider newbie male makeovers as a sacred responsibility. ;-)
  5. There are some very nice male outfits in the group gift areas at Ydea & at the mensstuff lounge @Maverick designs. :-) try Santo for sneakers and the lucky chairs at Deathrow Designs for boots.
  6. Belleza has gorgeous male skins. They have two (maybe3) male skinpacks out as group gifts right now. The join fee is 250L, but they send out gifts at least a couple of times a year.
  7. Tamara Artis wrote: Are you asking this question because you're an 'old creep' who likes to use curse or sexuall words in front of kids, so you want to be sure SL can't detect them automatically? Your account is 4 days old and allready you have your groups hidden. Are you an alt or just some really fast learning noob who allready managed to find secret groups and the option to hide them lol People said it allready, SL is for grown ups and kids should try to play RL! That would make more sense than an actual concerned parent asking those questions here. I think you're dead on, Tamara.
  8. True, good point. Sevrer didn't give the actual age, though, and the amount of concern over him possibly hearing curse words made me think he might not be 16 or over. Of course, hovering parents will hover even over grown children. I don't know, I just dislike the influx of very young people lately & it's making me testy.
  9. Sevrer wrote: I'm a parent, and my underage teen would like to use Second Life. Since he is underage, does Second Life Monitor chat logs, so no old creep harasses my son? If someone speaks to my son, uses curse words, or sexual words or sexual harassment, it seems like this should be reported. If my son does not report to me himself, I would at least like this to be monitored. Seems like a very simple feature. Detect sexual words or curse words, report to Linden Labs and ban... Is this possible? Question 1: Do you use SL? If not, I suggest you sign up and spend a few days here. Then decide if it's a good place for your 'underage teen' to spend his free time. Question 2: You obviously know the likelihood of your son being approached sexually by an adult. Are you also aware of the likelihood that your son may be interested in SL partly because of the readily available sexual content? Question 3: Why do you expect Linden Lab to assume your responsibilities as a parent when the platform they designed is not even remotely a platform for minors? Would you sneak your son into a strip club or a bar but expect someone to tell you if he looks at the strippers or tries to have a drink? Speaking for myself, I'm trying to have fun in here, not babysit. "Gether kid outta mah party!" This is ridiculous & I call troll. ETA: Just in case you weren't trolling, on the "seems like it would a simple curse/sexual word filter" issue. It wouldn't be. For one thing, besides the fact that 'sexual words' is kind of subjective and would differ by context. There would be the matter of whether an old creep went into a G sim, chatted up your kid and said inappropriate things, or whether your son wandered into the Old Harassing Creeps-R-Us sim and managed to overhear them while they were minding their own creepy business.
  10. Boudicca Littlebird wrote: So we all have a vested interest in keeping SL normal and not a place like FB were people hang themselves, and that i feel will require effort by us all. The last thing I want SL to become is Facebook. The second to last is 'normal'. ;-).
  11. Kylie, I too suffer from morbid curiosity & I remember the place you're talking about: Yggdrasil's Castle. I'm not sure if it's still around-I'm having a flare-up with my back(totally non-statue related. totally) & am currently SLless or I would check.
  12. Randall Ahren wrote: I think the paucity of replies is due to this group rule: "No Sexual RPing". What is godmoding? Is that different than just moding? Godmodding usually means dictating another RPer's response. For example, *X swings his sword, cutting off Y's head" would be godmodding. X should just swing his sword, aiming for Y's head while leaving Y the chance to at least duck.
  13. Those are gorgeous, Dee! We're going all golden, orange and red here too, but the hydrangea isn't going down without a fight:
  14. Mayalily wrote: Stella Carver wrote: While I wish you luck on your quest, I don't quite understand the rush by so many to couple up. Is there an ark coming that no one told me about? LOLOL! I heard a tale once that Autumn makes people want to couple and fall in love. Perhaps because it's turning chilly in the Autumn and our nesting instincts kick in. OP: IM some people you like inworld and simply say "want to dance?"... or just a "Hi, how are you" can start off a conversation fairly well. This is very true. Complements are always good too, "Hi, I like your hair/shoes/applebutt/inappropriate attachment.". In RL, that might get a thank you, but in SL, it can trigger a partner (or a stalker), but nothing risked, nothing gained.
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