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  1. Although you Although you can't actually purchase anything from them, many residents have turned their homes into shops and cafes. There's a list of them in the notices in the Bellessaria citizens group. People gather at them and give a heads up in the group. There are also random parties at residents homes that get announced in the group. And there's the passports you get through the BBB (Bellessaria Bureau of Bureauracy) you can get stamps at various locations and at special events- it's pretty neat.The Bellessaria Travel club has a nice headquarters with free vehicles and their own
  2. You may be right about the East Coast- that's my time zone and I've had decent luck with neighbors and excellent luck with the Belli Citizens group. I'm keeping my Bellissaria house because I love it, but I recently got nostalgic for 'the old sl' and rented a place at the Chelsea Hotel. There were a couple of people at a gallery, one in Demimonde (furniture shop) and I met a lovely person who came over and we sat at my lil table, had coffee and a chat and became fast friends. It was lovely so now I have an apartment in the city AND a home in the burbs. You're also right about the sociali
  3. I'm using the Genus Strong head and it does. The option is on the cosmetics tab, just above the opacity layer control.
  4. I see a couple of problems with it. The first being that most people will want the option to move or mod the things you rezz for them and to do that, you have to give them permission to move or mod ALL your things and that could certainly go wrong should you have a falling out. The other of course is if the group became large and popular enough to have creators complaining to LL about it and/or more creators making their items no copy and that would suck. It happens already with certain groups giving everyone in the group rezz rights but having a group specifically dedicated to it does se
  5. Difficult choices! A lot depends on the location. I've gotten bland homes in every style and a few spectacular ones that made me like a style I thought I didn't care for. A lot also depends on the home controller choices too. If the Trads had the redecorating options that the Vics and Stilts have, it would be Trad for me hands down. Without considering the great resident made addons: For homes: Victorian/The Verne Stilts/Havana Traditional/Adams Chalets/Edelweiss Campers/Winchester Woodland/Overlook Houseboats/Windlass For landsc
  6. That's an awesome spot. Visitors are high on my home location wish list. I like feeling like I'm part of a neighborhood. I moved to a little trad in Miller's Pond on 3/31 and logged in to see the Apartment block on April Fools' day. I hadn't even had coffee and asked about them in group chat. Patch trolled me and pretended it was an accident and that 'theme' wasn't supposed to be released yet. I apologized profusely for letting the cat out of the bag, then felt like such a doofus when I remembered what day it was and how unlikely it would be that apartments like that could be a real
  7. I'm so psyched. I upgraded an alt and she got a chalet in Alpinecrest. I'm at work now- I can't wait to see it tonight.
  8. You might be thinking of Collabor88, one of the early sales events that's still going strong.
  9. Same on waiting for the sales. I wanted a Meadowbrook when they were difficult to ge and discovered GOH even back then. I tried the other styles while I waited on a Meadowbrook and finally got one on a transition border into the Shareta homes so I had a pretty view and at least one nice neighbor. I really hope one of the upcoming themes is modern. I have many 50L fridays worth of Fancy Decor that I'd like to showcase.
  10. I will Prok! Thank you for the offer. I turned my stilt into a little yoga studio and left it public. It would be nice to know if anyone stopped by and liked it.
  11. Hi Sid! I used to post on SLU occasionally too! I might have your 100 beat, but not by much. I looked at my history and apparently I was pretty active in 2011 which is the last time I changed my profile pic. Good to see you fellow renewbie.
  12. I'd like functional mailboxes for Bellesaria. It would be neat to be able to drop someone a note when you looked at their open house home, let a friend know you stopped by, or send holiday or rezzday cards. Or to rp as mail carriers. I'd also like to be able to rotate a home in 90degree increments so I get the best view.
  13. A big reason lately is the Bellesaria homes. They're adorable and if you've landed a great location and put a lot of work into a Victorian or whatever style and then the Stilts get released, your alt needs to go house shopping so you don't have to give up your existing home.
  14. Try joining the Bellesaria Mermaids group. One came by my houseboat not long ago.
  15. I saw something recently that sounds like it would be perfect for you. I was called 'Ontiville' -here's a link from the FabFree blog: https://fabfree.wordpress.com/page/12/
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