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  1. The 'metaverse' is becoming more political than technical. The full article is here. The digital class system will be determined by which metaverses you have access too.
  2. Been watching Squid Game, a similar theme to Alice in Borderland(Japan), they both have their brutal moments. Korea's been on a roll, with Sweet Home and Kingdom are all worth watching.
  3. It's not unusual for today's AAA games to spend the first two years after release fixing bugs and broken content. It's expected now. Some studios will 'infamously' spend 6-8 years fixing their game. Second Life is nearing its 20th anniversary and the roadmap ahead appears to be another 2 years of bug fixing. In doing so they're deferring new content to 2024 and beyond. Also it was said in that meeting, and other places in these forums, but I don't agree with the statement that residents are resilient to change. Practically everyone has been updating their mesh body, head and skins every 2-3 years. Because SL residents are agreeable to change. YES. There is that hardcore of avatars from 2004 still attending meetings and shouting Residents are Resilient to change. That's them. And them alone. The future roadmap should be focused on drastic updates and if it breaks old content, that's okay. My inventory is a museum of obsolete content I'll never rez again. Going forwards SL needs: An updated default body and head, open sourced so everyone can create for it. No onion layers, no alpha cuts, new UV map, support for specular/normals with BoM. Support for IK animations, mesh clothes layering system, and everything needed for an updated avatar. Yes, it will break existing content. But opening the system to new creators will expand the marketplace too. Introduce Sansar style Experiences into SL. Dynamically hosted regions which are only active whilst in use, with larger footprints than 256x256, add options for instancing when crowded. SL's default asset library is 20 years old. Create a new asset pack for residents and the ability to construct and share scenes, as is happening with those other virtual worlds. New methods of distributing and rezzing content, without the artist/creator transferring ownership of the prims to the consumer. Improve the client performance, it's a relic conceived in the 1990's. A complete overhaul is in order to make it functional with mobile devices and the upcoming Steam Deck/consoles too. If SL wants to stay relevant, it needs to modernize. No amount of bug fixing and thumb twiddling over ancient issues will take this platform forwards.
  4. For automatic operation the portal could be set on a timer. Once you know the length of day, and night, the timer's duration can alternate between the two and set the portal as required. As for the listening script, the listen event can use the 'id' with llGetObjectDetails and any number of parameters to verify the source of the message. I feel it's overkill, unless there are persistent issues with players, filtering your llListen with the mob's name should be enough and is easier on the sim too: llListen( integer channel, "mob name", key id, string msg );
  5. This soundtrack from The World To Come, went well with the visuals.
  6. Profiles are like politicians, they're full of 💩! But surprisingly it works, we live in an era where outspoken hardmen are elected as presidents (I love the movie Idiocracy for predicting this back in 2006). The profile trends I liked from roleplaying sims: 'RP Limits : NO GAY SEX' - This was often in capitals to convey the author was really, really struggling to stay in the closet. 'I'm a dominant man...' - Transparent as it appears, these corny lines actually work. 'I'm an evil bastard...' - Without fail, you will find these characters always cuddling the cutest, pink anime looking avatars on the sim.
  7. Add another upcoming 'Multiverse', but this one has some pedigree behind it The generation who played UO and SWG are all 30+ now so maybe this platform will attract more adults. The 'metaverse' is a loose term right now, so far it sounds like another Roblox/Core Games, but hopefully aimed at a mature audience. https://www.playableworlds.com/news/riffs-by-raph:-revealing-our-technology/
  8. Back when I timed the response from a database at the same AWS location, it was within 0.2ms. The improvements I'd like to see for the Experience store: Accessible anywhere Increased KvP limit from 4k Option to store data as a list type, and to act upon it directly with llList style functions The SL Experience, KvP store and implementation of JSON are popular hate topics, I'm in the few who appreciates them. But the data limits are crippling, in scripts and in KvP transactions too. A few years back, I did an urban sim's communication system where characters could leave messages for one another. Characters also had a criminal record(viewable by law enforcement), and medical records(viewable by clinic staff). Then to communicate, there was a character directory to find the individual you wanted to message. I spent more time scrapping, redesigning and refining the data structure than actually coding, with every KvP byte accounted for. In this instance, the script created multiple KvPs for every character joining the sim. Using the Experience store could be so much simpler if we could search, or extract xx elements at a time, or just use the store as a 128MB extension of the LSL list.
  9. Another method is to expand on the game currency with additional units. e.g. a 'Planetary Bond' worth 1B credits. It could even be an inventory item, to be cashed in/out from designated terminals. And that simplifies the whole process of displaying a balance on the HUD. The real trouble with ingame currencies is there are many avenues for earning, but few for spending. It leads to players amassing vast fortunes and the inevitable inflation. Whatever you're building, factor in routine expenses for the player too.
  10. From what I've noticed, sending a Friend Request to an offline avatar will reach them, but when they login and accept it will fail. Both sender and receiver need to be online for it to stick.
  11. There's more to do than AFK'ing in my skybox? Thanks for posting those lists, clearly I need to get out more.
  12. How to meet the untapped potential of virtual learning? It's generally falling to the familiar forms of teaching as you've described, over the past years I've been to many conferences and SL classes(Blender). The attendance ranges from 20 - 50 avatars. Interestingly, women are the overwhelming majority, I've been to classes with just a couple of men and 20+ women. Is the classic structure still working in virtual worlds? Anyone can take a look around Blender Bender's exhibition area and see the mesh items and images of students' creations. These are people who probably never would have taken up Blender, who have now learned to create, texture and upload their mesh to SL. It's difficult to see how Blender could be taught in any other way in SL. But other subjects could benefit hugely from interactive experiences. Imagine being taught the medieval period at school, through a survival-style crafting game, with new chapters every week unlocking other facets of medieval life. After having immersed your students into the experience, they can write an essay. It's exposing the class to similar levels of content as a lecture, but I'm certain they'll retain more of the information. Then mathematics could be taught like this too, but in a 3D environment (It's a great channel for gaming maths):
  13. @katiapfurtscheller Everyone takes a break from SL, when you've reached that point just do it. It's causing you more stress than it's worth, so uninstall the game and spend that time on positive activities in your life. When you're feeling someone on your sim hasn't worked hard enough, then it's time to pull back. This isn't paid employment, we cannot expect anyone to commit hours of their day virtually working without compensation. People login to roleplaying sims for socializing and entertainment, the whole employment aspect is there to facilitate the former and not to become its focus. Those who take on IC roles burn out very, very quickly when it becomes all work, and no play. I know several who've been there, myself included. So take a break from SL/roleplaying, eventually you will return with a fresher perspective. With less expectations from roleplaying sims.
  14. I wasn't convinced I needed a Physics-C until seeing the Ruckus shower. Then a purchase of both became mandatory. There aren't many creators making custom animations, after the Ruckus shower, I like Rawage beds and rugs. Stockholm and Lima have some nice items too with custom anims. Dictatorshop have an interesting radiator and toilet. Because what is it saying about your house if you don't have a functional toilet? I couldn't say how many of them use bento anims, it's not often you see finger animations, and facial anims are a huge hit or miss. Mostly the latter.
  15. It's what I thought, I'd be looking for the Eject button faster than they can ask for lindens. @Ayeleeon If the complaint was with the animations, then I can understand. There are animation packs in SL which never should have existed but an alarming number of creators use them, even in high quality furnishings. Maybe a thread for recommending adult furnishings already exists?
  16. I was watching this to explain today's SL outage.
  17. I completely missed this. Somehow. From the opening scene it's off to a promising start.
  18. A surprising comeback, these past years Freya's been out of the game recovering from sporting injuries and substance abuse. The pundits had written her off, no one saw Freya returning to the ring to reclaim her Booty Crown from the upstart Kupra. Stay tuned for this year's Battle of the Booties. No finer sport in Second Life. I for one am appreciative of Belleza being back in the game.
  19. This is a dream feature I've wanted, but we may never see. Imagine how informative and interactive HUDs could become. Along with inworld displays too.
  20. There was once the SL dream of social sandbox communities learning to build together. Would have been nice to see it without the episodes of griefing.
  21. I haven't raided in Gor for years, so far as I know 'lateral correction' hasn't been a thing since the 'AC G3' bows back in 2008. Those bows held an incredibly tight trajectory, probably the next competitor in line were the iPwn bows which flew visibly wider, absent correction. The point is, we did equally well with either bow because it's not the script making adjustments so much as the player's brain. In a raid you wanted to fight from 60+ meters, it gave you ample space to maneuver and most weren't comfortable fighting from a distance. But the caveat is you have more to mentally process: The arrows arc down over a distance, the further your target the higher you aim When you have high latency, things aren't where you see them so you compensate by aiming ahead of your target When you're moving side to side, your arrows have the effect of curling around so you aim to the side of your target Simulator performance falters during raids, along with personal latency you're constantly, constantly adjusting for sim lag too Lastly your target is also moving through evasive patterns and you're intensely tracking them to predict their position in 0.xx seconds to aim there These are calculations you make every 0.7 seconds, with an arrow in flight you're already targeting for the next. And it literally takes months of sparing until muscle memory and instinct takes over. The payoff is, you're going up against multiple opponents and whether they have lower pings, higher FPS, lateral correction on bows, none of it matters. You're going to walk through them. One European centric group I raided with around 2014 was alarmingly efficient, we all had high pings, some at 250-300ms, but, our communication and control over the battle meant 5 of us were routinely defending against 30-40 raiders. And that's the difference between SL Combat and FPS games like Counter Strike. SL Combat has a higher emphasis on prediction than directly aiming. It's why bows with minimal scripting and no correction (like the VFX) are now preferred, because the mind is compensating and not the script. None of which matters any longer since Gorean raiding scene died a grizzly death years ago. But it was a thrilling PvP experience whilst it lasted. For what it's worth, it was the casual groups who pushed for direct damage. Which I always found counter-intuitive since splash damage gave everyone a fairer chance. Splash damage = 3.5m radius around the player's feet, landing an arrow within this circle damages them Half-splash = 1.75m radius Direct damage = Hitting the avatar directly Initially a couple of GE groups switched to Half-Splash, which made for interesting raids but didn't grant them any particular advantage. Later, the LCS meter released in BTB sims and since it only supported direct damage, was seen as rebalancing combat in favor of melee weapons (this wasn't the case). Regardless, I feel a lasting legacy of LCS was all sims eventually switched to direct damage only. Believing it would balance the field between competitive and casual groups, but in reality I think those with lower latency(US residents) benefited most from the change.
  22. I'd like the Premium Plus accounts first with a second Linden home included! Then underwater, or space themes would be a winner.
  23. If a popular store upsets the status quo, then others would eventually follow. I still find SL shopping a frustrating and often confusing experience. The thing I really miss is when a store is advertising their event items without offering the demos instore, it leads to a haphazard adventure through some shambles of an event to find that one thing you're searching for. Offering demos in store would fix everything.
  24. Syntax errors are usually a missing ' ; ' from the line above, or, from seeing your code it was probably missing brackets. When your loop has a single statement, you can just write it as: do llOwnerSay("Hello"); while(--n); But when there are additional statements it must be enclosed within the curly brackets. Save yourself the headache and always use the brackets, whether for a single or multiple statements: do { llOwnerSay("Hello"); llOwnerSay("World"); }while(--n);
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