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  1. The first rule of roleplaying is.... Do Not have expectations from others. You will be disappointed, you will become disillusioned. The second rule is... If you're feeling insecure about your roleplaying, the other person probably is too. I find the majority of players are self-conscious and insecure about their roleplaying. If someone's posted a passive emote with no tangible hooks, they probably feel no one wants to engage with them... but they are putting it out there for anyone interested in approaching. Personally I avoid group-paragraph scenarios, it doesn't work for me. But many enjoy it, so let them have it. The worst attitude people take is, 'I don't like how those people are roleplaying they must change and adapt to me!'. And on that note I absolutely avoid people who're always 'bored' or complaining that a sim hasn't done anything for them. The question is always, what have you done for the sim, and how have you engaged others? During the occasions I've pro-actively roleplayed my character becomes overwhelmed by the number IC appointments and threads of RP to follow up on. Finally, an alarming number of people take the attitude of only roleplaying among their friends. Because your friends are seasoned roleplayers and your friends won't let you down with substandard emoting. It's a ridiculous attitude and borderline metagaming. Enter a sim without friends then step out of the IC rental and meet new people. Paragraph roleplaying is a creative writing experience which cannot be replicated by gaming systems. Both have their moments, but I'd prefer a good writing session and those are not easy to come by. They take time, investment and effort.
  2. Objects rezzed on no-script land are unable to communicate at all. It's only a factor for objects which can serve a purpose without their scripted features.
  3. @arabellajones When I was using Manjaro, Firestorm installed without a hitch from the AUR. Voice was also working without additional steps. Other distros may require some tweaking to get voice on, I don't normally use SL Voice, it's not something I look for. But I do miss running Catznip on Linux!
  4. 'Several weeks' have turned into several months and is steadily creeping up to a year, before LL will pull a resource away from their latest money spinner(Lastname sales), to spend a minute addressing the Aditi issue. I was able to access the beta-grid up until this month, now it no longer recognizes my login/pass. So if you have access now don't assume you will keep it! Maybe restricting Aditi access has become a side hustle for LL, after 8 months of thumb twiddling it's clearly not a priority and I'm not holding my breath for a resolution any time soon.
  5. What does Second Life need for sustainable growth? New Players. What happens to new players who install the Second Life viewer? They are traumatized by the harrowing UI experience and uninstall it 30 minutes later. I recently used the official viewer and even as a seasoned SL'er, I was lost. The interface is confusing and the search was utterly dysfunctional. Telling new residents to install Firestorm is not the answer, most will never stay in the game long enough to learn about TPVs. Nothing will change until LL rollback the hideous changes to the official client and finally trash the 'web search' panel. Even reviving the SL client from a decade ago would result in a cleaner first-time-user experience than the present.
  6. Only in SL will you find a thriving ecosystem of pretenders and patsies. The 'pretenders' aren't particularly inventive or clandestine by nature, they don't need to be, they are precisely the partner persons of a certain disposition are seeking.
  7. In almost every case I've encountered an adequate Homestead build, the community begins to grow, the management take that fateful step to a full sim. And a couple of months later it all comes crashing down. It's been a predictable pattern since Homesteads became available. Once LL have completed their transition to the Amazon cloud, there will probably be an adjustment in tiers and more flexibility in options. I wouldn't expect anything before then.
  8. Just keep an eye on this thread for tips on the next release date, and you will get one.
  9. Thanks Raeleeh. They make it sound so simple on the website, this is what you're subscribing for:
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