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  1. Interesting discussion everyone. I've enjoyed reading people's opinions. My view of SL is that it's an amazing virtual world where everybody has the opportunity to explore or become a version of themselves they wish to be or always been curious about. Whether that's a different gender, race, height, species, age, etc. I think everyone can agree that's a wonderful thing! And equally, in order to immerse yourself in this identity/fantasy/role, you can choose how much or how little of your RL information you want to share. And that should be respected. Lets face it, the only real
  2. These protests have been a legitimate attempt to address ongoing failures in the US for a reform of police practices and the broken criminal justice system. So while we should certainly condemn the few idiots who resort to violence, it doesn't make sense to turn against the overwhelming majority who deserve our respect and need our support. Let's not forget the snapshots we see in the media never paint the complete picture/ tell the full story.
  3. I am British and I'm 100% supporting Black Lives Matter. Sadly in our world racism is systemic and transcends national boundaries.Although racism exists against other minority groups in this country too, and I have and will support movements against that, it doesn't detract from the importance of what's happening right now. I don't feel I need to pick and choose between the issues. My support for BLM will take the form of RL action, but SL is a social platform inhabited by real people so it isn't surprising that important RL issues spill over into this world. I don't think anyone is forc
  4. Ugh, that sucks. Hope they resolve this quickly for you @happycaroline! Also hoping other aspects of your introduction to SL are going more smoothly
  5. Totally this! In RL I'm usually walking around hoping people won't talk to me and avoiding conversation. When they do, then I'm usually trying to end the interaction ASAP! But in SL I transform into this complete sociable entity! I love meeting people, striking up conversations with strangers and making new friends in world. I don't fully understand why. Maybe there's something reassuring about the safety of my computer screen, or something I prefer about being able to think about what I say before I say it (like how I prefer sending text messages to making phone calls) or I'm just
  6. Been hearing good things about Angels & Demons. I think it's quite a mixed aged group, but the people I know who RP there are all in their 20's and lots are into sci-fi and horror aesthetics. In fact I've generally met lots of people in SL into that, so quite surprised that you're struggling! http://eternalconflict-blog.com/about/
  7. For bodies, check out and try demos for: Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya, Slink HG and Legacy. For heads, test out: Catwa, LeLutka, LAQ, Logo and Genus. I mainly use Maitreya body and Catwa head, but also Slink HG for curvier looks and LAQ head.
  8. You do sound like my jittery old cat! 😃 Yes I do think you're worried over nothing really, but I know it's easier for some more than others and we're all very different (I'm sure you're not alone in how you feel). I'd be very happy to chat with you in-world and learn more about your interests.You sound like an interesting person with a lot to offer!
  9. Alwin must be wearing some pretty thick socks today, as that alleged "little nice core" is certainly being very well hidden 😄 (jk)
  10. Really interesting thread to read through.I must admit, I'm one of those people whose initial reaction to the idea of adults playing as child avatars is to be creeped out. But since encountering this phenomenon in-world I've tried to understand the appeal and reasoning behind it better. I think I understand now that it can provide a healthy outlet or escape for some people, just as exploring a different gender or turning into a wolf or a cat can be for others? I guess with child avatars I understand the longing for a return to a more innocent, less-complicated and stress-free time in life
  11. I love in-jokes! I hope to be part of one someday.
  12. Did she win the timezone lottery @ballparkdogg! 😅
  13. Thanks @Raysa Jolbey. I hope people can see my comments were made to enlighten not to attack or critique anyone! I know in the past I have been guilty of being ignorant (not that anyone here has!) to certain things and it has really helped when someone has gone "ok, but have you thought about it this way?", so that's all I was trying to do here! ❤ī¸ Happy self-isolating everyone!!! 😀 *smacks her head repeatedly against a wall through sheer boredom*
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/may/30/why-im-no-longer-talking-to-white-people-about-race I'm just going to leave this here then move on. Feel free to read if you wish. Peace love and respect to all!
  15. Sorry Alwin, but this is where I feel people sometimes need to check their privileges. The point you're making isn't the same. White people aren't a minority group. The LGBT community is, but no LGBT person would have to ask where to find a predominantly white LGBT group because they're all predominantly white (apart from maybe the furry ones! lol ;)). It's like when you hear straight white people saying that racism and homophobia doesn't exist anymore. No disrespect, but you're not in a position to judge or make that assessment. I wish the world was perfect, free from intolera
  16. I totally get that some people are coming at this question from the "This is SL! Colour, race, sexuality and gender shouldn't matter here!" perspective, and understand that this is well intentioned. However, it makes sense that some people would like to find a community of residents with shared RL experiences who can maybe relate better to their frame of reference. It's not necessarily a bad thing. ❤ī¸
  17. Sorry if I'm stating the obvious but have you tried group searches? You can find plenty of LGBTQ+ friendly communities in the destination guide. That might be a good place to start? I know there's a Transgender Resource Centre that has an in-world meeting spot. Maybe other places like this? Soul Vibrations Dance Club used to be a popular destination for the black community of SL, but haven't been for a long time so not sure now.
  18. Haha, wow! You replied 5 years later? That's so impressive 😂 I recommend Dirty Voice Talk Sex Lounge . It's 500L to join but one of the best places in SL for adult chat and voice fun!
  19. That's good to hear! I really think residents need to be more open-minded when it comes to unsolicited IMs from other residents/noobs. I realise that sometimes it's SLex pests trying to get lucky, but there's also a lot of socially awkward people out there who feel more comfortable making virtual connections from behind the safety of their screen. Not everyone's intro game is that strong! So I'll even give people the benefit of the doubt when their opening line is a "Hi" or a "How are you". There's nothing to lose really. It takes a couple of seconds to respond, and if the convers
  20. I use Maitreya Lara as it's what my friends recommended. I'm perfectly happy with the shape and love the clothing options for it. I also find the HUD user-friendly and easy to operate, which is a big bonus for a relative technophobe like me! I've enjoyed seeing the love for Slink in this chat as I must say I also really like the Slink bodies, both Physique and Hourglass. I bought Physique for an Alt but got frustrated with the lack of clothing items so have purchased Hourglass too. I'm a bit of a hypocrite as I mostly use Maitreya, but I really hope clothing designers keep providing
  21. Hahaha. I have too many friends! Often when I log on I get several IMs popping up and I end up stuck in IM chats for ages! SO how did this happen? There's been some great advice above about pursuing your own interests and you'll naturally find people with whom you'll share common passions. Places where I've met people = clubs, beaches, stores (just browsing or trying on demos, picking up gifts, playing lucky letters etc), RP sims, chat sims, gaming sims. I met loads of people when I DJ'd for a while and also when I was a dancer at a club. Another good way is simply from speakin
  22. Yep, I'm having all these issue. I can't remove interests, I can't delete pics from my feed, and I can't change my profile picture. What a hot mess this is. 😡
  23. This is something I struggle with a bit in SL. I love making and adding new friends. However this tends to mean that some days when I log on I get several IM chats pinging at once. I'd feel rude not to answer, so I reply to everyone, but it means the conversations can get frustrating for some of the people I'm speaking with, as I'm trying hard to keep up with all my chats at once, so my responses can be short, or there are long pauses before I say something. Added to this, some days I just want to work on my avi, do some shopping or hunting, clear out my inventory, or simply have SL
  24. Having exactly the same problem and yes it's with interests that have the "/" character. Was there any resolution/solution to this?
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