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  1. I doubt that's what her intention is. She's asking what being nonbinary means to the OP in particular. A lot of people identify as nonbinary without fully understanding what that entails, so she's really just trying to figure out where the OP stands. ( That's my interpretation, but I could still be wrong. >.< ) For the OP: Luckily for you, SL caters to a very large BDSM scene. I personally am new to the lifestyle, and have found a lot of really good people that have helped me in discovering what I like, what I dislike, etc.. I think it'd be wise to figure out what exactl
  2. I’ll shoot you a message the next time I’m in world! I’m always looking for more friends. ^^
  3. I thought that may be the case. I'll just see what happens over the next few days! Thank you both for your input, and have a very happy new year!
  4. I've already submitted a ticket. I did so on Sunday. I'm wondering if there's any way around doing all of that as I haven't received a response from LL yet.
  5. I suppose this should have been noted in my original post, but when I try to change my viewer preferences, it won't let me. The box is grayed out and unable to be changed.
  6. Alright, so! I have been on SL for about 10 months or so, and when I registered I signed up with my correct birthdate. At that point, I was 17. I turned 18 on the 28th of December, and have already tried contacting SL support, but have yet to get a response. I'm assuming it's with all the holidays, but I can't be certain. I wanted to know if there's anything I can possibly do to finally be able to update my maturity ratings, or if its simply a waiting game at this point. Thanks!
  7. I live in Central Standard! I’d love to have you help me out with shopping or what have you. Just 11 days away from my 18th, then I’m home free! Haha.
  8. Being that I am new to SL, I can't honestly say I've taken part in SL dating. I have done long distance relationships in the past that haven't really worked out because, like many people before me have said, communication is super important and those relationships just didn't have it. I think I'd like to have someone like a partner in crime or other half, but I doubt I'd take it in to RL. But who knows? Things change, and some people might just be worth it. To the OP: I'd highly recommend doing whatever makes you comfortable. Don't rush in to an online relationship, and really take your
  9. Hello all! I joined SL a couple of months ago by recommendation of a friend, though because I don't turn 18 until next month, there's very little if anything at all for me to amuse myself with. So I figured in the mean time, I could get some friends to talk to while I chill out in my cozy little g-rated sims and sandboxes, and when the time comes for me to finally get out of the bubble-wrapped edition of SL, I'll maybe have some people to guide me through the game a bit. (The aforementioned friend of mine no longer plays the game, but had recommended it when I mentioned wanting an online game
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