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  1. Trying a new look these days. Really loving playing around with a new head!
  2. My all time favorite skin store has to be Mila. Depending on the head and skin option you choose, the eyebrows that are included may actually do just fine. But of course, there are always browless skins and then separate eyebrow options. As for hair, that one can be tough. You might try Truth. They have a short hair style that caters to the wavy haired look, but I don’t know that it completely matches what you’re going for. Feel free to message me in world and I’d be glad to hunt around with you!
  3. I do all kinds of stuff in SL. I used to dance and escort, but I don't do much of that anymore. These days, I explore, shop, hang out with friends. I'm a huge fan of roleplay, so a lot of my time is spent doing that. I also really love playing games, so if I get the chance to do that, I'm on it, haha. Greedy and Skippo are my favorites as of late.
  4. Most updated look. [ Though truthfully, my look changes so often it’s hard to keep track sometimes, haha ]
  5. Hello! I’ll admit, I’m a touch confused by what you’re trying to argue here. You say you don’t understand why people don’t value a ‘family commitment,’ and when others try to voice their opinions, you react defensively and just brush them off? I’m not entirely sure what point you’re hoping to make. You’ve bounced from, ‘Oh nobody values this or that,’ to, ‘Yall wouldn’t understand, MY family is like this.’ I don’t find it fair to ignore their opinions simply because you assume they’ve never experienced what you’ve experienced. Regardless, best of luck in your family. Much
  6. Hi there! First and foremost, I want to say I appreciate the fact that you were honest and upfront about what you want. So hard to come by in SL, unfortunately. Secondly, I’ve learned over the last few days that there are actually several dating agencies in SL that could be very lucrative for you. I’m not sure if you’re interested in something such as that, but it’s always worth a try. I’d be happy to show you a couple! Feel free to IM me in-world any time! In the mean time, good luck on your search, and I hope you find what you’re looking for. Much love!
  7. I understand you have a differing opinion, but there are ways to make every body look stunning. Just because you don’t like the look of this one doesn’t mean you have to be judgmental. 😄 To the OP: I think the people above me have all covered your question fairly well, but I may as well insert my two cents anyways, haha. I have to agree with those above, I’d assume the version you’re looking for is the Kupra Kups. From my understanding, the original Kupra caters to those who love the full figured, busty women. So it does make sense that the boobs may look like melons. Just the way it is!
  8. Hi there! Ok, my all time FAVORITE skin store at the moment is . MILA . I adore the detail, and the tones are all very diverse. Some skins cater to darker tones, whilst others are focused on lighter tones. It just depends on what you want. Regardless, this is my one and only recommendation, haha. Much love!
  9. Hi there! Lucky for you, BDSM and the D/s lifestyle in general is huge in Secondlife. I could go on and on about the different places and people you can meet, but I’d be dropping a novel, haha. I’d love to chat with you inworld though! Feel free to reach out any time, and I’d be happy to show you a few places I’m particularly fond of and hopefully in the process you’ll also find something that suits you. Much love!
  10. I would highly recommend continuing to explore the grid and just get familiar with all kinds of people. I'd imagine there are lots of men out there who do live in London, but unless you plan to bring this relationship in to RL, I wouldn't make that a requirement. I know there are many match making sims in SL, as well as groups catering to that kind of thing, so I don't think it'd hurt to start there. I would also suggest listing some of your interests, if this really is what you want to do. It might help people to get a good impression of you if they knew what you liked to do with your f
  11. I think I fall in with the majority of people here. It greatly depends on the creator for me. I personally really like the way rigged hair fits, but there are some that just don't fit my head right. Its just a matter of finding what works. I really appreciate the creators who include a rigged as well as an unrigged version of whatever hair I purchase, because if the unrigged clips in some area, I can just switch over to the unrigged and go on about my day.
  12. Sure they do. I know there are lots of really neat sims in game that cater to this, if you take the time to check. Best of luck! I do play an anthro from time to time but it’s not typically how I spend my day, so I doubt I’d be of much help.
  13. I realize this is an old thread, however.. The author of this thread has literally taken part in a slave auction on SL. That should invalidate this argument entirely. The only reason I know is because I was a staff member at this auction. Anywho..
  14. I doubt that's what her intention is. She's asking what being nonbinary means to the OP in particular. A lot of people identify as nonbinary without fully understanding what that entails, so she's really just trying to figure out where the OP stands. ( That's my interpretation, but I could still be wrong. >.< ) For the OP: Luckily for you, SL caters to a very large BDSM scene. I personally am new to the lifestyle, and have found a lot of really good people that have helped me in discovering what I like, what I dislike, etc.. I think it'd be wise to figure out what exactl
  15. I’ll shoot you a message the next time I’m in world! I’m always looking for more friends. ^^
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