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  1. Thanks. This actually made me feel good to know that I don't sound absolutely insane, that some people out there relate. I'm sure there are more than I realize, but of course they keep quiet. I'm slowly trying to put myself in situations but it's hard starting and, as you said it leaves me wanting to run and hide. Thank you for your response.
  2. I'd like to talk in-world. I should log on later. You can send me a message if you want and I'll reply when I get on. Thanks for being a nice first reply.
  3. And I wish that title was a joke. I know that plenty comes in here and say/think that it's ridiculous, and maybe it is, but it doesn't stop the way I feel. I've always been an extreme introvert, naturally shy and very self-conscious. I joined Second Life because it let me try to create. I've been in Second Life for 7 months and honestly, I barely leave my home, instead opting my time to test out models and mess around on stuff in the background. On the off chance, I do leave my sanctuary ( like going Friday shopping ) I get very nervous, and just honestly don't know how to approach p
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