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  1. More the gap between clothing and the body, I noticed it with a maxi skirt from JellyRoll that I love, no issues with a gap between the head and body.
  2. Hello? Hello! I saw scouting out the threads here and noticed one that was about the same thing I'm posting about, The OP of it had a very negative outlook on SL and decided to leave. What is second life to you, what has been your experince here? Hopefully this thread will become popular and referenced to later for those who need a pick me up! "And if not?" You may be asking, If not.. Well, that's okay too! ^^ I always try to think positively about the world in general and try to see the good in everything even on my darkest days when my brain screams at me. Here has been my experience here. I came to SL on my very first account back in 2005, Then some things happened in my (at the time) teenage life and I had to leave, but I came back and spent time here and on IMVU, I came back because I missed what SL gave me that IMVU did not. I missed the freedom I had, I missed the places I loved being in, and being able to roleplay with people who knew it was more than cybering. Again, I had left when Mesh first started coming out, and just recently I had returned. Second Life, meant I wasn't alone. It gave me people to be social with since in RL I'm an agoraphobic. Leaving the house is scary to me, even with the medication I'm on it's still hard for me to get out of the house, even with my service dog. Overall? My take on it, Second life has been a saving grace to me. It helps me from feeling like I'm missing out on the world, it lets me feel like I'm apart of it, Allows me to indulge in experinces I can't in my everyday life and of course.. Be able to modify my body to how I hope to one day look Rl. (Mainly about 30lbs lighter than I am and with long hair. Lol, Yes I do work out in my home.)
  3. *Waves* Technical Olbie on a new account here. I was here when mesh was just taking off. What I did and still do now is decide on an overall look/theme/aesthetic I want to go for, I swap between being overly cute, classic goth and just a medieval look, the last being due to rping a lot anyways. I also in that time build my shape as well, hair, skin and the rest of my body comes dead last. I don't mind running around in freebie type of clothing for a bit.
  4. Beat ya to it! Lol. One question on the body though, i keep seeing a gap between the maitreya clothing and it, is that normal on all mesh bodies?
  5. Awesome! The MM goes up to 350 people, I just joined it and a few MM groups to hopefully attract people to it. and I know what MMs are, but that's a wonderful explanation for any newbies who are reading this thread. the fact that it fits mait. clothes and slink shoes makes me happy. means my WL in the market place won't be wasted. I hope Genus recovers and comes back, I was able to grab their GG when before this all started.
  6. Female. ^^ sorry, I should have mentioned that too ha.
  7. I abandoned my SL account before mesh was a thing that was in full swing, I came back due to an RL friend wanting someone to run her group and boredom. What are the reccomended bodies and heads that are on the market today? I've got a decent line of reccs on hair and skin, I'm learning about BoM now as it seems to be more of what I'm use to in a way, back when early mesh clothing and hair clipped through your avatar and required full use of alphas. I'm a girl, btw. Forgot to mention that. I plan to dive back into the adult communities I was apart of and I know a lot of people are really shallow on looks, so I want to try looking my best
  8. I'm Anuqe ( Pronounced A Nuke ), Here to introduce myself to everyone here. Until I can finish my avatar the way that I want to, I'll be lurking / posting here in the forums, feel free to leave me a message inworld, I will log in now and then to check and message back if you want to have a new friend! I'll be 28 on June 22nd, I'm only mentioning my month and day for those who may be scrolling through in the future if they are bored enough to. In RL, I'm a polyamorus asexual with libertarian political views that practices satanism with their odd views on spirituality. I do have a current primary partner who is the exact opposite of me that I've been with for four years (29/11/16.). I work as a adult site description writer and a creative ghost writer when I get work offered to me, I own two dogs, a service dog, a cat and two ferrets at the time of this posting. I'm currently learning to play bluegrass style banjo and hope to eventually learn clawhammer. In Sl, I plan to spend a lot of time in thriving and newly born roleplay communities and a few adult ones as well. You'll find me almost everywhere that interests me. I've been here before, my old account was abandoned due to harsh RL memories during a bad relationship.
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