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  1. Ohh, Painted Lady Theme! How clever to sneak that in Patch and moles! : )
  2. Sounds like the homes were two limited time prizes offered for generous donations to Relay For Life at Fantasy Faire last spring. With housing demand in Bellisseria so strong, Patch and the moles were finally able to give the prizes just now.. Bellisseria's newest citizens had no idea what to expect. Nice surprise Patch and moles! : )
  3. Dog Park/agility training under construction in SSPE237!:
  4. Reports of a weekend warrior or two around the campgrounds but for the most part everything seems so serene and peaceful : )
  5. ittttt's started........ and you just knew where this would end... 🙄
  6. I don't think its random because, with the exception of one time, they always tp into the exact same spot in my living room...
  7. maybe you should ask the bots where they got the program..? ; )
  8. Date of birth. It sounds to me like we are all dealing with the same family of bots.
  9. you are saying that after banning, you are dealing with more than the 4/25, 5/12, and 6/30 bots? I'm still under the assumption that them entering my draw distance was coincidence and just mentioned it to say they are showing up in places besides Bellisseria..
  10. Been dealing with the same bots tp'ing into my living room for awhile now, 8/22 i actually started keeping track.. i got bored and stopped a couple of days ago.. looks like i have 11 bots with three birthdates... i've had a couple of them enter into my draw distance in places far away from Bellisseria..
  11. Dateline: Tuesday August 20, 2019 First Report: 7:17 PM SLT Burnside and Spector Regions, Northern Bellisseria. Dark green pea soup skies were seen rolling in off the northern sea as dusk settled on Bellisseria Tuesday evening. Reports are still sketchy and access to the area is limited, but it is reported that high velocity straight line winds moved through the high ground of the Burnside Region obliterating all trees and roads. A severe tornado from the same weather system is being blamed for as many as 6 traditional homes being blown away in the Spector Region. The severe weather was followed by a hazy but mostly cloudless sunset over Bellisseria as those in the area surveyed extensive damage. Confidential sources on the scene maintain that a Mole was heard to say, "Ohhh, I didn't do this!" when Bellisseria's new nuclear towers were brought up as a potential culprit. Citizens are reminded to use caution while eating or drinking until Geiger measurements can be ascertained through independent laboratories. Bellisseria residents are asked to return to their rightful owners any transfer/no copy items that may be found. Moles on the scene have assured citizens that conditions will be returned to normal as Lindens report to work Wednesday morning. (Trees and roads are obliterated from high velocity straight line winds in Northern Bellisseria's Burnside Region.) (The Bellisseria Oceanographic Institute steps up to provide first responder emergency functions as citizens continue in their wait for an SLCG presence in Bellisseria.) (Homes in Northern Bellisseria's Spector Region were literally blown from their foundations, due to severe tornadic acitvity spawned from the weather system.)
  12. It's a bit sad to see all the old cucumber fields disappearing so quickly, but I guess that's progress. Have to thrive to survive.. : )
  13. Magic Mole! And i thought he was the shy down to earth one!
  14. Yes, thank you moles for all of your work for JulyFest.. before, during, and i'm sure after the festival.. below is my favorite paparazzi shot i was able to take and i was even able to get myself into the picture.. not long after i took it i was somehow able to get into the region to work my shift at the Turtle Races... i'm not sure what may have transpired after i left the fairgrounds docking area.. but it seemed that magic was in the air that night : )
  15. reroll.... Yo, cut it Soy un perdedor bebe
  16. I've been watching.. if Santa Louisa is first up for releases.. they are still being prepped..
  17. Bellisseria Regulatory Commission was on site issuing permits, condemnations, and permits of rehabitation.. 🤠
  18. Kuga/Kabuta is a beautiful atoll.. but it is prime real estate like La Prince and Evallen.. it's not really anymore typical of Bellisseria houseboat regions than Graff is of traditional house regions...
  19. Queens Head Public House Authentically English... Traditionally Bellisseria... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sallie/173/21/32
  20. Nope, by all means join the party.. i'd recommend both Community and Citizens.. both are welcoming for both current and future property owners... Conversations tend to move from one to the other and chat volume is high in both... also each group posts some nice freebies in Group Notices that can't really be shared between groups because of Notice posting privileges and transfer rights...
  21. I know the moles have a lot on their plates, no doubt being tugged between SL16B and Bellisseria. However, I feel like the lack of railings on many of Bellisseria's bridges is a real hazard and one of the few legitimate criticisms of LDPW work thus far. Why, just this week there was the tragic accident involving a young avatar in Normandale where surely lack of guard rails was a major contributing factor. It is my hope that basic safety engineering will not be overlooked in the build out of Belliseria's infrastructure.
  22. clickin' it up a notch! : )
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