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  1. Yepp, Yepp, also unable to login since one hour and also from Germany.
  2. I so very feel you. I left sL in 2013 and came back last year. The questionmarks all over my head were there at least for one month. But then it started to get routine again. Only thing what brings me to mental breakdown everytime is, when I get disconnected and all my savings on the huds (makeup, skin etc) are gone and I have to fumble again. And that happens a lot to me. But...stay with mesh. You look better. More polygones. No square botty anymore! Btw. It is really important of which body you are using. If you are using the "free" ones offered on the grid, they are
  3. After reading of a helpless owner trying to ask for help for that body in a freebie group (she couldn't get a Tattoo applied on her new body), it is definitely a no go for me. The TMP "Deluxe" (price reduced, 500L$) was my first body after coming back to SL after many years of abstinence and everytime I think about that "hud" it still gives me a BIG headache. It did not take longer than one week until I changed to Maitreya/ Belleza. The body looks kinda nice but the hud seems to be still the same, no thanks then! 😂
  4. Yes, but if you did read my first post of this thread and following posts by me and other users, you will find out that the person/s (Botuser) did send new avatars to our places just after banning previous ones. And so on and on and on. This would have been a "never ending story", my list was already very long and the last day I already had 7 new names on my vistor counter in my kitchen after logging in. That were only 8 hours of sleep and beeing offline. Anyway, seems like the problem is gone now as the investigations were very fast. Thank you for that.
  5. I do know how annoying these blowflies are, I had them in my kitchen for nearly two months. I wish I would have contacted LL earlier because I know they are investigating now and did react very fast to the problem. All of the names I wrote down are gone now. They are offline. Before, those accounts were online 24/7. So there is hope that we all will live a bot-free Bellisseria life in future :D
  6. It's all okay, meanwhile I abandoned the land and informed the new citizen about what is going on on that parcel. She was not very amused, but I recommended to her, to track the unwanted "visitors" and file an AR too. With alone 7!!! new avatars popping up into my kitchen only of today + I always did not like that parcel so much I decided to better be homeless or take an old LH until more sims are released. Everything is fine 😀
  7. The one I got is placed in my kitchen and is directly placed at bots "spawnpoint". It has a range of 5 meters and isnt interupting any people who are on the street around my house or neighbour's parcel. I tested it with alts. It's just for my place in the kitchen. As I said, I'm a really jumpy person and everytime somebody is appearing unexpected beside me, I'm kinda shocked. Anyways, I will leave the ground now for a skybox again, though I did spend two weeks with decorating with all of my lifeblood (even did spend 400L$ for one of those nice LH -Addons). But I just want to have peace fo
  8. I'm sure it will be something like that. Because if it would be possible to follow ANY person to any place without any permission ... That would be a disaster for the community.
  9. Yes, same here, always the same place in my kitchen. I did block teleports into my home in the settings and after that they were porting always directly BESIDE my parcel. They do have a permanent route. @Leora Jacobus that link to that thread is VERY interesting ,a user mentioned some nicknames and MOST of them + their date of birth do sound VERY familiar to me! So this problem is happening in different places all over the grid, not only in Bellisseria. But obviously the bots are controlled by one or two persons.
  10. Yes lol, that would be a great idea! Only thing is, that I would annoy my fellow citizen and I'm not the type for such a thing
  11. I don't know why they should desire my parcel, in fact, it is not my favorite place I want to live in, It is directly beside a road on flat land, no beach or mountains in sight. It's one of the first sims released in the first week in Bellisseria, less landscaping etc. In fact I want to abandon it since a very long time and maybe find a "better" one. But I'm very lazy to do that "constantly refresh page thing" and I'm afk very often, so I decided to wait for a few months when they already released more sims and maybe we have more options to choose between homes.
  12. Most are born on the date of 5/12 Then others are born at 4/25 I banned them all and since last few hours I recogniced those, who were born on 6/30 Who knows, what and who is coming after I have banned all of the 6/30ers too 🙄 There was one blank profile popping up at the same place in my kitchen, which was around 368 days old. Maybe the "main" of that person. This profile is shown as "offline" to me as opposed to the others. But yes, I guess you are dealing with the same person, who is running those bots @fairlyprincess
  13. If you ban them from your land, other ones with other birthdates will be showing up. For me atm those are the ones created 67 (68 now) days ago. There is a girl in the german forum, who has got the same problem with bots popping up beside her, no matter where she goes.
  14. This is a very interesting thread for me, especially the post in which one user mentioned, where those bots might be coming from plus that would be a known problem even on the LH sims. Another one popping up in my kitchen. Again 67 days old, blank profile, no payment info on file, strange name generated by a name generator. Seems the person is running out of 117 days and 134 days old avatars now, because I'm banning them all. Placed an orb which is teleporting them home instantly now. I forgot to mention that if you click on those profiles, you will see that they are online 24/7. Or
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