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  1. it had its purpose at the time Beth. And yes I was being an arse most of the time in the thread, but someone had to do it. Yes it is unfair and yes it should be changed, I just doubt LL cares enough to consider it important enough to do.
  2. it could be a mid tp thing, but im not sure it could also be a rlv thing if they have their location blocked from them seeing it maybe the server wont respond with it either.
  3. yep.. ll can lock any account to any region and prevent them from leaving or talking outside of that region. they used to do this with accounts that broke rules if I remember right.. a corn field or something. where the user could not leave or talk to anyone outside until their punishment was lifted. so yes it would be very possible to do for any sort of camp that was agreed to be allowed to happen in sl by ll.
  4. simple solution.. create a photoshop picture with everyone in the list and where they belong upload to flickr or some place similar, then link in profile. problem solved. no need to add a son/daughter/aunt/niece/sub/slave/pet/toy/object slot in the partners list... I once knew someone that made a very complex family tree then uploaded the picture to here and placed it on a prim to be shown off at their land.
  5. one warning. blocking them wont stop you from seeing anything they said if it was quoted by someone else. plus blocking someone wont stop you from seeing their reactions to what you posted or block them from being able to react to what you post.
  6. *pokes the bear again* Its not going to happen any time soon if ever. No matter how many people complain or think it should.
  7. towards the legality of it there are no actual laws that prevent minors from playing any mmo or rpg or anything similar, to sl. that is purely a company policy. the esrb is powerless to prevent or do anything about any company that allows it.
  8. is it real... yes. is it a myth... no can it truly ever be stopped completely... no some people want to think or believe it can or claim it can in hopes to dissuade others from trying but it really cannot be. where there is a will and a desire there is a way to accomplish anything..
  9. the only people you cannot ingore/block are lindes or forum admins or moderators, so more than likely the person was either a former linden or admin or moderators and that flag was never turned off in their profile. oh a little thing most may not know you can be part of any of the above mentioned groups and not have it show in your profile, if the forum software was setup to allow that. I used to have a website I was a moderator of until I decided to leave for all the drama, it never showed me as a global moderator even though I was. Its often used to prevent the "oh oh" respons
  10. strangely enough that is only a western view.. in some eastern countries, white is considered the bad color and black is considered the good color.
  11. very soothing and relaxing.. use headphones for best results
  12. welcome to the reality of sl.. where a region restart will get you hit on by hundreds of randy little individuals that cant keep it under their pants/dresses...
  13. now toward teh asmr discussion that was going on. I just had a trigger moment hearing the music from the old star trek tng series. not watched it in a long time and when the music started I had chills running up and down my arms and legs over it... go figure what that was about. but not really surprising for me for its more certain songs and music that trigger it and less just normal sounds.
  14. peeve.. people who complain about topics getting derailed then do it themselves or partake in it.
  15. your not defective at all, it affects each person differently most of the yt asmr videos do nothing for me. headphones on or off. headphones can enhance it but are not needed for it. it really just depends upon the person. i some times get the effect from tv shows or other events that trigger that willy nilly goosebump feeling ever watch a tv show or movie and the villain gets trounced so thoroughly by the good guy and you get shivers running up your spine in enjoyment seeing that happen? that too is part of asmr. ever listen to some really spooky horror movie mus
  16. this can be true for just about anything, if you over try your body and mind will fight you on it. your trying to force it so much that your body is basically saying f you. its not happening. same thing like meditation or self hypnosis. the harder you try, the worse it goes.
  17. certain high notes or tones or fast vibrations can actually cause anxiety and fear in some people. it over stimulates the brain and as the brainwaves attune to that higher sound it causes anxiety and stress reactions in the body. where as certain lower tones can have the opposite effect and calm a person. the lower tones have a slower vibration which is more relaxing to some people. its why certain high pitched songs feel like scratching fingernails on chalkboards to some people. which funny enough that cringe reaction is another form of asmr, just not the pleasurable type.
  18. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synesthesia it causes some people to see colors with certain sounds or emotions. sort of like the hypnogogic effect when entering hypnosis. can sometimes being experience by some people in deep relaxed or meditative states.
  19. yes, that was asmr. not all of the other asmr vidoes will trigger it for everyone. its hard to find the right video or sound that triggers it. those shivers..goosebumps.. that raising the hair on the back of the neck is basically what asmr is. your triggers might be more music based, then sounds like tapping or other similar things.
  20. futa aka dick girl also can mean hermaphrodite to some people but not always. also sometimes known as a shemale. female top parts, male bottom parts. or may have both.. female top and bottom with male bottom parts.
  21. yes, it will not always cause tingles at the back of the neck. its similar to how brainwave entrainment works for some people. or using binaural audio or isochronic tones. some people believe there are certain brainwaves that react within the brain and can influence our thoughts and emotions if our own brainwaves are attuned to them through binaural beats. asmr is sort of like a soft hypnotic relaxed state for some people. it wont always cause the goosebump chills for them. brainwaves
  22. like you most videos on yt do not work, but sometimes a random non asmr video will trigger the response for me. you can even trigger it within yourself just by random thoughts or actions. there is no real perfect trigger list or way for every person. and then you have the problem that once triggered the same action, sound, video may not ever trigger it again. for some people they can trigger it through mediation and yoga or working out for others that has no effect. sometimes a personal prophetic video or epiphany will cause it for the one time similar to the. "OMG that ma
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