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  1. no, it's not just a resident/resident dispute, it's a dispute between a resident who for whatever reason can't get a premium account of their own and a resident who's paying for dozens. i wonder whose side LL will take? ( i don't think these people are trying to make money either, if they were they'd diversify a little. chintzy Vics are not everyone's speed. but there absolutely will be others who look at the money they would have sunk into a sim and decide that might be better spent on Linden homes, since you don't have the house itself eating into your prim allowance or the hassle of terraforming.)
  2. I didn't actually bother with auto-refresh last time, just used the in-game browser and refreshed at intervals. It took about six hours but I got a nice seaside Vic eventually.
  3. to be fair i think the community feel was always going to disperse as Bellisseria got bigger? it mainly exists here and in the inworld groups rather than actual neighbourhoods anyway. and i don't think the Lindens care if this behaviour drives away people like us with only one premium account, because they're making bank on people with 20-30 of the things. there will always be people with the time and money to abuse the system, it's been like that from day one. it starts with someone having two or three homes, then it's normal to have five, now it's ok to have five times that. it's only a matter of time before the lack of new regions for sale leads to half of Bellisseria being swallowed up by land barons with 100+ premium accounts (they will LOVE the stilt homes), and nobody will do anything about that either. also, nobody needs to be selling alts to rent out a property. all they have to do is charge people to join the land group, then kick them out and force them to rejoin when rent is due. the way lootbox groups work.
  4. In a Doyle at the moment, because mesh babies eat prims and there's no way I could furnish a bigger house and have enough to rez a kid. I like it better than I thought I would; being on the seafront gives it a holiday cottage kind of vibe. The layout of the Hardy is great but the size makes it a challenge to decorate within the prim allowance. Before that I had the Shelley, which is my favourite in terms of kerb appeal; I added a couple of internal walls to get a cloakroom and an extra bedroom. I think that was the most versatile of the three. Not tried the Verne yet because the white tower bothered me and I was too cheap to buy a shell.
  5. Yes, mesh babies and child avatars are... not the same thing at all. You interact with a mesh baby essentially as if it were a mesh pet; feed it, hold it, play with it, buy stuff for it, take pictures of it. I saw a video the other day where someone had decided to move on from their mesh baby by making a toddler avatar, which they then logged in as a bot and controlled via hud. So that's an option if you want an older child but aren't interested in RP with other humans.
  6. Well, if I'd spent that much time and money converting a sim into my personal village I probably wouldn't love some random interloper plonking a squalling, primmy, highly scripted object in the middle of it. And the yard miiight get a little neglected with all the demands of the new arrival... But no, it's not like I'm breeding horses in my living room.
  7. As a Thatch Lea resident I'd obviously prefer to have real neighbours rather than a bunch of ridiculously wealthy bots, but it is what it is. Let's see if the neighbourhood is still as desirable once my alt has her animesh baby...
  8. yeah this totally depends how often you're going to be using your alt and what look you're trying to go for? like, my main is your basic Maitreya girl so she spent L$250 on the Blueberry group and with group gifts, giveaways and so on that kits her out in simple separates; jeans, tops, a jacket or two. join the Addams group, much the same. occasionally she'll pick up a cute dress from Pixicat. she could probably get by with five pairs of shoes: sneakers, heels, flip-flops, ballet flats, boots for winter. also in the Truth and Akeruka groups so her hair and head pretty much get chosen for her. she's in a 7DS skin which I think she either won on a lucky board or got on group credit. now, all i do in this anime alt is run around linden realms and i'm quite happy with one pair of sneakers and a couple of sailor dresses out of gachas. all my hairs are gifts from Ayashi. so, there's basic and there's super-basic.
  9. i snagged a seafront abandon in Thatch Lea and tbh i quite like having a nice quiet sandbox next door (but then i am not in the US so am not likely to be troubled by parties anyway.)
  10. M isn't for 'mature' anyway. M is for 'moderate'. Skin stores don't need to be on adult regions unless they're showing explicit pics of genitalia etc.
  11. Houseboat and log home both on the land page just now (I'm on the hunt for a trad)
  12. i feel about these a bit like i did about the campers; would have been perfect for the summer, but by autumn/winter i'm going to want a nice chunky cabin or Victorian to decorate for the holidays. (i live in a temperate climate, seasons are important to me.) also, houseboat living taught me that i like gardens. don't get me wrong, i covet one, but really more as a holiday home than somewhere i could settle for an extended period of time.
  13. i have an alt based on my RL self (short and plump) though she's approximately 90% more likely to wear heels as no pain involved, yay. she is helping me on my journey towards body positivity as i learn to think that she is cute 🙂
  14. there's an 'other' option at the bottom of the male list where i wrote in the Roth (i think it's fair enough to define my premium account as my 'main' for the time being). he's happy enough with the Meshbody Classic for now but if i could have one for free i'm thinking probably Belleza Jake?
  15. here's the current iteration of my alt hanging out in his log cabin. (not wearing anything more expensive than L$1) he's still a work in progress but i'll probably keep him bald.
  16. you can hide or tint the eyelashes using the HUD. here's my alt sans lashes in a freebie applier skin from Stray Dog: obviously i couldn't use the fix here because it's not BOM, but raising the cheekbones helps a little.
  17. in the case of decorations not being taken down i'm always mindful that there are many RL circumstances which might prevent someone logging in, same as when i see an unfurnished house. not going to add to anyone's stress by AR'ing that. and if my neighbour's decor simply isn't to my taste i can derender or move. i'm not really interested in HOA roleplay.
  18. update: i named the trailer 'Wallbanger' because it's in Arvee.
  19. Current premium alt is a flapper who will quite often sneak one of her gramophones into an otherwise contemporary scheme; i may let her have an art deco skybox when she is relieved of her landholding duties. in the old linden homes i would always chose the style and decorate according to which alt was holding it, but this year it's been dictated more by the style of the house and the season (houseboat for summer, trad for autumn, Vic for winter, trailer for spring.) next up is a boy whom i only made to lock down a midnight mania, so i don't quite know how he or his homes are going to turn out. i've never spent stipend fitting out a malt before so that should be fun.
  20. I'm in a trailer for the rest of this month, then I'm switching alts and will go wherever the land page takes me. Ideally I'd like to spend summer by the sea, but a trad near a public pool would work too.
  21. Releasing the Vic in Bennet -- I have only a month's premium left on this alt and I feel like trying out a camper. If I can't get outdoors in RL I'll do it in SL 🙂
  22. i never came up with a good name for the trad, but the houseboat was The Anchoress (a pun on my main's hermit tendencies) and the Victorian is Longbourn, after the Bennet family home in Pride & Prejudice (it's in Bennet, obvs).
  23. according to Seraphim there are Your Dreams appliances at Shiny Shabby for L$200; fridge, oven and microwave. not been inworld yet to check whether that's L$200 each or L$200 for the pack of three.
  24. my main has Maitreya for the usual reasons (cheapest widely-supported body at the time, market leader, etc.) but the alts wear all sorts. this account's in Avatar 2.0 because i wanted an anime look but disliked the wide hips on the Kemono, i have another with Tonic Fine, and another who switches around between Sahara and RuthToo. my current favourite is Tonic because it seems more actively maintained than Maitreya, it has native Omega support and it doesn't have a huge butt, but it still doesn't get enough love from creators so yeah, if you could support Tonic that would be great.
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