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  1. Tempted by Chrysanthe Mum... but not £35-worth of tempted. Someone else can have her, and I can have a Primark spree instead.
  2. Not necessarily, no. If you're only paying for Premium to get another Linden Home, your alt will be just fine in its noob guise, since the only time you'll ever need to log it in is to abandon houses and set new ones to group. Most of the stipends are probably getting saved up, cashed out on the main and put towards... new alts! (Of course, the people who have to swank about having enough money to afford ALL THE HOUSES will generally also be compelled to meshify and custom-name ALL THE ALTS, just to prove to everyone that they can. But it's much more efficient to keep all your decor items on a single account.)
  3. Alt armies are sufficiently lucrative for LL that no thread criticising them is ever going to survive for long, lol. They know which side their bread is buttered.
  4. If it stops everyone using the same Onsu prefabs I'm down for that.
  5. If LL went down this route it would make private landlords deeply deeply unhappy. There are people who love landscaping and are dependent on rental income to help fund their passion; if I had extra money to spend on the perfect home that's where I'd be looking to spend it.
  6. Oh, I was here for the Vics. Had to mute a whole bunch of people over it. I don't think the stilts caused quite as much fuss as they did.
  7. If you have fifty accounts, losing one is neither here nor there, really. And if you have fifty premiums you're not landlording for the money (you don't need the money) but... I don't know, to be honest, maybe the power, maybe a pathological compulsion to own ALL THE HOUSES, maybe to show off that you can afford ALL THE HOUSES, maybe just to annoy the peasants who can only afford ten, or five, or one. I'm kind of surprised this blew up over the chalets rather than the stilts but that is the only thing which surprises me about any of this.
  8. 1. Victorian. Really hard to pick a favourite model but I was probably happiest in the Doyle. 2. Chalet. I haven't tried the Alpenrose/Albus yet but I like it best from the outside. 3. Traditional. Again, I like all the models about equally, and if they get upgraded to custom paint colours they'll go to #2. 4. Stilts. I ended up really liking the Havana, though I haven't tried the Lauderdale or the Santiago. I love the colours on these too. 5. Logs. I was in an Overlook for a few months and it was nice, just a bit too rural for me. As far as landscaping goes, I've found I don't necessarily want to live in the themes I find prettiest (campers, logs). At heart, I'm a hardcore Sims player who wants a toilet in every house and pseudo-realistic suburbia with proper roads. I'm finding the chalets perfect for spring, but come summer I will be hunting for a coastal Victorian or Trad.
  9. Upgraded my home decor alt so she could grab the content pack, and now I'm obsessed with the spring flowers: The flower pots are moddable so you can unlink the flowers and pop them in the window boxes (I've mixed them up with some daffs I already had). Then I added a wall upstairs to create a little bathroom (I'm in the Edelweiss, haven't dared to switch styles):
  10. If it's advertised as being for 24 hours only... I could have predicted it, tbh, and I know nothing about anything.
  11. I am channelling my experience in trying to get a Linden Home and not expecting to actually get anything for at least three hours. Once my freebie alt has got hers I don't think I'll bother kitting out the rest.
  12. Back in the days of the old Linden Homes I would only go premium when they had a sale on, and I think the initial rush on Meadowbrook had subsided by the time I got one; the choice of styles was still limited, though. I would just pick something and stay there until my reduced-fee membership was up. I had a nice Tahoe next door to a park once, but apart from that the landscaping was much the same everywhere, so no real incentive to move around unless the neighbors were unusually obnoxious. It doesn't surprise me that some people haven't budged in a decade and show no signs of doing so.
  13. I think they'll just delete them. Easier to create new regions from scratch than try to refurbish old ones.
  14. Possibly LL demand extra info from people living in certain countries? I know that living in the UK all I need is a Paypal address to buy lindens but I have no idea what the requirements would be elsewhere. I tend to feel that halving the weekly payment will double the amount of alts, but maybe that's the desired effect. Maybe they're under pressure from the new owners to increase user numbers.
  15. I'm thinking modular Meadowbrook; houses made up of adjoining boxes which you can rez or unrez according to how much space you need. Removable walls like the chalets, add-on doors like the stilts, with texture change letting you switch some walls between wood, concrete or glass. So you could have a whole wall of full-length windows facing out to the sea. Or not. You'd need to be using the same textures across interior and exterior, but that would work fine with this particular style and might help offset the lag from the extra scripts.
  16. I feel like campers get overlooked because they're 512sqm rather than 1024. They're a direct replacement for the old 512 Linden Homes which allow people to use the other half of their free tier elsewhere, but if you still have one of those you probably don't use it much and may be reluctant to downsize from a house to a trailer. As for the land stilts, I had one briefly and swapped it for a pier because water is prettier than sand. I like having a yard, which is why I'm now back in a trad, but I'd prefer it not to cover the entire parcel.
  17. I've seen one home collector explain that they do it because they don't trust their neighbors to decorate to their taste; they snatch up the prettiest sims because only they and their friends have the exquisite decorating skillz those sims deserve. If that isn't entitlement I'm not sure what is, but if they're silly enough to waste hundreds of dollars on the SL equivalent of council housing rather than just getting their own sim, that's on them. I just find it amusing that the people who were passionately defending their right to do this with coastal Victorians last year are not quite as sanguine about them snatching up all the stilts 🤣
  18. In addition to their FLF sofa and chair set (which I'm tempted by in spite of owning a similar one by Muniick, but haven't checked the LI yet), floorplan have a 50%-off sale until the 15th.
  19. I know there are resident-owned money chairs which require anti-bot verification through your browser. I can't see LL implementing that for the realms though; games don't get much attention from the lab these days.
  20. When the Realms first opened, yes, they did require payment info. I think they were even restricted to premium members back then. When they changed the rules again so that NPIOF people could only payout once a week and not earn extra from collecting crystals, most of them simply created a bunch of alts and sent different ones through the quests every day. After you've run through them a few times it doesn't take too long to do the quests (especially for the cheats who use speed enhancers and fly override) and it takes about the same amount of time to earn L$50 from crystals anyway. So maybe LL just realised it was a bit pointless having different requirements for payout when it wasn't saving them any money or stopping people from gaming the system. 🤷‍♀️
  21. No, I call bots bots. Those armies of identical avatars with near-identical names who loiter round the landing points. Anyone who actually plays the realms will know exactly what I'm talking about. I agree with bigmoe however that this is most likely a US legal requirement and that LL had no choice in the matter. If you don't have payment info on file you were only able to get L$50 per avatar per week from Linden Realms anyway. You can probably make that from traffic games and money chairs, though it'll take considerably longer and most of them will ban you when they find you're playing with more than one account.
  22. I agree this is unfortunate for people who can't buy lindens directly and who don't have the time or skills to get a job inworld. They will now be entirely reliant on traffic-building games, and we all know how scammy those can be. On the other hand, I'll be glad to see the back of the bots.
  23. I picked this up because I already have their Thirties fridge, which is massive but then maybe Thirties fridges were? That one's difficult to resize because the door is weird, but no such issues with this. Will be handy if I ever pick up another trailer.
  24. Playing with an overland Tortuga at the moment, will probably let it go in the new year but having fun in the meantime: 120 prims left for the outside; will probably install a pool.
  25. Because the Linden Homes team clearly had no idea how much disruption would be caused by cloud uplift. Makes more sense to launch a beachy theme in the spring anyway, if you ask me.
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