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  1. Seconding that there is very little point in purchasing a Kupra if all you're going to do is alpha everything out in a futile attempt to get non-Kupra clothes to fit. It's kind of at odds with the whole Kupra aesthetic of stuff which showcases the body rather than hiding it. There's a reasonable quantity of free and cheap clothing around if cost is an issue, but if you're attached to your existing clothing you're going to have to wear it with another body.
  2. My doll av used to wear Amy before switching to LAQ Ivy, and Korina definitely looks more like her than any of the other Lelutka or Akeruka heads I've seen.
  3. The weekly payout pads are also failing; it said it had paid me, didn't, then reset my HUD so I couldn't try again. I filed an AR for fraud because none of the support ticket categories are remotely appropriate. One weird thing I noticed is that the payout pads are now deeded to the LDPW group rather than owned by LR Linden. Is it even possible to make payments from group-owned objects, seeing as how groups cannot hold funds?
  4. Architect have everything in store for 50L right now. (Which is bad news when your home decor alt doubles as your flapper alt and is COMPELLED to buy anything vaguely period-appropriate. As if the last days of gacha hadn't hurt my bank balance enough.)
  5. I really don't care about anyone's motives for dev kit collecting, but I do believe creators have the right to refuse randoms if they don't think it will benefit their brand. It's their business and they get to decide how to run it. (Though at this point their best bet is probably just to give away as many bodies in raffles as they can and proactively send dev kits to all the major designers they can think of...)
  6. Perhaps because I live in a country with lots of 19th century homes, I think Victorians work fine decorated in a contemporary style and it would be very boring if everyone just went chintz with them. And plastic neon yellow pool people are unlikely to stick around in the fantasy regions; they're just there because it's the new shiny and as soon as the next theme comes out they'll move on.
  7. In addition to those mentioned above, Lisp are good for this. I end up putting their Jacob desk in nearly every house I furnish.
  8. This is how I am handling garden furniture: Also, I did say I was going full fairy light and I have, indeed, gone full fairy light: (The fullbright Van Gogh is from 2008, it is no mod, and this is the only context in which I would ever display it. Once you park a unicorn on your front lawn, all bets are off.)
  9. Yeah, if you mainly make custom clothing and have very little for sale then it's quite hard to see how her giving you the dev kit is going to help her body get more popular? You come across as someone whose expertise is in skins rather than clothing, who wants to collect as many mesh body dev kits as possible, and is kind of whiny and entitled when refused. Most clothing creators would simply get on with rigging for the bodies they did have kits for, and reapply once they'd built up a portfolio to prove they were legit clothing creators rather than, say, random skin makers planning to make a mesh body of their own. (Not of course that I think for a moment that's your intention in collecting all the dev kits, I'm just saying how it might look.)
  10. I am sad gachas are going because they were a fun and inexpensive way of shopping. I am happy that everyone is selling off their gacha super cheap. I am sad this is going to lead to me spending much more than I otherwise would on gacha this month. I am happy that I will have lots of new stuff to wear and decorate with thanks to all the super cheap gacha. Another thing creators could do with their obsolete gacha sets is have paid hunts? Last time Petit Mort / Oubliette did one they had all the prizes displayed on a poster so you could see what you were getting, all the hunt items were clearly labelled, and I ended up buying multiple items, whereas if they'd done it in the form of a gacha I'd have grabbed one and moved on.
  11. Clothing-wise, what are you specifically looking for and can't find on Marketplace? I can't help you with hair because my toddler av is a boy and it's hard enough finding hair for full-grown men, let alone babies.
  12. Currently experimenting with Lil Helper in conjunction with Xeolife; the parent can force-sit the child on Xeolife-enabled furniture, pick them up, attach sippy cups and diapers etc. It needs a bit of setup (you have to put things in RLV folders before the parent can attach them to you) but it's very workable.
  13. Some pics before my departure for Bunnyhug / Rabbit Warren: Off to wait for the next theme in a camper now
  14. Sn@tch did this for aeons, before gacha was even thought of. You could fish for bits of an outfit, and because they were transferable you could trade your duplicates for bits you were missing. Just as with the actual fish, there was no incentive to sell the items because nobody wants to pay for something they can get for nothing. I have so many random left shoes and earrings hanging out in my inventory as a result.
  15. Surely if all that's needed to make 7seas compliant is to make the prizes no-transfer, starter breedables can be dealt with in the same way? It's not as if they have any resale value anyway. Although then of course people are going to want to know why they can't have no-transfer gachas...
  16. It's a long time since I bought any, but aren't some starter breedables no-trans for this exact reason?
  17. You can fish without bait with 7Seas, or at least you used to be able to. So they're probably safe.
  18. If I caught one in Bunnyhug, I might have to keep it.
  19. I recently tried boating around Jeogeot, where many of the owners of coastal parcels appear to be in a competition as to who can be the most obnoxious neighbour, whether it's covering the water with platforms or just installing zero-second orbs. On the one hand, it would be nice to have navigable waters around all of SL's coastlines. On the other, I'm not sure the current residents deserve them.
  20. They have auctioned off specific parcels in the past as well, so hopefully next time they have an auction your bid will be successful. Personally I'd rather see someone giving to cancer research and getting to pick ONE house on a specific sim than spending an equivalent amount on premium subscriptions and getting to pick dozens, but that's just because I think cancer research is a better cause than pixel housing. I know not everyone agrees with me on this, though.
  21. So maybe don't go afk while lying on your sexbed? Or disable your RLV so they can't force you to sit? I mean, nobody's going to be convinced by a picture of you just standing there staring into space while a random waves his freenis in your vicinity. In any case, nobody has fast enough reflexes to sit on your bed, select a pose, adjust the pose, derender your clothes, adjust the camera and take the screenshot in 15 seconds. Also, if you're that paranoid you' must already be wearing BOM underwear at all times, so nobody can 'derender you naked'. If they're this determined to cause trouble it'd be easier just taking a snapshot of you while you're out and about and photoshopping your head on to someone else's body. How do you propose to stop them doing that? If the actual problem is that you think they're going to catch you having sex with someone (which is the only reason I can think of for being afk on your sexbed, tbh 😉) you probably need a skybox on an island, not a Linden Home.
  22. I am still at a complete loss as to what stupid nasty things people are going to do within 15 seconds when you're not even there. (Unless of course you have build enabled, in which case you should probably turn it off).
  23. You know you can ban specific avatars from Bellisseria parcels, right? And obviously if you do come across one of these warp-speed griefers, 5 seconds is also long enough to take note of their name and report them; which you wouldn't be able to do if they hadn't been able to enter your land in the first place. That's a rather more effective way of getting rid of them than expecting everyone in SL to set up banlines.
  24. Wow, if people were that dedicated to targeting me I think I'd have to switch to another account. Most random griefers are just not that level of efficient.
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