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  1. I can comprehend getting inspiration from taking a peek at what a neighbor did and use a few ideas. But to copy it exactly, every piece of furniture, every outside element, the colors of the home, all outside elements placed exactly the same, so that it looks exactly the same as the one you've designed as a kind of cookie-cutter home next to the one you created, well this seems very strange. Not illegal, but I'd be annoyed.
  2. A design is unique. Choosing how to arrange your personal home, matching items, this makes your home unique. I enjoy strolling through Bellisseria and viewing how many homes differ depending on the home owners design. Does not matter if they are purchased items another created because each design is different. I see immense creativity going on in Bellisseria from the way a home owner decides what to purchase and in the implementation of their choices.
  3. What happened? Does your neighbors house look just like yours now or what?
  4. hehe I really did spill coffee all over my mouse and mousepad once when the alarm went off.
  5. Change of heart? When did I ever say I didn't like the moles?
  6. A great warning for men who misbehave In Belli! hehe Will that annoying grandmother get the kids? I never thought I could dislike Meryl Streep but I do now.
  7. Stop discussing weirdly looking men because I want to complain!!! I tried so hard for a home yesterday and DID NOT GET hehe
  8. I watched it from the beginning, and I saw forum posters attack the complainers first, even those who hadn't gone into blaming mode. * People in general have a hard time with anyone who dares to complain on this forum.
  9. Don't you think there could be room for improvement on both sides? That LL could always learn to communicate better and that residents could do a better job of keeping informed too? The initial message was so confusing. If they had explained better before heading for the 4th of July hills this fiasco might not have ensued, or at the very least not reached epic proportions.
  10. Castration is always an option. How is it that it's all right to laugh at this, of suggesting mutilating men because they 'scare you'? It's absolutely absurd. How can you possibly expect any man to ever take you seriously about your fears, when you suggest castration as a method of dissuading unwanted verbal interaction? That was not a serious post. I was simply upping your hyperbole with even greater hyperbole, as a joke.
  11. No, it's not a verbal assault to approach another in a less than charming manner. If you threaten someone, or if you refuse to back off when rejected, it may be perceived as sexual harassment or verbal assault, if your initial pick-up line is in extremely poor taste (i.e. overtly sexual or obscene in nature) it may be deemed lewd or lascivious conduct. Not really talking about the law here, but yes at least in my country a fear of bodily harm must be present for a verbal assault to legally occur. However, if some stranger walks up to me and says "Wanna Go F" I actually do feel bodi
  12. I don't know if that is sarcasm or not. But no news network is fair or balanced today. Have you ever read about how Fox news was developed? "Wag The Dog" doesn't even begin to describe it.
  13. Well I kind of get you there. I've rolled my eyes a time or two coming upon these same complaints over and over. But, quite frequently they are not lodged by the same person. It's existing in a kind of unreality to respond to each separate person as if they are ALL of the people we've encountered. Best to respond to each person as the new poster they really are.
  14. Approaching others in a crude or crass manner is a kind of verbal assault, or at the very least it's rude. There are more delicate ways to 'hit' on others.
  15. Last I heard a release will happen today. If I see that Grayson home on my screen one more time I'm going to puke!
  16. If an individual declares they either like or don't like something there does not need to be an evaluation as to whether their declaration in and of itself is acceptable (the fact that they have chosen to say they like or don't like something). Stick to discussing WHAT they've declared instead of judging whether the actual expression itself is right or wrong. Your frequent assessment about any complaint has been that the very expression of a complaint ITSELF is wrong and open to challenge.
  17. I haven't seen that much consistency in what they delete or what they don't.
  18. For those who feel positive about LL (and I do, although I disagree with some of their actions), it is US who should be mature enough to deal with those who are unable to hold the same perspective that we do when not getting what they want. What is that perspective? It is that a company can be both good and bad at the same time. Perhaps they turn LL into an ALL BAD company when it doesn't give them what they want, and this is what we can't deal with. In other words, we want them to be like us and they are not, and this is actually why we can't accept their whining.
  19. I think it seeped inworld (mostly) because some on the forum have repeatedly told those without a home they should not be upset about it, that it's wrong. People don't like to be told how they should feel.
  20. My suggestion is to just ignore the complaining and let those who are unhappy talk among themselves and support each other. When you counter the complaining too intensely it increases tenfold.
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