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  1. Packages of food are getting so much smaller. Some of them are more like single-serving size now.
  2. I get it. It's like the house-hoppers are a kind of community that enjoys letting go of homes and passing them on to others. You like to see who gets the home you let go of, and know the person who let go of theirs for you. I like to let go of really good spots at a strange time, hoping that a home-hunter is totally shocked and delighted at finding such a choice spot at an unusual hour. I've never waited around to see them, but I might do that sometime.
  3. I don't know if this is true for you, but I used to experience what you describe here. I discovered I was thinking too deeply about each thing a person said. There was no need for me to produce symbols and go into poetic mode over every utterance..lol (making fun of myself a bit here). You might be talking about feeling ill though, and spacey -- I've got an auto-immune condition where my mind feels foggy frequently, so I understand on that level too.
  4. Bitsy I have frequently found that those who are the quieter ones, for whatever reason, are more interesting. More often than not it seems those who do well in a group know how to put on an act better than those of us who are more introverted. Now if all people (whether more introverted or extroverted) become REAL..then that energy can be amazing, even transformative, but this type of experience is so rare.
  5. Given the nature of some of the open chat I've heard in some clubs I have to agree (not that if you spoke this would be true however).
  6. I have gotten into sorta friendships with a few people like that. They have it really hard. I am not sure I really helped them much in the end, though. Most likely you did help them. Many autistic people have trouble connecting with others because they can seem strange, not knowing how to 'dance', and so being able to actually connect with others is of benefit. As it turned out, my autistic friend became angry with me because I was not technically astute enough regarding this camera
  7. A guy messaged me out of the blue once. We were in different sims, and all he said was "I bought a camera". Apparently we had spoken before, but I didn't remember the conversation. I felt frightened, like "oh no, what am I going to have to deal with, hopefully not another person who has no boundaries whatsoever". But, I simply said "oh"? And he went on to talk about the camera, and come to find out he was autistic. Autistic people often don't know how to 'dance' but this does not mean they want to invade another. So I learned a little lesson that day, not to be quite so alarmed by what felt like a strange IM.
  8. Any time two people interact a kind of dance occurs. Some people don't know how to dance very well, and others don't even recognize there needs to be a dance to demonstrate each person is sensitive to the other. I'd say the latter doesn't have appropriate boundaries, and if they don't know how to dance how would they know when they're stepping on your toes, or how would I know if they even cared if they did?
  9. I'm glad to find a good ***** discussion this evening. UHOH CENSORRRRED
  10. You just can't get a better last name than mine in any world. hehe
  11. I'm glad u are finding good people. They are out there!
  12. so u can do any old thing u want to her because she said something wrong. okkaaay got it.
  13. I've got a potato. It's all good.
  14. Hey there selene you can have all my land!!!!!!! Oh wait, I don't have any. hehe But I would give u some if I could!
  15. I saw luna respond to a conversation with amina that has been happening thru the thread and then she was attacked or goaded by you.
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