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  1. Yeah, granted the SL forums were a lot worse 11, 12 years ago... in those days there was a real danger of things spilling over into real life. Mind you, that's still a danger, but it was worse back then. Spilling over to real life? Crazy.
  2. Some people get so upset by misunderstandings that they leave (or threaten to and finally do, for awhile). I bet you can learn to deal with it (not leave, etc.)! This is my utterly sincere advice. Here's what I do (and I post a lot - more than these recent people cluttering up things): If I realize that it's really one or a few people who either misunderstand me, get upset because they think I misunderstood them, "that's not what I meant" - or any variation: I mentally filter out those people's posts, don't read all their posts, try not to reply to their posts - and even go so far as to reply but ignore (not read) their response. This weird tactic has helped me a lot. Your mileage may vary! Thanks, Love I appreciate your advice. Upon further reflection, I suppose it's better to speak and be misunderstood than to not speak at all, eh?
  3. I'm not on a diet now so I can eat all the candy I want!
  4. Sometimes I'm afraid to post anything when I see how easily we misunderstand each other. We only see the misinterpretations when someone speaks up, but what are those who stay silent sometimes thinking!? 💀 Oh well........
  5. Perhaps I should have messaged you privately, Seicher. I didn't have confidence that you would respect my feelings however. Laugh at me all you want but I really was triggered. This recent photo (of a woman in strap-type clothes in a submissive pose with her backside supporting a cup of hot coffee being offered to someone) was the last straw for me. Previously you posted a D's photo where the woman had a ball gag in her mouth, posted to some older guy, and you seem to be much younger, and you were flirting with him. All these incidents spell "abuse" to me. I was triggered in every sense of the word. Really, haven't women been silenced and abused enough in life? I knew a girl in SL who was quite harmed by this lifestyle. I don't believe I'm the one who dragged this on and on, rather you can't accept how I perceive these photos. I don't think either one of us will change, so best we not communicate any further. Sex-game photos really should not be in the General section of the forum.
  6. I just want all the candy, that somehow never makes it out to the trick-or-treaters!! Good thing in SL it's copiable candy.
  7. No, it's not. Welcome to BDSM tropes 101. Perhaps those on the forum, or even in SL, generally have a different flavor of BDSM? Because on the internet sadomasochism is a big part of it, and it's labeled as erotic too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BDSM
  8. When I saw the photo, my very first thought was that it was simply a different take on the "Kim Kardashian champagne butt' photo. My mind never even went to anything sexual or BDSM related until you mentioned it. I believe it's the string-type clothing, often (but not always) associated with BDSM photos I've seen, that gave me the impression. As well as the coffee mug being hot and causing burns.
  9. Where have I indicated hate? I have no hate. I indicated feeling triggered over the photo, and question its appropriateness in the General section of the forum.
  10. They key is preparation and practice. It serves no one if the coffee ends up on the floor or someone gets burnt or scaled. I'll get right to it, Coffee, as I am avoiding my work this fine Saturday.
  11. I have (as the host and dominant). No complaints, even from those doing the serving. 😉 I rather think my houseguests would call emergency services if I carefully crawled from the kitchen to the living room to serve their coffee on my backside.
  12. You don't like my forum photo you mean? I assure you that the artist Frida Kahlo was quite attractive. At least her face was. I never saw her backside.
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