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  1. I'm glad to find a good ***** discussion this evening. UHOH CENSORRRRED
  2. You just can't get a better last name than mine in any world. hehe
  3. I'm glad u are finding good people. They are out there!
  4. so u can do any old thing u want to her because she said something wrong. okkaaay got it.
  5. I've got a potato. It's all good.
  6. Hey there selene you can have all my land!!!!!!! Oh wait, I don't have any. hehe But I would give u some if I could!
  7. I saw luna respond to a conversation with amina that has been happening thru the thread and then she was attacked or goaded by you.
  8. Trying to do a gang-up on people is immature.
  9. If you saw someone bleeding, you would try to help them, or would you say it wasn't your place to interfere? Maybe he would let them bleed so that he wouldn't be called a white knight if he helped.
  10. You're the one who thinks their solution is brilliant. In fact, apparently it's so brilliant that if the OP doesn't accept it you've decided they must not really want a solution. That's what you told them.
  11. Please explain? There's not really much more than a few seconds, or none at all, when you have to afk suddenly. I see you're not really interested in a solution to your 'problem'. Have fun discussing. I don't want to sit down all the time because an AFK emergency might happen. Your solution isn't so good.
  12. Maybe some ESP was involved, or a medium was contacted like a Patricia Arquette type person, we just don't know at this point. hehe
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