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  1. the energy on this thread overwhelming like if I drank 10 cups of coffee
  2. you have to abandon your land in-world before choosing a new home on the website yes. it's on the right at your main landing page. check out chrome for auto-refresh extensions. some allowed an input for Bellisseria to beep when it sees that word while others no
  3. I'm upset and disturbed because I can't find anything to complain about right now.
  4. I will do anything but read! Your only hope is to attack your customer in person right when they land.
  5. You have to abandon your land inworld before you'll see any new home options on the website. Right-click on your land and choose to abandon it. Sometimes it's hard to reach your land so you have to cam in or grab right next to the home.
  6. helicoptering ding dongs, well I just never know what new topic I'll discover when stopping by the SL forum
  7. Is it for sure the trailers will be on 512 plots or is everybody just guessing and hoping?
  8. what comes after the 5 day, do u get banned from SL too? is there a really bad person here who knows?
  9. NOOOOO! You're so wrong!!! I am a BAD GIRL! (/me hugs her new reputation as a badass tightly to herself) Anyways, back to da topic, what U wearin' hon? hehe
  10. That's it! U make an enemy, they don't like what you say and flag ya, its not checked in to cause it's usually a long drama post. POOF
  11. my finger has a bad blister on it, hehe
  12. I feels sorry for that therapist who asks " now how does that make you feel"? hehe
  13. This. I have been preaching exactly this now for the longest time. It started when they released mesh. Before that anyone could come to SL and start developing immediately using the in world tools provided. Even sculpture developers created sculpt packs that other developers could texture and mix up to create something new and unique. These days however it’s a market filled with 798373 versions of the same item with the top tier developers monopolising content and a distinct lack of potential developers due to the sheer learning curve now required to simply create say...a top. I love mesh, but I do miss the pre mesh days when everyone would have a go at creating, not just the select few and when there was more diversity than there is now mesh is nice looking, but seems a mistake for second life.
  14. He should ask what we smoking, that's the problem, hehe
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