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  1. The poor person in charge probably read a few of the threads of late and ran screaming....only to emerge from time to time to click a few things and seek safety.
  2. I know. So much of the media refuses to agree with me, therefore they are not reporting fairly.
  3. "Due to the popularity of the Bellisseria continent with the Traditional and Houseboat options, we have implemented a refresh limit on the home selection page to help reduce server load. If running a browser plug-in or using a feature built into your browser, please set your refresh configuration to the following: 10 Page loads per 10 Minute period Which means that you can exhaust those 10 page loads in the first minute, but will have to wait an additional 9 minutes before you can see the inventory page again." The above is the message I got.
  4. So let me this straight. You mentione quite a few times before that tou dont know the time it takes for them to release a region once you are done doing your part, but here, you say you do check some forms and you say that you know exactly at what stage each region is. Oh go lurk around and take some more photos and quit harassing the Moles please!!
  5. Ahh..thank you for clearing this up for me. Whoever's said that on the other thread is one to pity. It's a point made by someone who has nothing meaningful to contribute to the discussion and wants to shut it down. So they say...stop complaining because there are worse things in the world. That would be like me saying, stop enjoying your new linden homes because people are starving, suffering, dying...its not reasonable in either direction. Sorry for the confusion, I thought you'd read some other threads which were the source of my sarcastic post. Yeah going to tell my
  6. People will be abandoning early in the morning in hopes of a better place so get up early and set that autoreturn on. Good luck.
  7. If you think I'm suggesting that not having a new linden home is akin to problems like cancer - or comparable in any way to the insidious disease - I feel sad for you. I hope, instead, I'm misunderstanding you because I know all too well what cancer means - this is no place for making light of it. I'm on your side. It was others who said people were getting too upset about not getting a home and that we needed to be reminded of bigger problems like cancer and people living in horrific poverty to keep a better perspective of what REAL problems are. But I believe you are entitled t
  8. No random interval just makes it refresh at random intervals instead of a fixed amount you might set it at. I didn't find it helped. You can set it so it stops refreshing and the alarm or music stops playing when the keyword is found.
  9. Your feelings are not valid because there are bigger problems like cancer. This was established in another thread.
  10. If that is truly the case, then fine. Speaking as a former software engineer, it's a little hard to fathom, but, if so, OK, I relent. I relent anyway, I guess. Again, I am by far in the minority on this, so, I'll just shut up now. You can complain! It's what we do best here hehe Hope you get your new Linden Home very soon.
  11. I hope they don't argue in Bellisseria the way they argue on the linden home forum.
  12. yeah but it might be so expensive to get you your list that theres not enough money and time to build the new home you want
  13. the energy on this thread overwhelming like if I drank 10 cups of coffee
  14. you have to abandon your land in-world before choosing a new home on the website yes. it's on the right at your main landing page. check out chrome for auto-refresh extensions. some allowed an input for Bellisseria to beep when it sees that word while others no
  15. I'm upset and disturbed because I can't find anything to complain about right now.
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