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  1. Wow! way to generalize half the country and belittle them. Why bring him into this at all? I never said that, you made a quote mistake. That's what Beth MacBain said.
  2. traditional homes and not houseboats! I am being spited hehe
  3. it would've been wrong for me to expect a career from SL along with some others, but it's not wrong for some people. so my opinion is that you didn't think this through. and, make the statement just for you alone and if you should make a career
  4. Ever see the show of Merchant Wrong And I'm Right?
  5. You maybe don't know it but you should be laughing a whole lot more.
  6. You got some kinda pixel problems gurl hehe
  7. but if too many leave it could be bad for Second Life!
  8. I hope they stop bothering you soon.
  9. If anybody has "NO DRAMA" in there profile I run like hell. Hehe
  10. Nope its causing them trouble even for the good when you change there ways. I only help if they ask for it so they don't get mad. Just keep the laggy mesh they don't care.
  11. Hey I'll never grow old! hehe I worry about audits with all this mess.
  12. With a chance encounter out in the wild I had a mentor at the start of Second Life who showed me the ropes, and really not sure I would have stuck around without their help. But I see what ya'll are saying about a formalized approach, because when you give others authority they easily screw it all up.
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