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  1. Me in 2010 at the Garden of Delight Me at home in 2020
  2. Pete's sake everyone, chill. It's a kink, just like any other.
  3. Totally and am. He's quite simply one of the most amazing people I've ever known...on or offline. Our relationship is open poly and it works mainly because he has mad relationship skillz. He's one of the few people I've met who is able to make each of his partners feel like the only person on earth. Which, in turn, makes it easy for us to be trusting, compassionate and to have compersion for both him and his other partners. We've been together a year and quite simply, I couldn't be happier and have never been happier with anyone.
  4. I tend to agree with people who say that trolling is self-gratification. As Selene asks, 'is there any virtue in self-gratification?' My thought is, the virtue is minimal. Though, I'll admit, while I'm a rule-loving good girl...my friends tend to have a mischevious streak in them mile wide. None of them are actual griefers. Anymore. I have a good deal of reluctant affection for griefers. But when it comes to trolls. I got nothing for trolls.
  5. I've never hidden that I was in second life. but most of my friends in rl (and sl come to think of it) are a bit older than myself and don't 'get it'. i talk about it in therapy as well...which, honestly, seems like one of the best applications of sl. working out emotional issues, etc.
  6. Agreed, particularly in RL. Though in SL...I'm not really sure if it's that straightforward. I'm sure there are some people who are attempting to pay bills sl/rl with this sort of relationship. But i wonder if more, if the transactional nature of it is the kink, as you explored in your comment. And this: It's just hilarious!
  7. I think it's a mix of a few things, some which have been mentioned, your thought included. Another reason might be the huuuuuuge babygirl trend. Some parts of which have morphed into sugar babies. Only to be expected in a way. Some, after learning it was possible to be involved in a relationship where one can be cosseted and looked after, have opted for monetization. There's a definite kink involved on both sides, in my opinion, even when the relationship is mainly about convenience/expedience; there's a reason for going SB/SD route to meet the needs.
  8. I spent most of my time alone not long after I first began. Of the friends who were with me in the beginning, one left sl and the other, we have kind of lost track of each other day to day. But we still see each other sometimes. I still like exploring, dancing at Sexy Nude Beach (great radio) or exploring. It was years before I found a social group. But then five years ago, I came back in to explore BDSM and found a fantastic community. These days are spent with my very special puppy. So I rarely have time alone. But we've been talking about how to arrange some solitude for me. Time zon
  9. Don't feel bad, from what I've seen this is the primary stumbling block I've seen trip up a many a D/s relationship. We tend to assume the other person wants the same thing we do. It took an outsider to the SL BDSM community to see it clearly and put her thumb on the issue for me. And when she said it, 'that many people are here for roleplay and it doesn't occur to them that other's are looking for a serious relationship;' it really pissed me off. Because...well, I didn't want to believe it. Although I have found it to be true. And all these years later, though I ought to know better, it is t
  10. Find a person willing to act as your guide and discuss those things with them. In fact, feel free to message me, I'm happy to be your guide during this early stage. Welcome to SL.
  11. 'Love exciting and new, come aboard, We're expecting you And love, won't hurt anymore' Anyway, Yes I'm here for the love. I love to men here and two friends. Oh yes and the writer's group, I love that. And The BDSM discussion circuit. I'm totally addicted to that. Oh and clothes. I love them. Apart from the former and pretty beaches with good radios and classy dance venues...I can't think...oh wait and cool explory places. i can't think why i keep coming back.
  12. I have a pretty lengthy block list, mostly objects; sometimes the people attached to them...if I couldn't get it to shut up any other way. apart from that, I tend to use block as a way of 'walking away from an argument' with strangers or people I don't know that well, whom I would like to become strangers. I'm not averse to the occasional tussle with an idiot, but once i'm no longer having fun, block is awesome for really saying, 'i'm done with this'; unblocking them after a few hours. The only time I've really had to use block consistently was for an ex who wasn't that into me, but once I sto
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