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  1. It would be my hope now that the thousands of former residents of Giggles Beach...All The residents who were group stalked, bullied & harassed on the mainland's in 'The Raids'...All The hundreds of residents who were stalked while being labeled publicly as pedophiles/child molesters because someone had an axe to grind....All The residents evicted from private islands because of the stalkers, self appointed judges who made up evidence, lied & framed them..... May they all find closure with comfort in the demise of SLU.. for the ruthlessness done against them, against all the communities forced out, wayback 2 or 3 years ago....may they return back home to SL one day to the friends & family who miss them so very much!.
  2. Half the population is bots/alts in my opinion ...they park them in water spots until needed to boost search numbers. Sometimes bots are the best residents...
  3. I am entitled to my thoughts of what I know and I'm under no obligation to educate you in any facts regarding them...If you weren't their then you should have woke up sooner or slept faster
  4. They never release revenue figures publicly anymore or all the ways they profit from services they offer .. of course its opinion both ways, but you know that Hamlet Au is correct on this article: " Quote " it's likely Blocksworld gets regular users in the mid six figures per month, if not more -- i.e. it's at least about as popular as Linden Lab's Second Life. " http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2017/11/linden-lab-blocksworld-second-life.html
  5. Maybe she does tell the truth but you cannot remember?..perhaps its just not you but many are suffering from the Mandela Effect ..but are completely unaware.
  6. Your wrong! ...Marvelous Designer was created to allow even the most novice user to create detailed one of a kind fashion accessories..while on the other hand it has higher feature sets for more advanced users needing a reduced simple content pipeline. Yes that was bad enough being rude to vanity fair but don't make it worse then it was by spreading false information.
  7. WAIT?..WHAT? =)> the default system avatar in second life is the same way!!...If the majority on this forum want to bash/belittle the sister platform it does not help.. it creates the opposite effect weaken linden labs strength providing resources to all its services & products.. Basically by not support Sansar then your not supporting Second Life!
  8. Well it is just a option that many would like to have... but as you already know Blender is free & easy to use... more so with Avastar if you ever do decide fashion is worthy of your attention.
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