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  1. Like Solar has pointed out they leave the old stuff as its part of our history. but noobs go to a really nice new place thats got a bit of its own comminity going on.
  2. While getting the redelivery make sure you pick up the BoM AddOn Hud located to right of the vender..it might be awhile before she releases a modern BoM version.
  3. Strange thing other day I was looking for zombie fighting roleplay sims, could not find any but back in the day was a dozen or more. with animated mesh and rezz timers it would seem someone would openup a resident evil type shooter.
  4. Many cable providers are throttling people by routing them on overloaded lanes while providing faster lanes to bigger customers, we were told this would never happen after giving them the right to police themselves, basicly our current president sold us out by removing protections for us. https://www.battleforthenet.com/
  5. Profiles in general really need an update, maybe two partners and up to three kids? in profile, a mini photo gallery would be nice.
  6. Glad the lab is trying to clear out the spam, sorry if your running a club and the 50 lindens is breaking you, perhaps putting out a calendar tip jar? to help ease the financial strain.
  7. Well Lumiya was very popular with over 450k downloads before linden lab removed them from 3rd party viewer page, then developer pulling off it off the google app store. After 6 years of people buying it someone found it useful, maybe the 90% who are not creators, but just chat while logged in.
  8. I disagree. not many people under 30 are buying home computers(those are the age groups who are careless with cash)..If anything kills SL in the future it will be starvation of losing new residents.
  9. At that cost the Privileged Options we might get with "Super Double 9X Platinum Premium" maybe it should include a discount for alternate accounts, maybe limited to 1 or 2 a month on name changes? Or on a yearly renewal of "Super Double 9X Platinum Premium" we can gift a friend a name change at no charge?
  10. This holds just as true today as it did back then.
  11. In SL always preferred Text Chat, voice not so much, many do not understand what using a good mic means.
  12. It might just be 100% rumor but i still keep hearing Firestorm might be working on ideas for a phone viewer. taken with grain of salt. Lets be real here, most newer folks have phones and this was a great choice but no longer updated.
  13. many Hair Designers often provide hair were the root is a Heart for your Chest, Did you know avatars can also breathe air in SL?
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