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  1. The number you mention seems to be the CPU, not the graphics adapter. Intel HD graphics has many different models and specifications.
  2. "Hey look what I got, awesome eh? If you like you can touch it" *wink wink* And of course it is supersized, somewhat like a 3rd leg. I mean, its nice to match reality a bit you know, immersion and stuff.
  3. Well if you just bought yourself an advanced member you want to show it off right
  4. Could you please spam advertisements in the commercial forums instead of the social ones?
  5. Seems like a good change. Why would you need to upload a photo to 5000 groups if not for spamming (or attention whoring)?
  6. You assume correct, I am Dutch. Dozens still does not come close to the thousands of murder and rape cases. Again, I do not really care about this RP being allowed in SL. I was just curious on why a thing like pedophilia was considered banned for a good reason, but rape, and murder (capital crime) were OK to RP. What if the law did not apply to digital reproduction, would pedophilia RP also be OK? Is the law the only moral compass in this.
  7. You will hear about rape and murder happening in RL quite a lot more than pedophilia, and snuff is also a real thing (murdering during rape). But if for you the line is just what the law states on what is allowed to to digitally reproduce, than that's clear, I understand your reasoning. (truly, I am not judging, was just curious)
  8. I truly do not give a rats arse about this whole RP they discuss in this topic because quite frankly I am quite an insensitive person. What I find curious though is why this is a line for you. Why is this one RP with good reason banned, but rape, murder, snuff and I don't know what else is acceptable to you?
  9. You know I literally have to stand up and just walk around a bit when making a business phonecall, because else I start browsing or reading my mail and miss out half the conversation. Multitasking is a myth!
  10. It all sounds terribly complicated. I suggest not wearing panties, problem solved!
  11. Being Dutch I am a cheesehead, but I did not know you had them over there in the colonies too!
  12. I thought that described the entire US, but its only the south? *digs a hole and hides*
  13. I can see where that comes from. If your just very generally hanging out in a public place, chat a bit, then i see no problem. But if your together being social or even on a date or more intimate occasion.. In RL that would be comparable when you are with someone, and he/she keeps grabbing the phone to send/answer messages to other people
  14. Older out of shape body, hey that's me! Oh wait, your still talking about SL
  15. It's pure discrimination! If a good looking girl goes stand at a male hangout spot they get IM's all the time for sex...
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