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  1. hi i have intel hd graphics intel pentium 3556 processor. so far i can run fire storm but in some places its very laggy but other places its fine.my question is how can i experince a better smother sl with such a sub par Intel graphics? plus do yo think its my ghz? that makes it slow in some regions like my ghz is only 1.7 ghz when the minimal is 2ghz could that be making it slow? if so what can do to fix it? i can run even in fire fox but its just slow in in some places.thanks guys
  2. what is a viewer for a computer from 2007 that does not say you have a outdated graphics card?
  3. Hi i play second life at the computer cafe but i got a old laptop from 2007 and it has been upgraded to windows ten.i tried firestorm,singularity and alchemy.all say i have a outdated graphics card is there a way i can play second life on this computer it use to play it back even in 2009 before the windows ten upgrade.there must be something i can do besides throw it away.
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