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  1. I don't have the "willing to update to release candidates'' ticked, yet I got this viewer automatically loaded, on log in.
  2. There is a message on the status page, that there are login problems Investigating - We are aware that some Residents may be experiencing problems trying to log into and/or stay connected to Second Life. Our engineers are actively trying to alleviate the issue.More information will be posted to the status blog as it is available.Jan 22, 20:27 PST
  3. OMG yes! It took me ages to get out of the psychological need of putting a toilet in my SL home. At least with campers, being close to nature, means there is always a bush outside to use!
  4. I think Monday was a holiday in the US, so doubt anything would happen Tuesday.
  5. On the basis of Abnor Mole's post, it seemed to me Bellisseria is gonna be , just another prettier, slightly better area of the old Linden Homes areas. On that basis, I downgraded to non-premium membership and will forget Bellisseria. The Blake Sea and private rentals will be fine for me.
  6. For some time now, I am finding, on log-in, some of my mesh avatar body parts and clothes, have moved to the lost and found folder. Now, I have to check the folder carefully, every time I log in. I have found no particular pattern for when this happens, except perhaps, when items are very slow to rez, on initial log-in, or I have crashed on a region crossing and have to relog. Is this a known bug? I use Second Life Release (64bit) viewer. Thank you.
  7. Hatsya


    Thanks Eowyn, for the brilliant map and thanks Rolig, too.
  8. Hatsya


    I have found a lot of places to rez vehicles in Bellisseria, but only 2 places to rez a boat, Coral Waters and Bellisseria Fairgrounds Airstrip. I have looked around a lot, but without success. Does anyone know if there are other places? Thank you for any help.
  9. If there are no rolls today, why are there something like 26 mainland regions, between Nautilus and Corsica showing offline on the SL map and for some considerable time?
  10. Whilst this issue was underway, I was getting ''Unable to create pending connection'' and ''Failed to grant capabilities'', on trying to enter a sim. This is showing as resolved on the Status Page, but now, I am getting, "Sorry, the system was unable to complete your region crossing in a timely fashion. Please try again in a few minutes''. These issues are all new to me, so I am not convinced things have been resolved.
  11. This is supposed to have been resolved, but I am now getting "'Sorry, the system was unable to complete your region crossing in a timely fashion. Please try again in a few minutes''.
  12. Thanks KT. This has just been posted on the Status Page, which may explain things - Investigating - We are currently investigating an issue that has affected access to a number of regions. During this time you may get teleport failures, or the region might appear to be offline.Nov 13, 23:09 PST
  13. Today, I am having issues with quite a few sim crossings, even trying to walk from one sim to another. Flying a plane seems to be a complete waste of time. On trying to cross, I am getting a message that I have never seen before; ''Unable to create pending connection''. The other message I get is ''Failed to grant capabilities''. Is anyone else having issues?
  14. Hatsya


    I found an area with sand tracks, waiting for campers and some houseboats. Looks like it is gonna be amazing fun to live there and drive there. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE324/110/180/26
  15. Hatsya


    Squeaky Mole has been putting down guides, in the middle of some of the railway tracks. A train service could be arriving soon!
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