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  1. If there are no rolls today, why are there something like 26 mainland regions, between Nautilus and Corsica showing offline on the SL map and for some considerable time?
  2. Whilst this issue was underway, I was getting ''Unable to create pending connection'' and ''Failed to grant capabilities'', on trying to enter a sim. This is showing as resolved on the Status Page, but now, I am getting, "Sorry, the system was unable to complete your region crossing in a timely fashion. Please try again in a few minutes''. These issues are all new to me, so I am not convinced things have been resolved.
  3. This is supposed to have been resolved, but I am now getting "'Sorry, the system was unable to complete your region crossing in a timely fashion. Please try again in a few minutes''.
  4. Thanks KT. This has just been posted on the Status Page, which may explain things - Investigating - We are currently investigating an issue that has affected access to a number of regions. During this time you may get teleport failures, or the region might appear to be offline.Nov 13, 23:09 PST
  5. Today, I am having issues with quite a few sim crossings, even trying to walk from one sim to another. Flying a plane seems to be a complete waste of time. On trying to cross, I am getting a message that I have never seen before; ''Unable to create pending connection''. The other message I get is ''Failed to grant capabilities''. Is anyone else having issues?
  6. Hatsya


    I found an area with sand tracks, waiting for campers and some houseboats. Looks like it is gonna be amazing fun to live there and drive there. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE324/110/180/26
  7. Hatsya


    Squeaky Mole has been putting down guides, in the middle of some of the railway tracks. A train service could be arriving soon!
  8. Thanks everyone for your input and thanks to Whirly for the answer.
  9. For some time now, I have been unable to click on and receive, items and notecards delivered via group notice notification box. Instead, I have to go to the group and find the notice tab, then the items/notices attached to it. When I click this, I receive them. I have not always had this problem, it is recent. This is the viewer I am using - Second Life Release (64bit) Is it a setting in preferences, for example, that I have wrong? Thank you for any help you can give.
  10. Sim crossings are still bad around Bellisseria and fail with planes and boats and viewer crashing, so not fixed for me.
  11. Are all the big releases mentioned here, during LL office hours, or can it be any time of day? As I live in East Asia, the time difference means I am unlikely ever to be around to get one of the release ones and my only possibility is when one is abandoned. 😞
  12. Hatsya

    Linden Homes

    Rolig, thank you so much. The information was so helpful.
  13. Hatsya

    Linden Homes

    Hello I just became a premium member, so that I will be able to get one of the new homes on Bellisaria, if ever one becomes available! I have signed in to the place where a home can be chosen and there is a menu, with some drop down choices. At the moment, it just shows old style homes, but I am not sure that I am using the facility correctly. When the Bellisaria houses become available, will it show clearly what is available? Will it show, in the drop down selection bit, the new homes available, as well as the old style ones, or am I looking completely in the wrong place? I hope I have explained this well enough and would appreciate your help. Thank you.
  14. I am in a LeTigre Region using SL Viewer version (64bit) and I noticed that the black stars are back again. I am sure they disappeared before. Is there another viewer update that will correct this? Thanks.
  15. Yes, I have noticed this too. This seems to be the new way region crossings work, but, when it is a fast region crossing, it works really well.
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