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  1. Oh this has been a problem for a very long time. I use Second Life Viewer Second Life Release (64bit) It is so annoying and offline friend requests fail also, even online friend requests fail. There should be a warning that group and friend invitations only work on line and friend invitations online, may take many requests to work too. If the multiple friend invitations do not work, try doing it the other way around and that usually clears it. This has been allowed to continue for far too long. Not happy. For example, if you rent somewhere and need a grou
  2. Yes, it is slower for me, recently. This is only opening to the first page from a shortcut, then it works OK. However, deliveries of purchases have been much slower, too. It is all working, so really, no big deal. Oh, I am in the Philippines.
  3. I agree, the TP problem is not fixed. A TP works sometimes, then total and continuous fails, with the not completed in a timely fashion, or unable to TP message. This is from empty regions to empty regions too, not related to busy places. Sigh. Edit: There does seem to be some relationship for the failures, between the region TPing from and/or the region TPing to. I have not worked out what that is, though. 2nd Edit: Eventually worked it out. Although the world map showed the region online, it was in fact off line!
  4. Thanks. That is reassuring. When I was in world when this kicked off, you couldn't do anything much, so you you are not missing anything.
  5. At a store I was at with a friend, the terminals would not operate and were saying can't find inventory item. TP home was difficult. Then clothes could not be taken off and now log in is failing. I think there are problems.
  6. OK, so I log in and can't see all of me. I relog. Still the same. I go to Furball region and still the same. Full on investigation needed. I check my inventory and my ''body'' folder is partially empty. The clothes I was wearing on log off, is partially missing items in my ''trousers'' folder, which was the outfit I was wearing on log off. When this happened in the past, which it does too much recently, I find the missing items in the lost and found folder. This time, no lost and found folder. So I have to retrieve everything from my back-up folders to get back to how I was on log off. Really,
  7. I cannot teleport anywhere. The teleport system is failing every time. The message is problem encountered processing your teleport request. You may have to log back in.... Relog does not fix it. Anyone else having the problem? UPDATE - Just so happens all the tp I tried are regions down. Showing online on the maps, but down. Seems to be quite a few down.
  8. You didn't tell us you are having a baby, Congratulations 😁
  9. So, today, in Grau, Maxwell, Mentha, Muta, Porter, Giranzo, Tymel, there were 12 or 13 avatars, in each of the regions, standing in a circle at the bottom of the sea and all of them were invisible. Also, they were all 1 year old. Time 6.30am SLT. What is that all about?
  10. I have never lost anything, but for a long time now, occasionally, when I log in, many of the items I was wearing on log out, are in the lost and found folder. That can be clothes or mesh body parts, it doesn't discriminate. They are never lost and never disappear, just end up in the lost and found folder.
  11. I don't have the "willing to update to release candidates'' ticked, yet I got this viewer automatically loaded, on log in.
  12. There is a message on the status page, that there are login problems Investigating - We are aware that some Residents may be experiencing problems trying to log into and/or stay connected to Second Life. Our engineers are actively trying to alleviate the issue.More information will be posted to the status blog as it is available.Jan 22, 20:27 PST
  13. OMG yes! It took me ages to get out of the psychological need of putting a toilet in my SL home. At least with campers, being close to nature, means there is always a bush outside to use!
  14. I think Monday was a holiday in the US, so doubt anything would happen Tuesday.
  15. On the basis of Abnor Mole's post, it seemed to me Bellisseria is gonna be , just another prettier, slightly better area of the old Linden Homes areas. On that basis, I downgraded to non-premium membership and will forget Bellisseria. The Blake Sea and private rentals will be fine for me.
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