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  1. I am in a LeTigre Region using SL Viewer version (64bit) and I noticed that the black stars are back again. I am sure they disappeared before. Is there another viewer update that will correct this? Thanks.
  2. Yes, I have noticed this too. This seems to be the new way region crossings work, but, when it is a fast region crossing, it works really well.
  3. For me, profiles in world, have been inaccessible for some hours now, (mysecondlife.com). Is that a server issue?
  4. Those are the ''old'' stars. When I changed to the EEP SL Viewer, which is available now, they became "new" stars. You too can be reborn!
  5. I have been having TP problems too. I am using the new EEP SL Viewer. Sometimes the TP is slow. Sometimes it times out and sometimes it crashes. After logging back in, I am usually back at the place I first logged in to, rather than the place I was at, when the TP crashed me.
  6. I am using this viewer and before, I updated by downloading and updating from the Second Life Viewer page on the web. Now it tells me that it has downloaded an updated viewer, when I log in world and asks if I want to update. The problem is that twice, I have said yes to this and it installs the updated viewer, then, when I try to log again, it installs the viewer back to the version that I was already using, i.e. (64bit). Is this a problem with the new viewer update system, recently introduced? I have noticed that the version I am using is the one still showing on the Second Life Viewers web page, for downloading. Thank you.
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